Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The chief

Being the chief is the second phase of being truly dominant. The chief is like a celebrity or a spiritual master. Some people may not digest your existence, but at this level it wouldn’t affect you at all. You’ll barely notice that people tries to bring you down. The first phase is to take control over yourself and to be your own God and decide what you are gonna feel instead of being felt. This is like freeing yourself from being a chess piece (whether you were king/queen or pawn). The next phase is to be a good player.

                                                                                    The chief is not a controller. The chief is the one who put the right elements on the right place and let the things happen on their own. The chief is not even a leader. The chief is the one who stays behind and watch over. When a leader cause something, he gets all the attention. But when chief causes something, his tribe gets the attention. Everyone feels like they did it by themselves. So everyone gets better by being guided by you and they are gonna want it more.

                                                            Keep this in your mind. When you are a chief, you play with rookie chiefs. The people who are going to follow you are the people who are being followed by other people. The greatest of all chiefs is the Buddha. A chief is a one who is being followed because some people wants to evolve and they find the chief to be an awesome guide.

                                                                                                When you are free from all control and partially dominant, you can observe yourself and others and understand what makes people tick. Do not react; just observe. Then you will see through lots of things. No need to analyze the possibilities, you’ll just see through everything and know everything like LEGO pieces. When you need a certain outcome you just have to put the things in a way they would interact to give the required outcome.
                                                            At this level you will be like a shadow. People will start doing things in your place and your life would get completely wu wei. For an example a person was picking up girls for me (I think he is still doing it) and I didn't even ask. What makes him do that? Well I never asked his permission to do some tweaks in his life to make him better. This is where things get different from the methods of illuminati. As a chief you make people evolve while evolving yourself. So the people who had the potential will evolve into a better level while doing things for you and they will stick to you after that.

                                                                        Always be the chief and never be the leader.Stay behind and put the right people (wrong people can rot in their worthless lives victimizing themselves) in the right places and see everything happen on their own. Make people do things that truly benefit themselves which benefit yourself. The way of a chief is not to do but to make it happen on its own.True dominance is not controlling the whole world by yourself but the world being controlled for you. 

Art of Self-delusioning (prt 2)_Dominance

First of all there is no such thing as dominance. There are no masters in this world; only followers and slaves. Ultimate dominance is immunity to a certain psychological illness. The same psychological illness which enables illuminati to control the whole world. The sickness is the intense desire to be controlled which is caused by non-self-centeredness.

                                                                                    Being dominant means two things. Not being sick and being able to utilize the sick. First focus on not being controlled. If you are less dominant you are more of a programmed device than a sentient being. You live by the law, morals, democracy, cultural beliefs, religion, atheism, mainstream scientific knowledge (which has nothing to do with the truth) and etc. Then you live by your (?) emotions programmed into yourself. These actions enables your environment to act as an interface to control you. Thus you become sick.

                                                            Stop being affected by things. It maybe your friends, your education, your dignity, your past, your parents, your boss or a random person or a random comment.You are not obliged to be affected by your environment.Stop caring about anything. Never give a f@<k about a single thing in your life. Understand that those things are not you. Be completely self-centered (not selfish). Do not focus on anything other than yourself.

                                    When you focus on yourself you will realize what you truly want and when everything else happen around you become insignificant, you start acting like a king. You will cross the road like you own it and where ever you go it will be like the home for you. You will never think twice before you say something. When you do everything right, everything excluding yourself will lose their meaning/significance/importance in your life. You will find out that you don’t care about the things that others care about. You will rarely be interested in anything. For an example let’s think a friend of yours is so excited about a $200,000 car. But in your case, you wouldn’t even show any interest unless it worth 10 times.

                                                            This is the first phase of dominance; the separation of yourself from the controlled masses. In this phase everyone will look up to you because you are not being affected by the things they are affected by. Some will hate you for this and try to bring you down. But keep on going towards the end. When your response is a blank to any intense situation (like Keanu Reeves in Matrix), people will be more likely to follow even a small response/attitude of yours.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art of Self-delusioning (prt 1)_Happiness

Think you have screwed up everything in your life. You are in one of the most difficult moments of your life. Now think about the best birthday you had or some other super-happy moment of your life. Can you be in the same level of happiness in both of those moments?........Why? Why are you saying no??? That’s BULLSHIT!If your answer is a yes, then you can skip this post.

