Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quotes of the week_Friedrich Nietzsche

  • The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
  • That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
  • There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.
  • The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.
  • The more you let yourself go, the less others let you go.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Have an idea overload (prt 2)_Enhancements

If you are good with the basics of an idea overload, you can use these tips to further enhance the results. If you haven’t figured out yet, the best way to enhance the results is the deconstruction and reconstruction of ideas. Both the superstructure and infrastructure of an idea consists of smaller parts and patterns. If you have many computers with you, you can disassemble and reassemble them to create new computers.

                                                                                                The key to this technique is seeing the ideas as a collection of elements. It’s like seeing a bunch of PCs as a pile of hardware and software. This is especially helpful when stealing ideas and will also improve the flexibility of your ideas. You’ll be able to use change different parts of your concepts and present it in different ways. Think of this as customizing your windows settings.

                                                                                    Another one good enhancement is flipping ideas. It could be stolen or your own. What you have to do is do or present something completely differently whenever you feel it. If you have played Bioshock or Metal Gear Solid think about how they flip the direction of the story. In this way you can even make something amazing out of a very common and conventional idea/concept.

                                                            Also learn to get inspired by almost anything. Just enjoy an idea without even accepting it. Then you’ll be able to toy with an idea you treat as a load of crap and use it for your benefit. For an example: If you don’t like presenting a certain concept, then present how it sucks. This is more likely a parody which has taken a quantum leap.

                                                                                    Learn to utilize your parallel ideas. Some people can make different versions of the same idea with virtually no effort. If used properly, this can improve your concepts greatly. First you have to understand that you can’t make all of them come true. Observe those ideas and know the pros and cons of each idea and then observe the context you are gonna use them on. You can’t add an element that suites for a mature audience into something made for teens no matter how awesome it is. Use deconstruction and reconstruction to create the best version of the idea for the context you are in.Parallels makes you more flexible in your concepts more than anything.

                                    The closing tip from me is to understand your range and abilities and team up with people that can enhance your performance. Another person can be a lot better in a certain part which you suck at. A right group of people can act as a catalyst and can serve as a source of inspiration for your ideas/concepts. Teaming up can give you a groundbreaking boost in your work. So team up with the right people. You’ll know them when you share your thoughts.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quotes of the week_George Bernard Shaw

  • A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
  • Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
  • Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.
  • Clever and attractive women do not want to vote; they are willing to let men govern as long as they govern men.
  • Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

The purpose/meaning of your life.

First of all I have to say that you don’t have a one. There is no such thing as purpose in your life. There are no specific things you have to do. You are absolutely free from everything. But later your mind get contaminated by the self-victimizing people around you. So you start thinking that there are things you are supposed to do in your life. You are who you think you are and you can do whatever you think you should do. Rules and obligations are none of your concerns. Those crap doesn’t even exist. They are just your delusions.

                                                            There is only one thing you should think of before doing anything. That is the prime truth of reality; the building block of all truths. That is causality. Whatever you do has its effects. So be mindful of your actions. Be mindful of your own thoughts and never mind the other things. When you stop being affected by other things you regain your freedom which you had when you came out of your mother’s womb. Don’t go and use it on doing things that would give you negative effects.

                                                                        The affects you cause through your actions are the only thing that can define your actions. The effects could be all positive/all negative or mixed. Be aware of this and use your own understanding and reasoning to know your actions as good/bad/mixed. When doing this, don’t look at your actions from an outside vantage point. Your mind stands above all your actions. Be mindful of your mind. See what causes you to take various actions and what becomes out of your actions.

                                                                                    If the society, culture or your religion tries to give your life a purpose; just ignore those bullshit. If some motivational speaker tries this, stay out of his speeches. You have complete and absolute freedom to throw your life at any direction and change your direction. You are the one who’s gonna decide what you do with your life or somebody else will and you’ll live and die like those household appliances used, maintained and thrown away.

                                                Just go out there and start doing whatever you want. Your actions will define what your life will be like. It could be total awesomeness or a completely miserable life. If you stay focused within and mindful of your actions and the causality, you will get whatever you want to get through your own mindful actions. Be your own god and take control over your actions. Decide your fate; create what you enjoy and live it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All singing All dancing crap of the world

This is one of the most profound moments in the history of movies. The movie “Fight Club” will teach you about the society and modern lifestyle more than any other movie. I recommend this movie for everyone. I’m not really a Tyler Durden. I will never hurt my body intentionally. I rip apart the ego,not the body. But I share a lot of Philosophy with Mr. Tyler Durden.

