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Don’t judge a book by its cover! Now come on… The cover is a part of the book. The paint is a part of the car. The uniform is a part of that person’s life. Some food tastes better simply because of their wrapper. Once the Ig Nobel prize was given for finding out that knowing the drug has a higher price give better results. Let me tell you the story. They got 2 groups and gave them the same drug. One party was told that the drug has an average price (I don’t remember the exact price). For the other party, a several times higher price was quoted. Their perception of the drug changed everything. The second party showed better results. Having a higher price or better wrapper makes the food better. Better cover makes the book more enjoyable.

                                                The tricky part is the equilibrium. If the cover shows more than what is in the book, the book will feel worse than what it actually is. The wrapper is a catalyst. The wrapper should prepare the audience for what they are in. it helps people to get into the work. You should know how the minds of your audience work. If they pay a higher price, they will spend more time licking and sucking all the juices and ultimately enjoy the food to its fullest. The psychological catalyst of thinking that priced food tastes better will further enhance the results. But remember that this only works when you actually have good food.

                                                                             This wrapper theory goes for anything from dog food to greatest philosophical work of all time. When teaching their understanding to the world, Jesus completely sucked and Buddha succeeded marvelously. The main thing is the approach. The next thing is the wrapper which is also very much related to the approach. Do some research and find the differences between how Jesus gave out his teachings and how Buddha did.

                             The interaction between the reader and the author doesn’t start on the first chapter. It starts on the very first sight of the book. The wrapper is a mode of communication. If you wrap up a movie in a bad advertising campaign, the movie will suck at box office. How good the wrapper is, is something that depends on the mindset of the targeted audience. Speak to your audience in every single way you can. Look at this blog. Various fonts, font sizes and font colors have been used. There is also a background image if a wave. Look at the favicon. Look at the colors. Look at the layout. There isn’t even a way or a specific style of posting. All posts are unique in their own ways. See anything related to the content of the blog?

                                                          The appearance itself speaks for this blog. You already have a feeling of what you are gonna get before even start reading. You are prepared and you are never disappointed because in your mind, you are already waiting for what you get. If you go to Seth’s blog or gr3yh0und-kirakami blog, you get a feeling about the content. It’s all the same font, mostly short posts, strong and summarized points… you see all the content even before you actually start reading.

                                      Don’t be an idiot who is only concerned about the content. If you don’t intend to keep it for yourself, wrap it up and put on a shelf. Make people interested. Don’t waste your time telling how good you/ your work is and what they would get if they come in. let them see it. Let them see exactly what they would like in the way they would like. Then they will get into your work. Then you can entertain/inspire or even transform them. The caterpillar has to go into the cocoon to become a butterfly. Don’t force it to happen in the open. Take your audience in. The wrapper is what attracts the people. So wrap well before anything. Know your equilibrium. Don’t do over wrapping. Don’t just put a name on the cover and publish the book. Give enough teasers and prepare the audience for the journey you have in store.

Quotes of the week_Matrix

  • I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

  • I'd like to share a revelation I've had during my time here. It came to to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realized that you're not actually mammals. You see, every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You spread to an area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we, are the cure.

  • The answer is out there, Neo, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

  • I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world.. without you. A world without rules or controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

  • Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

  • There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

What is a Blog? What is a Book? What is a Game?

So what is your answer? Let’s take a blog for an example. What is a blog? Is it somewhere you write the stuff that comes to your mind? Is it a collection of good stuff you come across the net? Is it some kind of a journal? Is it somewhere you give away tips and hints for people? Is it something that let you review about things? Is it somewhere you put your daily gathered knowledge, experience and expertise? Is it somewhere you type your greatest revelations?

                                        Which one is it? I can ask you the same kind of questions on books movies and games. What are they? When you drop all kinds of frames you’ll realize that it’s simply what you make it out to be. Some people play games so that they can compete in the highest difficulty setting and win and go higher in the global rankings. Some are in it for the story and experiences. Halo and CoD campaigns are a great example for it. Some wants the experience of living another life. GTA and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are good examples. Then there are mixed ones like Assassin’s Creed or Deus Ex.

