Sunday, March 30, 2014

Should we fight illuminati? (prt 3)_How to Free your mind

Fighting against illuminati and such organizations is nothing better than being under their control. It is indeed the other side of the coin, but it is still the same coin. If you fight against these puppeteers you will lose all your freedom and even the people who you try to help will work earnestly give out their life force to bring you down.

What you should really do is cut your strings>>free yourself and give some tips and tricks to the smart guys who are on the track you walked along. Make sure to remember that a great teachers shows where to look but never says what to see.

The guide to free yourself is simple. Unlearn everything you have learnt.   Simple as that.

The puppeteers are not spying at everything you do. They only collect data for statistics. They just wants to get an idea about how the herd behaves; not about the individuals. The control is a fully automated hierarchical system. When you perform few clicks your antivirus software does everything for you. The program is installed and updated in your mind from the very day you were born. The puppeteer’s control works similar a botnet. The only thing you have to do to be free is to remove the codes (ideals, morals, beliefs, faith, obligations, obedience etc.)

When you cleanse your mind from these things programmed into you, you are FREE! Many of you may have expected something lot more complex, but this is the simple truth and let me explain why it works.

The society, culture, religion and everything humans hold dear itself is the control system. The defective human1.0 has self-implemented this control system and illuminati is just utilizing it to fulfill their desires. Society and culture makes us a part of a group instead of individuals and everything you have been taught by the society works as command lines. The society (the control system) changes over time and that’s why the organizations are spying on the population. When the illuminati knows how people’s mind (which simplifies into the universal model called “average modern man”) ticks, they use the knowledge as an interface to control the masses (not individuals) in the way we use a GUI.
When you have truly lost everything, you truly becomes yourself. Then you are not a part of the herd anymore. The illuminati controls the “models” not individuals. If you are not a part of something nothing can control you. The puppeteers aren’t even controlling you. The society fixes strings on you and illuminati just pulls the strings. What truly controls you is the society; illuminati just bends it to benefit themselves.

Pro Tip: When you get to know the system on your path to freedom you too can   bend it to help yourself>>GOOD LUCK!!!

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