                                                                                                            Descartes was a fool to say “I think; therefor I am”. Instead, I say “I think I am; therefor I am”. It means you are who you perceive yourself to be. This will also give you the answer for “what makes you suffer?” You cling onto various things like your job, your car, your money, your man/girl. This creates bonds between you and other things that you have no control over. You can only be your god. You can only conquer yourself. When you cling to these things such as money, the changes in them affects you and breaks you. You’ll start depending on these things instead of depending on yourself.

                                                                        When you give up everything you are only left with yourself and yourself is what you think it is. Thinking differently will customize your very existence. If you want happiness; you are happiness itself. You are the all singing all dancing joyful essence of the world when you think you are. In deep Buddhist teachings, nirvana is the samsara itself. You call it samsara when you f@<k things up. There is no base for misery or happiness. It’s your own delusion and you can delude whatever you want.

                                                                                                            You are free to do anything from the very beginning. You are just violated by the society to think differently and so you are what you think of you as. Happiness, freedom, suffering, fear, confidence…….. All these things are just states of mind. After giving up everything in your life you can mind your own state of mind. There is only one theory of everything and that is causality. There are no rules. Only causality. You cause yourself to be whatever it is.

                                                                                    Just go and take over by not being affected by anything. Then you’ll be the all singing all dancing crap of the world when you think you are. You’ll be freedom itself when you think you are. For all your life you were chasing excuses to be felt in certain ways. Now you may know how to delude yourself into the things you like being felt and this is the ultimate extension of it. If you want more, you can try transcending feelings and emotions which would be one hell of a task.

                                                                                               You don’t become a certain person step by step. You just simply be. Your state of mind is who you are. Along with your mind you constantly change who you are. It doesn’t even take a wink to be intoxicated in happiness. Just see yourself as the freedom and happiness. This perception is your reality.Don’t try to enjoy life. There is no such thing to call a life. Be the enjoyment itself and know yourself to be.

Stabilize your Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not some kind of a boot camp or seminar. It’s not a drug to use when you want to feel awesome. It’s not a Friday night out. It is your very existence itself. After seeing the truth and experience the awesomeness people tend to go back a little towards their earlier lifestyle. This completely ruins everything. Enlightenment is a total customization of the very essence of you. Don’t try to reset it.

                                                            When you are enlightened; you give away your identity as a pathetic, miserable fool. Don’t try to get that identity back. You have to annihilate that identity. After changing yourself, you are an alien to this world. You will be the all singing all dancing crap of the world. But the residual image of your previous version which isn’t you anymore and the memories of it will drag you from the leg. You might try to do the lame jokes you once did. You might want to go to parties to have fun and you will think that you have to blend with the world.

                                    You’ll see this as the way of living in the society. Here is a little reminder. Society is the very thing that completely ruined your life and stripped you off your happiness and made you work jobs you hate so that you can buy shit you don’t need and support the society as a power source to make sure that this keeps continuing. Be ashamed to blend with the society. Stand your own ground like an emperor and ask the society to bow you or disappear from your life.

                                                            There are two paths for the total enlightenment. One is total wisdom; the ability to see through everything and know them for what they truly are; as ############# [This part is removed due to the extremely offensive content which is going to shatter the very core of yourself. Try figuring it out on your own if you are not too afraid] Or there is the (relatively) easier one which is to give up everything.

                                                                        Instead of blending with the environment you can be the calm neutral person. This is pretty much like Keanu Reeves playing Neo in the Matrix trilogy. Stabilize your enlightenment and stay in the enlightenment. When you expose yourself to the society, be completely neutral in every single way. Just think about how you would walk through a nice lawn or walk by a beautiful lakeside. Be like that in every single interaction. With no strong interactions you will be a ghost to the society. So no one would try to violate you and you wouldn’t have any reason to go little back to the previous way of worthless thinking.

                                                            Enlightenment isn’t a part of your life. It is something like breathing. You wouldn’t stop breathing for any reason. So why act a little bit non-enlightened? Kill all the remaining of your previous way of perceiving the world and humiliate them. This will make you feel good; very good. If you don’t remember and can’t think of how you felt before, then your enlightenment has stabilized.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The devil’s Advocate

No one can teach you the truth. You have to see it for yourself. One can only make you think so that you would see the truth and the truth is; truth is everywhere. You just have to see it. Anything that happens in your life can lead you to truth if you start perceiving it in the right way. Whether it’s a deep exploration on philosophy, learning physics, meditation, being alone in complete boredom, drawing something or having sex is not something that’s gonna matter.