                                                        There is no set definition for what a thing is. The user defines it. Blogs like Seth’s blog and gr3yh0und-kirakami gives tips and inspiration: a good daily dose and something to keep in your mind for the day and make your day better. This blog pushes boundaries aiming for personal transformation by being visionary and insightful as well as avant-garde. Some are just: Hello fans! I’m having my next concert on…..

                        It’s same with anything with your life. Don’t let the society’s ideas and views violate your mind. If you think you can do it, go do it in the way that creates the best impact. You can pick any definition available or make your own one. At first games were like DOOM. You just shoot stuff. Then Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear with long cutscenes which looked like few movies wrapped up together came.

                                                        Half-Life had great indirect storytelling and puzzles. Then there are sandbox games, Bioshock and the Dark Souls which lacks a clear story. They all have their own identities. They are not restrained by their medium. Metal Gear and Bioshock are great 4th wall breakers. MGS wouldn’t be that much of a big deal without its long cutscenes and complex story. Dark Souls wouldn’t be much if it had a proper story instead of a confusing setting.

                                Make your own standards. Stay true to your style. It may not be completely genuine. But if you can re-invent the original and own it for yourself, it’s all yours to play with. If you want something surreal, make it your kind of surreal; not what’s generally known as surreal. If you want hotel, make it your hotel; not what’s generally accepted or seen as a hotel. You have all the freedom in the universe. So why fit into the definition of some random crap?

Do whatever you wish with whatever you get your hands on. I didn’t know much about being an author or blogger when I started being a one. When you type whatever you want on a blog, you are a blogger. When you write whatever you want even though it’s everything but what a proper book is, you are a writer. Pablo Picasso never went after the title of an artist. Title came behind him cuz he did something with his brush that nobody with a brush did not. 

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Evolve

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Evolve: Humans are considered the pinnacle of evolution. We are supposed to be the most advanced biological organism found in the universe. Even so, our genetic material continue to evolve and mutate in each generation. 

Many have forgotten an important fact though. The fact that with sentient life eye have transcended the ability to only evolve biologically. We now have the ability to evolve spiritually and psychologically as well. 

This process is called psycho- engineering. Something that is deep but shallow at the same time. You could find plenty of teachers that all teach you how to psycho engineer yourself. 
In this process, you gain the capability to even change how you act, speak and even think. I have embedded a link from lotus flick. The first person to actually teach me about this technique and my first follower. 

Train yourself. You should never follow a teacher to the word because that method only worked for that individual. See the path he took, take a bearing to find the direction you must take and forge your own path. 

Once you achieve that goal, you shall receive the ability to even warp the meta physical space in your environment. Something that is hard to explain with words because this is beyond words. 

Everyone has the potential to do this. Why? You may ask. The answer is that you are human. This is your greatest weakness and your greatest strength. 

Investing waste

You have seen those stuff about the things you can do with your waste. There are various things you can do with damaged DVDs, papers, plastic, candy wrappers……. The list can go on and on. Some of the stuff you can do is pretty amazing. How about doing marvels with your wasted time. Why not? I have done it a lot and those wasted times ended up being a worthy investment. Most of the time you wouldn’t get anything spectacular (but sometimes you do) but turning a complete waste into even a small investment is not something you want to miss unless you want to be inefficient or retarded.

                   One of the main things you can do is expanding your understanding. Think you are spending your time with some lame/retarded/stereotypical people. That’s not just boring but also a waste of time. Start deconstructing whatever that is happening around you. Be focused on their actions and reactions. You can learna lot from ignorance. I have understood a lot about the human condition, the society and ways of interacting with people.