                                                            Now for those who said no: You have to learn what happiness actually is. Have you ever questioned happiness? If you had questioned enough, you would have skipped this post already. You searched for happiness without even realizing what it is. Happiness, sadness and all the other emotions are nothing but self-delusions. They are nothing different from an imaginary friend or a boogieman.

                                                                                   It’s one hell of a task to be disillusioned or enlightened. So what you are going to do is to customize your delusions. I’m only at this level, so this is all I can teach. Think of this as editing game data as you prefer or changing a software to suite your likings. I can only give you the source code. You have to do the rest.

                                                Think about an infant. He has not been mentally conditioned and he is always happy. We all like being happy. But you have been taught things and those things you have learnt make you feel obliged to create specific emotions as response to specific things.
E.g.: When someone dies> be sad
         When you lose something> be depressed
         When you get an “A”> be happy
This is an algorithm and you are going to fully dig out this algorithm and say; “Go F@<k yourself”. Then you are going to replace this chunk of junk algorithm with your own likings.

                                                            For all your life you have searched for outside excuses which you called reasons to be happy. But happiness is a creation of yourself; a delusion which can put yourself into at any moment. Stop looking outside like a pathetic wuss. Look within. Find out what you like to feel. Find out whether you like being happy and if you do, then just be happy. Don’t let outside teachings contaminate you and tell you what to feel.

                                                            Start feeling whatever you want to feel. Don’t let them to be decided. Take over yourself. Make your own rules. Be your own king. Be your own God and decide what you feel.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you supposed to be Human? (ptr 3)

If you are thinking of the stuff you have to risk for this “daring step” and trying to make a list what I have to say is add everything!!!You don’t have to risk everything right away. Take your time and do it gradually. After some time you will realize that you are not even risking anything. You will realize that you are only letting go of your delusions.

You have to let go of everything associated with your life. Why? Are you uncomfortable with it? Ok let’s look at things and try to understand what those things do in your life inherits you. Let’s look at this “successful person”. He studied his ass off and took lots and lots of A’s. He is the hard working diligent and obedient kid. His parents and teachers loves him. He spends all his childhood learning things. Then he becomes an adult and goes to college. Graduates with flying colors. Starts working a job which gives him several thousand dollars a month. Gets married and have a boy and a girl. Now he is middle aged and gets paid over $10,000 a month (because someone else is earninga lot more than that thanks of him)

This is the future you have been taught to dream of and it sure is bright…right?LOL…...This is really a great life to live for many people. They think of it as a life that has everything. Now here is what you have to do. Now close your eyes and live this life as it is your life. Think of everything you have in this “really nice” life. Now take your time and do it again. Know it inside out. Now think of the life of Miley Cyrus. She is still in her twenties and has a net worth of over 120 million. So… what did she do to get all of that?:p She just expressed herself and that’s all.

The “successful life” can’t earn any of that with all the life’s work. Miley is just a freak (in relative terms) and instead of “fixing” herself she expressed it. This is what it means to come out of the well. People around you will advise, explain and even threaten you to “fix yourself” and stay in the well. Just ignore those trash and awaken yourself. I’m not saying that you should not study things like a professor. What I’m saying is if it isn’t a true expression of yourself, then screw it. If you feel bad about having a vacation or going out to a club or participating a special event; leaving whatever the work you do, then only you should do it.

When summarized, all of this means only spend your time on your hobbies and discovering things you’d love and never spend your time on anything else unless it is associated with your hobbies. If your hobby is designing products, you also have to go and present them to an audience because even if it is not your hobby it’s directly associated with your hobby.

Are you supposed to be Human? (ptr 2)

Evolving into a Human2.0 is not complex at all. It’s only a process of unlearning. Think of it as something like optimizing your PC. You only have to change the way you see the world and stop being affected by the things you have been taught.(don’t forget them; those loads of crap can come handy at certain occasions)

Only the first phase is difficult. Then everything else will happen naturally. For the first part you will keep dragging down yourself. This is the only part that you would need any help and I’ll try to do what I can. Remember that this transformation comes through your own personal realization and I can only give you some tips and tricks from my own personal experiences.