                                                                        The only way to see the truth is to see through. One of the best and most effective ways is to be the devil’s advocate. It means to provoke an argument just for the sake of arguing. To make things even simpler; it means to keep asking “why” at everything you stumble upon your life. Don’t go asking why from people around you. Ask it from yourself. If you buy a cake> why? If you study something> why? If you f@<k someone> why? If you hum a song> why?

                                                            Keep asking “why” at every single little thing in that happens in your life. Then try to figure out the answer on your own. Here is a little help: the answer is in the question itself. Keep the Einstein’s quote in mind. When you tune into the right way of perception you will see the answer. You will just see it. If you are touching something hot and feel your hand getting burned and ask yourself “why?” you’ll just see the answer.
                                                                                                            It is the same with any arcane and utterly complex question. It took me about 20 months to completely know my way around the Einstein’s equation E=mc^2 and when I finally did, the first thing I did was getting mad at me for not seeing something so much simple. The truth is always in front of your very eyes. Being the devil’s advocate will make you see it.

                                                It will take time. But always keep asking “why” and throw yourself into a massive debate. You’ll burn everything else down and see the truth which was in front of you the whole time.Nothing is sacrosanct when it comes to questioning. The world might call you a devil, but you’ll end up being a god. 

Wooden dummy and enhancing invincibility

When I talked about this with a friend who is pretty much interested in martial arts, he mentioned this fact. When you look at the eastern martial artists and western martial artists (and the ones who engage in martial art like sports such as boxing) there is a main difference when it comes to the #1. In eastern world; the best is always the best and never get beaten. Moreover, they never even face a threat when it comes to maintaining the #1 spot.

                                                The secret behind this is the way they train. In the western world, they train to beat the one on the top and train to take the right stance and to hit the place which gives a good score in a tournament. So the focus is kept on outside things and they even use the flow. They check their stance and adjust it to use the techniques and forget that the stance comes naturally when you it right. After becoming the best, the best stays as the best and someday someone manages to beat him. Mohammad Ali was the #1 but got beaten at the end.

                                                                        But in authentic eastern martial arts, they train to beat themselves. #1 spot doesn’t get taken away because the #1 doesn’t stay the same. Even after becoming best of the best, legacies like Bruce Lee and Ip Man didn’t go bragging. Instead they kept on training. For what!There was nothing for them to prove anything anymore…right? The thing is they never tried to prove anything or beat the best. What they beat was their best. When you keep beating yourself anyone who could have beaten you in your best falls down. You always get an easy win like this and you get addicted to this endless journey.

                                                                                                In some martial arts you get a wooden dummy to fight with (watch Ip Man if you like). This might look dumb. But it is the very essence of the competition. Being ahead of the rest doesn’t make you any better. If you try to beat the best you will tread a path of depression just to get relaxed in the end and you will reach the end. But when your focus is on beating yourself, every achievement makes you ecstatic and you never lose the reason to be in the game and you never get depressed.

                                    When fighting a dummy you have to do all the moves. There are no opponent’s moves to analyze. What you get to analyze is your own moves. Your own pros and cons and the very essence of yourself. When you keep doing something over and over, you get bored and tries to release all your energy to give out something else. This leads to finding your own new tactics. This prepares you for anything unprecedented. You will cease to analyze what you are up against like a monkey and start understand what you can do at any given situation like a bird who is gonna land on a branch.

                                                                                                Start beating who you were the day before and start seeing the “you” who were few months ago as some naïve crap. Do this several times and you will keep it doing naturally, like an everyday routine. You will naturally escalate in the ladder and you will feel awesome about you. Direct your fight at your own self and tackle down your own self. Know your own moves and know your own skills. Learn to utilize them and know where you are gonna screw things up. Your understanding on your cons will save you from critical hits and your understanding on your pros will give you critical hits.

                                                You cannot predict the world and plan the future. Plan yourself and you’ll never think about the future…......cuz you know how to walkany path.  

Your Image

Well you know what your image is … more than what you know about your inner desires. How did you came to know this imageof yourself?........Through others; right? So what does these other people know about you even better than yourself!!! They don’t. But the Human 1.0 likes to accept the things that come from the outside instead of thinking and realizing them. You should be having a lose grip of your image since you are at least a reader of my blog and stay ahead of the crowd.