                                      If you are wasting time on sex related stuff keep engaging with a different approach. Always try to understand more about yourself. Try to figure out how your consciousness works. If you are studying bullshit, get yourself into a debate inside of your head and try breaking down everything you study in an argument. This wouldn’t prove anything to you. But you’ll refine your skills in logical arguments and you’ll also learn to handle restricted situations.

                             This is the art of investing your waste. The basic of this art is direction your thoughts and knowledge. You can get yourself from where you are into another something related. When you mind is preoccupied with sex, you can direct it towards exploring and understanding the psychological aspects related to sex. This will also improve your skills and expertise in sex.

                   Don’t run away from the inevitable. Accept it and direct it. You can’t change your horse into a human companion. But you can take control over the horse and use it for you benefit. This wouldn’t replace the human companion. But it will be a good investment. It’s all about self-conquest. If you have at least a significant amount of a conquest self you can put your thoughts on a track that would give you many positive results. So master yourself before anything. Then start leading the way your horse run wild.

                                  You’ll discover many ways you can do this. I’m a heuristic person which means a proper teacher. So I’ll let you realize on your own with your own understanding. That is the only source of origin for the wisdom. If you can put yourself on a different track, you can turn your waste into an investment.

Why FAIL!!??

Failing till you succeed is a very common advice at the fingertips of anyone who know the subject of success. Failing till you succeed is admired and encouraged by many successful people who had went through a lot of harsh experiences. The method truly works. And of course it’s a major pain in the ass. When you go for something avant-garde and try to shake the world, you could fail… a lot. Read the above part again. If you are a regular reader or a newcomer who has a lot of wisdom, you should find something flawed about the above statement. If you know your way around Quantum Mechanics and Quantum computing, you already know that this is the worst advice of all that brings marvelous results.

                                                Yeah, fail till you succeed and you will become a legend. You will leave your mark. But you’ll also go through hell. If you want to go to a place walking will definitely get you there. But wouldn’t you prefer a limousine or something. Don’t be so concentrated on your work. Know your place. Know your context. Know what works for the audience. The main reason for people’s failure is not understanding the context. You are not the only sentience out there. You should understand how other people react. You have to be flexible. You must care about your approach as much as you care about your work.

                                                                             Remember what I’ve said about Dark City and Matrix. Dark City failed because of the wrong approach. What you do maybe great but people have to get it. You have to understand your context. Just think about how GAINAX handled Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. Both of the stories feature similar way of storytelling such as dropping the hints for the viewer to figure out the half of the story including the most vital parts and divine looking scenes where you have to work your brain to the limits to figure out how it becomes scientific.

                                                          They are both highly successful anime. At the first glance they might be even seen as complete opposites. But from deep within they are pretty much same. Times had changed and GAINAX also changed their approach. Both of them are not properly understood by many but for different reasons. Both of them are very popular but for different reasons. Yet it is the same awesomeness.

                   If you change your ways of even doing the same thing, your success can change drastically. So be wise to slip into the minds of your chosen audience. Know what gets them into your work. You can’t expect everyone to get what you say or do. Put them in a journey that they would understand you. The final duels of Matrix Revolutions and Gurren Lagann has enough philosophy to fill a 500+ page book. If they were presented as a chat with the Architect (in Matrix) people wouldn’t have liked it. Instead the creators put the viewers in a journey. The some got it. Some got a part of it. And some didn’t. In the end, they became highly successful and popular.

                                                Next thing is knowing when to quit/stop. Be attentive. When you see that you are gonna go downhill, hit the brakes and lower your priorities. Give more places to alternatives. See how far you can you can go. Be a good analyzer. Be wise and see before it happens. The time doesn’t even exist. There are only causes and effects. When you know the details about your context you can figure out what is gonna happen in the future. This is why Steve Jobs kept succeeding in his work. He never failed when he introduced something completely new.