When a frog is in a well it seems like everything is very limited and the frog thinks that it had explored and awakened all of what’s inside. If the frog sees what’s outside of the well (which is the unexplored and unawaken potential you have) it will never even think of getting back inside the well. The progress won’t be the same with every frog, but all will explore and awaken al the potential that had been casted away.

If you haven’t come out of the well, there is no way you can know that there is a vast world with infinite possibilities. You haveto castaside your fear and take a brave step to know the truth. The ones who are outside will seem magnificent, impossible and lucky to those who are still inside the well. But the truth is that all of them are in their natural state and you also have something like that. First you have to change the way of thinking which is programmed into your conscious. Then you can be open minded towards everything and come to conclusions through your own personal experiences.

This initial phase is the only hard part and the only way to deal with it is being open minded. Einstein said, “A man should look for what it is, not for what he thinks it should be.”  Keep this in your mind>>take a daring step and know the truth for yourself.

What’s wrong with the New World Order…!

For most of the people who know about this NWO, what’s wrong with it is that it is “New” But what I have say is that it isn’t anything different from the current world order other than being New and more centralized.So basically it’s not something to fight against. It’s only gonna make things more efficient for the controllers. Nothing good nor bad is gonna happen to the general population. Things would happen in a more straight way with less sugar coating. But that’s only gonna be a problem for hypocrites. No need for you to be so worked up.

Let’s try to figure out what this NWO thing is. Think about a company as it was half a century ago. There was the huge chart of hierarchy from top to bottom like a tree topology (in network topologies). NWO is transforming that into a star topology. are controlled in sub-divisions such as race, country, religion, political parties, mass media, economy and etc. If this was your company you would consider it to be a pain in the ass to let the stuff be like this.

NWO is the unification of all these things. We moved to the metric units because it is easier to handle. The only reason people had to dislike it was that it was new.  If a farm was redesigned for better efficiency and ease of usage what different would it make to the animals??? The answer is NOTHING! So instead of fighting this NWO gradually get yourself out of the system. Don’t rebel because your benefactors are implementing a new system.

To do this you have look at yourself and realize how pathetic you are. For an example you may be thinking about being fired. Hello….why are you gung ho about making someone else rich. Stand your ground and do only what you are truly passionate about – only for your own enjoyment. Suddenly the bosses will be depending on you and they will be the ones who are worried about keeping you in the company without letting you go.
Keep up being uncontrolled and untamed and eventually you will find out that the system is not affecting you anymore. If you haven’t herd of kaizen, means gradual development. Always keep doing little thing that matters. Think of a new idea, business plan, write down some stuff, create a blogor anything that would help you to evolve into a better person. Think of this as stacking ammo. Instead of running insane, learn to utilize it. In these things the force doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about how you apply the force.

It will take some time for you to find a good opportunity, but when you do make yourself go insane and shake the world to its very core. After few rounds like this you won’t be one of the human1.0 and no world order (current or New) will be controlling you.

Are you supposed to be Human? (prt 1)

Go and ask some people “what does it mean to be human?” They will tell you stuff like: living in the society with high morals, bearing all the pain, living according to law and religion, having faith on god/science/technology, love and hatred, fighting for a cause, dealing with tension and all the other psychological problems, being obedient to leaders and so on. In these answers you will find this one model image called “the human being” and this is exactly what you are not going to be.

The life of a human is very simple. First you are fed for free>>go to school>.go to college>>find a job>>find a wife>>raise two children>>have a retirement plan>>die. This isn’t really a life; it’s only a phenomena. When summarized it simply means you are born and then you die. After two generations no one would remember that you even existed. Do you know something else that follows the exact same pattern? Farm animals who live and die being someone else’s accessories, food or labor. And you have problem with illuminati controlling the world!!! Go and check whether you are sane or not! LOL