                                                Here is what an image is. People have this psychological illness called the desire to be controlled. When something is told about them they try to act accordingly. If someone directs a comment on who you are at yourself; you accept it like an order and live accordingly because you want to feed your ego and you will be led to suffering. The other aspect is, the society is giving you a role to play from the day you are born and forces you to be the common man/woman. This will make you a puppet. This is what enables illuminati to control you. You image is what brings you to misery.

                                                                                    Your image is nothing more than your avatar in a game. But this avatar is shaped by the society and the things that have been programmed into your mind. When our character in a game get shot or get betrayed or something, you are not supposed to feel anything about it. If you couldn’t accomplish what you tried; you will just forget it> get better and do it right the next time.So why care about an image that isn’t you. You are what you think you are; not what others think you are supposed to be.

                                                If you try to maintain an image you will be invisible and lost in the crowd. No one will notice your existence and you will get affected by every single thing that happens in your life. Not being able to play your role properly will make you upset. The one who does everything to maintain a good image can be easily manipulated. An image is like a programmer. One who knows how you tick knows all your actions and reactions. When your very existence can be reduced into a mere algorithm you are not a sentient being anymore. With your free will stripped off from yourself by yourself you become a mere function.

                                                                                    Getting rid of this dehumanizing attribute called image is very simple, yet requires a great deal of understanding of your own essence. This article by Osho will greatly help. When you get self-centered and observe yourself you will get disgusted and annoyed of your image and simply let go of it. If you keep seeing a certain product yet never comes to know it fully, it will haunt your mind. After getting your hands on it and know it completely you will simply lose interest and move on regardless of what others think about it.

                                                If you feel like there is a problem with yourself, stay focused and observe yourself. You will know your pros and cons and you’ll be able to customize who you are and control your thoughts. If you don’t control them, others will and your self-image will serve as the interface. Don’t force yourself to remove your image from your mind. You can’t force yourself to sleep. Think and discover all by yourself and you will realize and customize who you are. Then you will ask “what the heck is this self-image you are talking about! I don’t see it anywhere!!!”

Hard as diamond or invincible as wind

So which one are your gonna choose? Are you gonna take it all and stand up or are you gonna just gonna brush it off your shoulder and just be cool. The first one is shows that you are truly strong and the second one shows that you are truly dominant. Are you gonna be someone like Batman or someone like Neo (Matrix)? Are you gonna play it hard or let the other party play alone.

                                                                        Strength can be weakened and neutralized by outside force like crushing a diamond. This is good news for illuminati and it’s not just the illuminati who get benefits from this. The wind on the other hand is invincible. If you be like the wind, only you yourself can get yourself broken. Just think about what would happen if you go to war against wind with all the military power on this planet. Nukes can hurt some atoms of the wind but all the conventional weapons are only gonna get you tired and damaged because of your own efforts. If you were shiny and hard like diamond, you will be screwed several thousand times earlier than this.

                                                                                    The wind doesn’t own the show. It just ignores everything. It’s the offence itself that brings catastrophe on the attackers. When you are like the wind, your opponent will destroy themselves and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. The society is teaching you to stand up with courage because courage can be shaken and easily destroyed. You will think that you have to stand up for yourself. But if you know that you are awesome and comfortable with it; you don’t have to prove anything.
                                    When you start ignoring every single person in your life, the ones who are not very strong will get shaken. They will attack you in desperation to prove themselves and make you acknowledge them. Keep ignoring and at some point they all will break and kneel after draining all of their strength. Everyone will cover this up saying that you are beyond salvation and it’s no use to talk with you. This is where you give a little smirk.

                                                                                                To be like the wind you have to acknowledge that you have complete freedom to do whatever you want and feel whatever you want and no one has control over you unless you give it away. If someone thinks that you don’t have a good personality or your dress is bad; that is their problem. You are not supposed to interact with it. Just reply with an “I don’t give a f@<k”. Let go of the thoughts about what people try to do to you. You don’t have to take it all and say “look, I survived all of it” It’s not your war.

                                    People will do things to discourage you and bring you down. What you should be doing about is doing nothing about it. Don’t waste your time on building your courage and confidence and staying strong and go through the hell. Life is what you perceive it to be. If you are couragous; you have fear. If you are confident; you are thinking that you will fail. If you are dominant, you don’t need any of this. The wind is not strong because it cannot be broken. The bird is not confident about landing on a branch cuz its wings are the only things that matters.