                                                                                      Your work affects and involves the world around you. Understand the world. Be flexible and adapt your work for your audience. Always be ready to hit the brakes and consider your chances. Analyze and know how things would turn out in the future. Be like a Pick Up Artist. Know and use your surroundings. You don’t have to fail. You’ll have to refine your work through experiences. But these methods had never failed me. I always succeed. Things won’t always turn out to be a complete hit. But you wouldn’t be failing if you pay attention to your context. Don’t separate yourself from the world. See it as an extension of yours. Break the fourth wall and incorporate your world into to your work.

The price of a perfect life

Now I’m a person who said <|Everything has a price which you can choose to pay. Most of the people do pay the price because they can and the jerks are proud of it.|> Now am I saying that there is a price for the awesome life you need to have? Yes and No. Why is it a yes and no… it’s because it’s a price only before you get that perfect life. Think of it like this. You have an average Toyota car. You can only have one car. You can only drive and travel in a single car. If you want to get yourself a Bugatti Veyron special edition, you must ditch your Toyota. It’s all you’ve got. But you must ditch it.

                                                                        The price you have to pay for the amazing rich life you need is your current life. You have to lose all you have got. You are only free to do and be anything after you have lost everything you’ve got. Losing doesn’t mean throwing them away like in Fight Club (1999). You only let go of them from your mind. Some might have to throw of the TV and cut down the budget. But it’s not compulsory. You might even have your complete enlightenment while watching some strippers. Wisdom is your greatest treasure and wisdom is simply seeing things for what they truly are: as mere causes and effects; correlations without correleta.

                                                                                                You get what you want by causing it. When you know about programming, you can create any program you need. Wisdom is also the same. When you are trapped in your little restrained life, you can never reach the true wisdom. You’ll only get a fraction of it. Another thing is that you cannot be good at something while sucking at it. You want to change your life because you don’t like it. It’s good to stop liking your life. You can always go further. All the faults in your life are a part of what makes who you are. To be a different person you have to let go of what is means to be you.

                                                This will seem like the biggest price you are ever going to play. It’s worse than losing your only car or only place to stay. Things seem like thins only because of your pathetic small frames of mind. When you release yourself from a significant amount of those frames, you’ll realize that it you are not actually paying a price but actually receiving a hell a lot of things for free. I’m asking who would call losing your crappy Toyota car for a multi-million dollar car a price!!! That’s retarded.

                                                                                    First understand and accept that you suck. Then just stop doing whatever you are doing. Stop being you. Design your new self. Transform your existence. As long as you get affected by the things of your life, you cannot get the life you decide no matter what. You have to let go of your current definition in order to replace it with a new one. You must let go of everything that defines you and decide your definition of which you are and be your own God.

Friday, August 29, 2014


I’m on solo and my mission is simple: prevent WW3. Trust me, it’s a lot different from Call of Duty……mmm I haven’t played other games. I’m on a snow covered mountain area in Russia. About 3 decades ago Russia made a portable silo for ballistic missiles. I don’t remember what they actually called it. But some info was available for the public. Nobody really cared much. But I did. I was born in the 90s and as a teenager, I was really gung-ho about it. The public was only given a teaser and my enthusiasm slowly died.

                                                            Mother Russia had focused a lot of her resources developing their “god of war”. I spent the last 10 hrs scavenging info and my command station had also gathered valuable info. According to what I gathered, the weapon is codenamed “Split Ark”. They sure did make it sound like some gene bank. But it’s actually threatening to wipe out NYC.

                                                                                    I always wanted to be a hero and save the world from the next world war. Now carrying the weight of the world, all I have to say is war epics aren’t very different from fairy tales. Those fairy tales gave me such a cute rosy image of the world. I thought I’d be a world famous knight when I grow up. Well my mom said I’d be a princess. Then she said a great lady, and then a well brought up woman, an earnest student, hardworking independent girl with a stable job…… [I just can’t take…..have to take in…] I saw two mercenaries on guard duty. I sedated them and dragged them into a nice hidden place.