People are recognized through their actions and for 99% of the population, it’s the exact infrastructure of cattle. If go to a farm and if you are not out of your mind at the moment, you will never treat the cattle as humans no matter how nice you are to them. Within the Homo sapiens the difference is psychological; not biological. You don’t have to be controllers. But if you are not a superstar idiot, you wouldn’t be fighting the farmers for the freedom of cattle. The cattle needs the masters. What would happen to the farm if all the animals were suddenly released? In this allegory cattle=general population and farm=earth

When you are raised in the midst of cattle like Mowgli who was raised by wolves (there are real world examples too), you’ll be raised and taught to be one of the herd in all ways. This is why I told you to be someone who avoids the definition of “Human”. If you are a human, it means your existence is merely a resource or a battery for the minority who are more than just human; the human2.0 If you avoid the normal way of life, you will be an anomaly. You will be an anomaly like Napoleon, Arthur, Jesus, Hitler, Gandhi, wachowski brothers, Tesla, J.K. Rolling, Osho or someone who lives in the shadows with everything he/she needs.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why am I not enjoying my life's work? (prt 2)_conquer your work through passion

If you really have a passion for what you do and still feeling hollow you have the problem of being the slave of your work and everything connected to it instead of making your work a mode of entertainment. If you are committing yourself to the work of the company/club/family you are screwing up yourself. If you act like this everyone will feel nice to have you but they will never love you or see you as an important person. When a waiter is doing his work you wouldn’t feel anything especially great about him. You will even scold him for the slightest mistake. Now take an instance where a friend of yours is doing that. You will definitely feel grateful about it. Right?

Ask yourself “why?” - Your friend is keeping the upper hand and he is doing it because he wants to and he is not thinking of it as some obligation. He’s not gonna care about what you think. He/She likes being nice to you and do it because he/she can do it. A good singer/speaker acts like he owns the stage and fully expresses himself. Some are gonna love it and some are not gonna like it. But you’ll make your mark and everyone will feel it when you are gone.

If you like designing things, then use your company as a platform to do your work. If you are in a club, use it to improve yourself. Always- I mean Always be ready to deny or say no. People around you will feel the aura and know that you own yourself. They will feel intimidated and others who are like you will consider yourself ads a cool person instead of a douchebag.

Start using your company/club as a tool/platform to do what you love. Don’t try to get other’s appreciation. You are not going to get it. Instead make them feel like you are a wild horse who do your work extravagantly well when you feel like it – because you enjoy it and make them feel like they have no control over it.

You won’t be receiving much of appreciation when you are like this. People don’t go to a king and say “you are excellent”. In the bottom of their hearts, they will admire you and envy you in secret. They will keep in mind that they are done if you are gone but will never express it directly. Everyone will be thinking “I hope he’ll do ‘it’. If he does, we are all salvaged and we’ll end up being awesome”

Why am I not enjoying my life's work? (prt 1)

What? None of your life’s work doesn’t give you any happiness/pleasure. You do all the work and nobody cares about you? Then there is something very very wrong with your life. Let’s see what you did wrong. First of all you are not doing it for yourself. If it’s done for you, it must make you feel satisfied or even ecstatic. Secondly you are expecting others appreciation while being a bitch. After a servant had done all the hard work, everybody is happy but no one cares about the servant.  

When these two elements are removed you’ll love your work. If you are doing something because you are supposed to or because you are told to, instead of happiness it will give you relief. For an example: Chemistry is not my thing. I wouldn’t enjoy studying it for any reason. But I love quantum physics and I can spend hours (even without sleep) studying quantum physics. It doesn’t matter whether it is social work or personal business. It must be something your true self likes. (Not something your crappy ego is made to like)

If you truly desires what you do, it’s gonna improve yourself; it’s gonna evolve you into someone you prefer to be. Take Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Seth Godin, Hideo Kojima, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein………….They all loved what they were doing and they were only doing what they loved regardless of the benefactors of their work. Discover your true essence instead of trying to hear the voice of it. Cast away your ego and be your true self and do what you feels like doing. Don’t let anyone command you. Be your own king; be your own god.

How to remove Tension and Depression from your life… (prt 2)_why is it so simple?