                                                                Don’t waste your time on motivating yourself to stay strong and head held high when you come across your haters. Just perceive the world without them and be cool. Go to the person who is committed to make your life miserable and give a big hi with a broad smile. This will break them and they will lose all their strength seeing that you are not affected at all. They will come at you with all their might and fall on ground and you wouldn’t even notice. Play a one person chess game and lose. All you have to do is ignore like the wind and move on like the wind.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wanna wait for a right time :P stay alert for them

                        So what is this right time? It is not something to wait for and it does not something that comes like some festival or community event. Right times are the subtle moments which you can go supernova and take multiple quantum leaps in your life in a single step. It’s not a moment to start your work but a moment to unleash them. Right time is not gonna knock on your head. You have to spot them and use them immediately. Yes, there are many “right times” in your life if you care to notice. It’s not a one big event. These are moments you can make into huge shockers.

                                                                                    You have to start doing whatever you are going to do right now and stay alert for the right moments to shoot them out without holding back. Until the right moment, do little things that matters; do things that improve yourself. If you have a good talent in script writing don’t wait for the big fish or keep on doing small stuff and give other things(such as studies or job) priority. What you should be doing is stacking ammo. It may be acting out small parts, writing small music pieces, writing small parts for a big story. When you have all this ammo, you can use them like LEGO pieces and make things a lot more efficient at the right time.

                                                                                    Now let’s see how to spot this right time. The right times are the moments you can create the maximum effect with the minimum effort. When you are in a fight you have to play smart and hit where it hurts. When you show off your talents, show it where it stirs things up more than anywhere else. If you are a good singer keep practicing during the time you get to practice. Then don’t go and sing at random places for random places. If you see a moment to apply for a singing competition, then that is a right time to shoot everything.
                                                And I mean everything. Don’t hold back “a little bit” for a later time that might come. If it comes, stand up from where you are and break through. You have to habitually put yourself into desperate situations and come back with elevated standards. This will drastically improve your results and you will come to enjoy it. When you keep elevating the level of your best performance, you are giving more than others expect. So they are gonna keep checking what you present.

                                                                                    While doing this let another shocking and impactful ace grow inside of you and wait for the next right time. To spot the right time you have to stay in the moments and observe the context you are in. Understand how your actions are going to affect everything and take the path that creates the biggest impact.

                                                                                    When Bill Gates introduced the tablet computer nobody cared. But when Jobs did it in a flashier way few years later; it became a massive hit. This happened because Jobs did it in the right time. But that doesn’t mean he waited doing nothing. He took the idea of the tab and polished it into something that people would love and transformed the device in his own way and presented in a way that it became a global trend. This is what it truly means to do it in the right time. Let it grow like a cancer and release all of that like a supernova when you spot the chance send a shock through the people who are going to care

Tips to be Avant-garde

If you want to do something totally innovative and shake the whole world, here are few tips from me. Being new and experimental isn’t very difficult. Simply being sanely insane will give you shocking results. Being sanely insane means keeping your core completely calm and cool while running amok with no rules. Be like a pulsar. Run wild and insane while keeping total control of it. Learn to utilize insanity and direct it in the direction you desire by keeping the center yourself calm.

                                                            Think of what you want to do and figure out how it should be done. Just make a rough sketch. This sketch is exactly what you are not going to do. Think about what a dance should be and think about what Gangnam-style is. Not everyone is gonna like the innovative things but the ones who are gonna like it are gonna love it for life. Think of Steven Spielberg movies and Christopher Nolan movies. When you stand out from the rest you get easily noticed and people will either quickly ignore you or quickly fall in love with your work. It’s like Bioshock. Some loves it, but some people just can’t take it.

                                                                                    Next is something you might not have expected. It is stealing ideas and concepts. When you infest an idea and inject your own ideals into it or when you use the idea for your own purposes, it becomes your own idea. If you watch the movie Cloud Atlas (2012) you will know what I mean.It is one of the most innovative and vanguard movies of all time. But it is just a cocktail of other people’s concepts when dissolved into fragments.