                                                            My eyes were wet and I felt a great anger. Now at least I can release all of it on these two… For all the traumas I had as a child I gave those two some good payback. I kept on punching them till my hands hurt and they bleed to death.

                                                            When I was small I was treated like a princess. I was given everything. Then I was treated as a lady; Then a student. While I was in high school I learned what it meant to be a soldier. I was given everything…… as long as it was required for my function called studying. I was like my parent’s manager. If their investments don’t pay off well, things get problematic for me.

                                                                                    At that time I slowly started chasing my dreams. I was asked to study well, work hard and get a good job. But I wanted to be a hero…a heroine. I was wishing the world would fall apart so that I can go and save it. I wanted to be a part of something like GI Joe. I wanted to be like an action star from the 80s or90s. That’s when I was called a hopeless kid, bad student, bad example. Then everyone said I’d be the black mark of the family. Then my own mom who said that I’d be a princess, degraded me saying that I’d be a transgender When I grow up! The contradiction between the real stiff and what kids are told is even worse when it comes to war.

Rainbow Exorcism: Digital Demons_Teaser 2

For the readers who liked the first teaser I’m giving a second one. This is the continuation of the first teaser. Like, comment and share. If this gets spread a lot, I might end up giving away more than half of the book on slickr-flikr for free. Enjoy and bake the noodle…………

Then I felt some more weight over me… all around me. The whole floor was shaking. Standing still meant running around like a drunkard. The quake was so violent that I felt my legs going numb. I wanted to surrender to the collapsing marvel yet my destiny stopped me from doing so. Why did I even decide this destiny for myself? I wanted to be broken apart before I reach the end.

                                        The remaining samurai’s were stricken in a complex mixture of both fear and confusion. “Might” would sum it up. My vision was too violent to see it clearly. But my mind was clear enough to perceive their agony. With my scythe brushing the floor, I was depicting that I’ve come to reap. Reap what? Maybe the grades for my skills. The unnaturally prolonged earthquake was pushing us apart while dissecting the riots. Yet the ones who needed to double back were keeping the close range with me. Somewhere inside of me I was crying for these guys. My I couldn’t see any other paths in my fate. The function of these soldiers is decided. They don’t leave cuz they don’t have any worth outside of the arena. Like a scripted event in a game I slayed the off like a final phase of a boss battle. This feeling of fatedness propelled me and gave me strength and made me feel that “all’s gonna be well.

                                                                                Losing control and surrendering to destiny was such a comfort. My laments for the dead felt nothing more than an icon indicating an environmental hazard. The quake died down and I slowly walked away like a dragon leaving a massacred arena. Letting go of the scythe-No-nooo-God…damn it. Pick it up…..[Exhales]….. Nope. It’s dumb, but for some reason… no scythe. Where do I see the ……yeah, the time traveling future seeing stuff. Maybe déjà vu.

But…what if it’s not!......!!!

I saw a phantom-two of them getting red. They knew-I knew that I’m closing on a great revelation. I stepped back and turned round and round like a lone protagonist awaken in a freshly deconstructed hyper-utopia as I realized that I had crossed the holy line of human awareness. I stepped on the land of God(‘s) or maybe its master’s soil. I almost realized all that is about destiny. It made me feel so small, fragile and valueless. Maybe it’s not me but my destiny.

                        It’s said that it takes a great wisdom to know that you don’t know. But more than wisdom, it takes a great deal of courage to know the uncertainty of all reality. I only had a glimpse but that’s all it took to shatter me into a zillion pieces. I wanted to run away and forget it all. I was so scared to call that awareness mine. I had to do everything I could to run away. I moved my legs. But the answers to all musings of mankind didn’t go away.