Actually you are asking a wrong question. Answer to every question is simple. If not, it’s not a good answer. Every real answer to every problem has the same infrastructure. You identify what causes it>>Remove what causes it. If there is anything else avoid that advice at all cost for that it would imprison you in a less intense situation which is few dozen time harder to escape from…..well that’s if the advice didn’t make things worse/more complex.

That’s what most people do. If you are depressed; buy this book>>read it>>memorize it>>follow the steps like a good soldier. Well, isn’t that a major pain in the ass. Wouldn’t that lead you to (less intense) depression. Never try to solve any problem before completely understanding it. To do this you should live in the moment, not in some Garden of Eden where your divine intelligence or whatever will tell you “how to deal with it”. This is not even the place where you listen to your “inner voice”. By following my methods you will become the inner voice. Don’t push it away by treating it as something that is “not you” by trying to listen to it.

When you truly observe yourself you will realize that you instinctively create tension and depression at certain kinds of incidents (i.e. Deadlines, Exams, Exam results) you have to understand that you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing. There is nothing you are supposed to do. The ocean is truly vast. But it cannot sink your boat/ship without getting inside, no matter how small your boat is. You are not supposed to make holes in your boat! Stop thinking about tension. Stop giving a damn about things you don’t like. Just ignore them and let them be. Don’t interact with them and create unnecessary stuff like tension/depression.

When you live your life like this someday you will face something which your older self would consider as “supposed to break me”. This is where it all began and where it’s all going to end. Keep your focus within this experience and never even try to think of anything else. If your head is under water you wouldn’t give a crap about kicking your bosses’ ass or studying for the exam. You wouldn’t even think of swimming techniques. Instead of the things you are supposed to do in your life you will simply take your nose out of the water instinctively and breathe.

When you realize that everything happening around you is not a part of you or your life and it’s completely irrelevant to your life you will stop creating tension and depression. Like a dead leaf falling from a tree, tension and depression will be gone from your life without even a trace of it. Now after several months of my purification I don’t even remember how tension/depression felt like. If you do things right, the same will happen to you.

How to remove Tension and Depression from your life… (prt 1)

I’m not talking about dealing with the problem. I’m talking about pulling it out of the roots; not trimming it down. The screwed up society and religion will teach you to deal with the problem and they will even tell you that all that suffering is part of being human and living in the world. That’s true for defective humans, but not for you who’s on my blog.
I was able to completely remove tension and depression in one and half days doing this. My methods are not the only methods, but they definitely works like a charm. First of all you have to forget all the crap you have learnt about “dealing with it” because it’s only going to hold you back.  The only true thing about the universe/reality is causality and here also you are going to use it to be immune to tension and depression.

The blueprint is again very simple. You understand what causes tension and depression>>you remove the cause>>tension free life till the day you die. Ask yourself and figure out what leads you to tension and depression. Is it because you have deadlines? Is it your exam? Is it your financial probs? Relationship probs? Is it dealing with your responsibilities?

First of all you know that worrying is only a waste of time and you can use that time and effort for something else. You must have put that effort you salvage into think of a way to get rid of tension/depression. That’s where you got it all wrong!!! When you do this you just keep your problem quarantined instead of removing it. Stop giving a damn about tension! Thinking about keeping your tension low is also a kind of a tension which is less intense. Losing just a finger is indeed better than losing a whole limb. But you are not obliged to lose even that.

When you discover your essence you will realize that both tension and depression are not things that happen to you but things you create. You are actually using things that happen to you as excuses to create tension/depression. Understand that when you stumble upon a tangled cotton ball you have no obligation to untangle it. Simply ignore it and keep your cool. You’ll definitely look weird for this but the results that it would give you will make you ignore all that.

The solution for both tension and depression is this insane answer. Just ignore it. When you get a hang of it you’ll be more than just human and for the rest of the population you will be an alien. When you evolve into this level you would rid yourself from some of the “common human problems”. When you reach this level people will hate you out of jealousy and love you out of awe and admiration. Not much of a price for the total absence of tension and depression. Right guys?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do You Really have FREE WILL??? IF not how to have it...

Now ask yourself: Do I have it? Do I have free will?
The answer is: Not as much as you think.
You lose your free will mainly because of your ego. Who you are defines your choices and in the end your choices define who you are. This is an endless spiral which is impossible to escape for the most of the population. But someone who is as smart as you are can deviate from this preset plan.