                                    The movie uses random concepts to tell the story it wants in a way of its own. Cloud Atlas is an excellent example for stealing based innovative creations. At least 80% of the movie is just stolen parts from several dozen movies of several genres. But the core of the movie is purely genuine. Instead of working hard to create moments, the movie takes them from other works and use them for its own purposes to tell a story of its own. True stealing is making other’s work into LEGO pieces. When you create something out of LEGO pieces, people only see your innovation. When everything is connected to create a context the individuality of single stolen concepts doesn’t matter at all.

                                                Another thing is screwing with your own creations. After reaching a significant level of development try to steal your own idea and make it something completely different. Then incorporate it into your concept. Some person put a short story into a piece of music instead of showing some guys play the instrument and it became a totally new experience for people. Michal Jackson added both story and dance and it made him the pop king.

ü Do what you are not supposed to do
ü Infest ideas and make them your own
ü Incorporate different things into your idea
                                                                                        On the top of that, keep being sanely insane. Free yourself from all rules and bondage> keep your control and get crazy.

Good to have goals and ambitions, but better to have None

I say this because goals your goals can affect your potential in a highly negative way. When you commit yourself to achieving your goals, you will miss many things you could have had. First of all by setting up goals you limit your path of evolution. When you set a destination and reach it, you lose your reason to exist anymore. You won't be able to achieve anything higher than your goal which were set decades ago.

                                                            You should realize that the destination-less never-ending journey is the essence of life. You can keep on evolving throughout your whole life and self-evolution is a highly addictive drug. When you have goals, you only get what you want to have. When you don’t set destinations you will discover many more things; things you didn’t even expected. These things you would discover will worth a lot more than what you wanted in the first place.

                                                                                                A sudden unprecedented event can strip you off of your ambitions and make them unachievable. If you were in the game only for the fun of evolution, this wouldn’t even matter to you. Actually this kind of an unprecedented event could even provide more fun and you will be able to discover more of your talents and you’ll also get to improve them. This makes you unshakable. You will not be inundated in despair when everyone is hopeless.

                                                  Moving on without any goals is like flying like a bird. A destination is like a branch. If a monkey wants to get on a branch, it has to check the branch and carefully get on it. But a bird trust its wings; not the branch. The place where the goals are going to take you doesn’t matter. You can always move forward and expand your horizons. You change and evolve through every single moment. If you set goals for 10 years and achieve them, you are still the “you” who were 10 years ago.

                                                                        Just stay with the moment and take decisions based on that moments and keep those decisions absolutely flexible. You will change and evolve through time and you will discover many thing far better than the goals you wanted to achieve. Give up your fixed goals and ambitions and play the game of evolution for your whole life. Steve Jobs invented some really awesome stuff and earned a fortune which is sufficient for few lifetimes. Yet he kept on inventing new things till the day he died. This made him one of the most awesome inventors of recent time.

                        It is the same with awesome dudes like Tesla, Edison and Davinci. They kept on discovering more and more things of awesomeness because they kept on playing the game and were highly rewarded for playing the game. Don’t set goals so that you can rest after achieving those petite goals. Learn the enjoyment of traveling forward placing trust solely on your skills. This requires an immense amount of confidence and courage and will definitely give you results which worth a lot more than that. The best of the best always kept going and the ones who always keep going will end up being best of the best and more…


Acceptance and Manipulation

When you are seeking acceptance you become a highly efficient device because your life can be easily manipulated. As I’ve told before; the control system controls the herd. When you seek acceptance to get into the control you are going to dance on the hand of illuminati. When you do this you look totally pathetic. Think about an interview. Everyone is trying their best to be the bitch of the interview board by completely giving out their lives or maybe pussy/dick.

You do this because you’ve been programmed that this is the only way to climb the ladder. Everyone will be forcing you to study hard to get a good job so that you can raise the social status of the whole family and have a better life. Do you actually think that you achieve this by yourself!!!?? Actually this is called the pigeon superstition. A pigeon is trapped in a cage and there is an electric button in cage. When it press the button; a door opens for 20 secs and the pigeon gets to eat some food. The pigeon deludes itself that all of this is happened under his control and flaps its wings happily while doing this.

                                                                                                           Isn’t this the life you are being told to live. You can work your ass off for a little bit of food, cars, average men/women, small house and etc. Do you actually believe that you are making this happen? Don’t make me laugh. What you are getting is not anything different from what your dog get for making your life happier, safer and more comfortable. You are never taught about starting something new or owning something of you own like a musical group or anything. You seek acceptance and to receive it, you change your personality, your appearance and even your ideals.

                                                You have been programmed that you are weak any there is nothing to do but to fit into the system. Everyone loves celebrities and likes to be a one, but never try to be a one. You have to decide whether you are going to sit back and admire the celebrities because they are living your dreams or stand up and do something to become a one. Most of the people go for the first option because they can sit back and watch.

                                                           If you think you are too small, take a look a Gandhi. Think of your current life or your future and think of what it has and look back at Gandhi.He was a naïve old man with a white cloth and spectacles. He also had this stick with him so that he can walk properly. The people who became the bitches of the empire got high social acceptance and status. But Gandhi just stood his ground all alone and even the British emperor stood up when he saw Gandhi while the bitches were licking the toes of the royals.

                                                                                                            This is why millions followed Gandhi’s footsteps. Gandhi didn’t sought acceptance; so he wasn’t manipulated. When you stand out of the crowd, the crowd gets affected by you. Then they look up to you for acceptance. This was the same with every single one who revolutionized the world.
                                                                        If you can do something with a passion, you can perform great doing it. So name the highest price, name your set of conditions, open your mouth and say that you are the best and you don’t come cheap. Say to the interview board that they are gonna suck without you. Tell the world that it cannot manipulate you and give out the conditions to use you. Don’t let anyone use your skills as they please and give you whatever they feel like giving.

                                                When you want to be accepted, you are asking to be manipulated. Don’t waste your time on fitting into the image. Invest your time in being better in what you are good at and keep getting better. Look for the audience which is ready for your work and shoot out all you’ve got with all your might. Then you will get your place. Remember that when you are not under control, you can take things under control.

Friday, May 2, 2014

What makes you seek acceptance

When a waiter is serving you, the only think you care about is how he should make you more comfortable and satisfied. If you seek acceptance and do things for people they are gonna treat you as slaves. Slaves are the best hard working diligent thing you find on this planet and they are also the ones who get the worst treatment. You can’t keep both acceptance and your dreams/ambitions. Nobody cares about your dreams. Not even your parents. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams through you if you are willing to give yourself in. So they will instinctively and subconsciously shatter your dreams and hopes and ridicule you when you cry.

                                                            You have been trained to look at the world in a certain way. You are made to admire the highly educated diligent worker and forget the not so educated millionaire. A guy studies hard and well and becomes a doctor and earn a lot of money. If you be like him, you will be reputed and you will have a good comfortable life.Actually he isn’t earning a shit. A not so educated guy who owns the hospital will be receiving money worth about one third of the doctor’s earnings by doing nothing. If it isn’t absolutely pathetic to work hours and hours to make sure that someone is earning a lot by doing nothing, what is he doing?

                                    You don’t see this because you are made to see the world in a different way. If the doctor suddenly dies; it doesn’t matter to the people who he worked for. There are millions of people studying and completely giving out their lives to take his post. If you love cars and you don’t have a multi-million dollar car or a collection worth that much by the age of thirty, this is what I have to say. “You should have killed yourself since you haven’t benefited yourself. You have only lived as a mere power source and there are millions willing to do the same. It will be easier for you if you just kill yourself.” 

                                                                                                Don’t try to prove that you worth something. If you like who you are; then keep being you and never change. If you don’t like who you are; change yourself immediately. Changing only has one step. It’s like flipping a coin. Your attitude and delusions are the only things that are gonna make it difficult. Look within and realize that acceptance and everything related are just relatively created and interpreted delusions.

                                                Discard everything that are not you. Be the ruler of your life. Be the God who decide what you think, what you feel and what affects you. When you start your own path seeking approval from you and yourself alone, everyone is definitely gonna be against you and they will intentionally and unintentionally do everything to violate your psyche. The moment you acknowledge that it’s none of your business and theirs alone; you will stop feeling their existence. You will feel the world as a mere extension of yours only bound by causality. You will eventually get addicted to this mindset and it will finally be your default.This is what drug addicts seek destroying their money, health and sanity and just by shifting the way you perceive the world, you will effortlessly get into this ecstatic awesomeness with zero negative effects.

The patheticness of seeking acceptance

So you want people to accept you! You are trying to ruin your life. The only one you should seek acceptance is from yourself. Never think about what others think. When you care about what others care; you are giving away your sentience. You are becoming a mere tool for others. This will give you less and less acceptance which will make you work harder to get accepted.