This link will help you to know more about what ego is. You create this image which defines who you are through other’s opinions. The society, religion, TV, Peers and the stuff happening around you tells you should be and just like everyone else you follow and stick to this definition of who you are. Most of the things you are going to choose in your life are not actually choices. You had chosen everything along with the creation and maintenance of our ego.

Now the escape route should be clear to you. You have to kill your ego. That’s a long way to go. You have to start with strangling your ego>>then start ripping its parts. You do this by observing yourself. Read my previous post when you are truly aware of yourself you will come to the realization that your ego is not who you are and you will realize that you have no obligation to follow the preset reactions. You will know that you can customize “who you are” and be anyone who you find the most convenient to be –anytime-anywhere.

When you smack down your ego and take insane decisions which you are not supposed to be, you will get addicted to burning down your ego. Out of all the kinds of enemies batman faces Joker is his nemesis; not some super smart strategist. Joker has no plans. Thus he is unpredictable. You can’t have a plan to deal with him and all your plans become worthless and all your defenses get neutralized when you are fighting against joker. This is freedom.

When you are without a fixed way of living nothing can take you down because you have nothing to lose. You live in the moment and you take unbiased decisions. You are even out of the control of illuminati because you don’t have “already taken decisions”. When you are free from the grip of ego no unpredictable situations becomes a trouble. You will handle the most unexpected impossible to handle situations which everyone fail to handle as if you are brushing your teeth.

This is something totally awesome to experience and you will give up all your liquor and drug addictions when you start to feel the awesomeness. Know it through experience that this makes you feel like you own every single moment of your life….exclusively!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keep Calm and run havoc (prt 1)

That’s right. Keep calm and run havoc……..all by yourself-for yourself. The most important part is keeping your calm. What you need is controlled insanity. Don’t go acting like joker. Sanity is created through control. Sanity tells you what’s possible and what isn’t. It tells you things to do. It teaches you to follow commands and it acts like a software installed by the society to make you available for the puppeteer’s needs. Sanity is the element which holds our psychological evolution so that the illuminati can excel the human1.0 by centuries.

Nuclear energy, Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Supersonic jets, Communication Satellites, EMP, AI, Space Elevator, Zero Point Energy, GUI, Online Business, Wireless electricity………..All these things were insane ridiculous  ideas. This is also the foundation of Clarke’s three laws.
Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British writer Arthur C. Clarke. They are:
  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Now you should be asking how the heck I’m going to control my insanity. Well that’s what this blog is for. The answer is simple; but takes time and needs perseverance. Focus on yourself-COMPLETELY. You have to have your complete focus on your body+ five senses+ mind+ thoughts and completely be in the present.

This simple method will be difficult at the beginning, but with your improvement you will get a hang of it and the results will addict you into it if you kept on going. This method also comes with a huge lot of other great benefits in relation to freeing your mind and transcending the human condition. When you excel   in this simple technique you won’t be considering yourself as a human. The general population will just be a bunch of Neanderthals for you. I know it from my experience and so will you (If you keep going)  

We are not equals. So we are good at different things. When all your focus is within you, you will know your conscious/ghost inside out. You will know what you want, what you can and also your pros and cons. When you know how conscious operates and how you react you can smack down your ego and make actual decisions which are not affected by anything. Not even your sanity which is an immense load of conditional clauses which have ready-made decisions and reactions for you.

As I earlier mentioned, don’t be a joker. There is only one prime truth; that is causality-the theory of everything. Start with little things that matters and keep them escalating. Twitter is just a lame and cute little idea and it sucked for 2 years! Now after few years look at it. But remember to go crazy at the right moment. Don’t use your sanity and make plans. Your focus will let you see how things affect each other and this will also put you on the path to intuition. When you see a good chance to trigger a huge chain reaction>>go and raise hell.

Always remember that a butterfly’s flapping makes a Hurricane because of the harmonic chain of cause and effect; not because it’s flapping excessively hard.

If you flap with all your might you will be dead before anything. Be smart>> Ditch sanity>>Control and utilize your insanity.