                                                            You will seek acceptance as long as you are affected by second/third party things. This will make you work for other people or other things such as your parents, boss, club, company etc. If your mom or boss scold you don’t feel bad about it. It is a 100% insignificant thing in your life. About 30 mins ago I got a hardcore lecture from my parents about school and future education. But I really don’t give a f@<k about that trash speech. The only significance of my parents is to feed me well and earn for me. They have chosen to be degraded into the mere function of parenthood. There is no other importance of them.

                                    Instead of focusing outside, keep all your focus inside of you and you will see everything falling into the right place. Always be aware of what you like, what you can and what you enjoy. Everything else is completely irrelevant. Never work for your club or company. Work for yourself. I’m actually typing this post for a friend of mine but I’m not doing it because I want to prove my friendship or because I have a delusion that I’m obliged to do this. I really don’t give a damn about friendship. I can type this post and this could help him and many more people who are suffering because they sought acceptance. I like helping people and through all this work I’m gonna improve myself. I have done many things like this for people who are closely interacting with me because I truly desire it from the very essence of myself.

                                                                                                            Never do something unless you desire it from the very core of your existence. When you love it and when you can do it; you become effortlessly good at it. If someone asks for an idea for a science fiction I can shoot out ideas with virtually no effort and I know that they are gonna need me and come for me for the reason that I’m amazing and standing my own ground. Instead of seeking acceptance pick an audience with the potential to understand you and go to them. Shoot out whatever you feel like giving them and ask them to come for you if they want more. Keep this upper hand regardless of who you are talking to.

                                                                                                Always keep in mind that the selection of the audience is vital. If you have a cheap, small, affordable yet very useful idea you should be going to Google. If it is expensive, exclusive, vanguard and massive your choice should be Apple. If you mix this, then you will be completely screwed.

                                                            Discard everything about what others think and do what you love in front of the people who are going to love it. Don’t try to go sell your skills for people. Advertise on what you have and ask them to come if they want if. If they don’t, then it’s not for them.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have an idea overload (prt 1)_Basics

If you are trying to make your mark with the idea of your lifetime, it sucks. It totally sucks unless it’s something super good and vast like Star Wars or Harry Potter. If you are going for such an immense concept you will still need many of the stuff I’m gonna tell you. If you are really an idea person ideas should keep flowing into your mind continuously or your idea of your lifetime is just a fluke. Without a constant flow of awesome ideas you are gonna get stuck even with a great concept you happen to come up with.

                                                                                                My definition for an idea overload is having too many ideas to put into action during your lifetime which would make you give away half of your life’s ideas for an average price. This happens when ideas keep coming into your mind in every moment in your lifetime. Trust me when I say that I have come up with great ideas while jerking off. The key to this endless flow is freeing your mind and letting it go in any direction under your guidance.

                                                                        When something comes into your mind, don’t go finding a pen. Instead stay with the idea and follow it. Complete a sketch in your mind. You must at least give this a whole day. If it’s your idea, it won’t run away from you. So take your time and polish your idea. Let your mind flow into things you want to create regardless of the context you are in. If you like music always be thinking of music. As a bonus effect you will never get bored in your life. But remember not to get stuck in another one’s idea admiring it.

                                    The other most important part is to steal ideas. Stealing is associated with controlling the direction of the flow of your thoughts. When you become familiar with guiding your mind through a maze of thoughts you can start with stealing ideas. When you steal something you possess it. After taking someone else’s idea into your mind, you have to direct it for your purpose. When you copy something you become a slave of the idea. Stealing is completely different. Stealing is infesting an idea like a cancer and modify it into what you want.

                                                After stealing something it should look like something of your own. To do this you should make the stolen idea work to fulfill your desires/purpose. The moment the idea start serving your purpose; it becomes your own. This happens when you strip off its original superstructure and implement one of your own.

                                                                                    There are ideas everywhere you see and your mind is not something that can stay still. Go crazy and throw your mind in any direction and guide it with your sanity to complete a great idea.So many people have come up with so many ideas; so don’t try to force ideas. Infest the existing ones and tame them. As an expert in this stealing it’s not a surprise for me if the creators of twitter say that twitter is a completely stolen idea of Facebook. If you can see why I would say it, then you truly knows what stealing is.

                                                These two are the basics for an idea overload. You have to add them into yourself through practice. Start slowly but steadily and let it grow like a cancer and completely modify your conscious and you will have ideas flowing into your mind effortlessly.