                                                                When I self-imposed my destiny to be Engkami, I didn’t meant it in this way or this quick. All I needed was the purgation from my-No!NO!!.......SHUT up. Shut the hell up!!! I don’t want a backdoor to divinity. Do you think people mean it when they say that they want to be billionaires overnight?? Get REAL. I don’t want to end the franchise right here.  I even wondered whether I’d be able to see the end! F*** enlightenment. F*** total comprehension. I don’t know a s**t about them. I want to invent god; not to wake up as a one. I WANT SURVIVAL GAME.

                                        That’s when I got hit on the face. Now it’s all gone away. Damn this feels good. I need to play by the rules. You know……like Newton and Einstein. The spear like rod sank to the ground while I dodged it and tackled the bitch who punched me. We were both on ground dipping in each other’s eyes and she was smirking. It is kind of nice to wake up from a dream of heaven because of your brawling brother and know you still have your average American family.

                        Then I heard; I saw choppers flying over me there was a weird 2ft. tall monkey like creature looking at me. It was interested in me. A photograph of a similar animal was taken on 2003. I saw it on a book about aliens. Then it ran away; scared. Some black ops guys ran after it. Well…actually they looked like some ghost squad from 2025 or something. My pain had reduc…. Wait! I’m in New York. Well um…mnnn… I…I..llost momentum. Anybody now the feeling of getting stretched and used to something big (monster sized) in between your legs. Feels a bit relaxing. Yeah, step by step. Let them keep guessing.

                                                        What the….. I think I fainted. No. I feel such a nice breeze. I know that’s just too much representation of the aplomb wind. But……. Let’s just master this level. Damn she is fast. I’m barely dodging her. I can see all her moves, strats and everything but…the gal is too fast. I tried blocking few punches. They shouldn’t do much more than cracking a brick wall; not breaking.

                                        The duel was all hand to hand. I did showed off my skills with tools and gadgets but I myself felt like I should know how to manage without them. I’m barely keeping up with this chick. Wait I said chick; not bitch. The girl is like a Lara Croft with 70% of the skin covered. For her mentality, I only saw playfulness. She always had this cute and intoxicated smirk on her face with her copper colored hair dangling all around like a plant under a heavy storm. I lost track of my own emotions while I was dipping in hers. No wonder why people don’t know who they truly are. They are always staring at others!
                                I was feeling a pain all over my body. Not an intense pain. Just what you get when you are too tired. She came into close range. I mean 2cm between our lips close. As I blocked and dodged back, she hit me with a metal rod that was nearby. I flew like a chicken and landed. I was lying there is the same position that lions use. But my expression looked pathetic and knew I was gonna get kicked in the face. But suddenly she stopped charging at me and took 2 and a 0.5 steps back. She giggled. I didn’t get the joke.

                                                        I felt things getting more……human. I felt that this is gonna take some time. This girl has expressions. She is not the ass-kicking monster. With her hands on her hips she said “haven’t you heard of this cliché?” while twisting her tongue. Sexy…she should be full of juices. But then I was like “what!!?”

                        “Oh! Honey, you can see everything. But….. can you keep up with everything? Hmmm….. do I hit any memory cells?”

I sighed. I think I had fainted on the park. There was no pain anymore. I was completely numb. My eyes were open but I couldn’t really move my body. I felt getting dragged; into another dream. Really…what’s the big difference between this and the other one##? My effort felt like an effort to move a dead body. I’m scared…. Scared …………. Scared ………………………………

                                                “Come on. You had a life, right? I mean at least an anime for teens…. This cliché…you don’t get it!”

                        Now what the heck is she talking about? I thought this was about my destiny. I have lost grip of the Central York. No, it was a different name. I wouldn’t be going there, would I? It’s all about what’s ahead, right? I don’t want to look back.

“Damn. Why don’t you accept yourself as the being you are!!!”

                                        This bitch kicked me in the tummy. A huge spaceship like thing came crashing down. Why didn’t I pay any attention to the sky or the far horizon?!? I got my second kick in the tummy when I realized that sh*t gets real now. A comfortable portion of my rationality was working. I knew that I had to survive to see the marvel of a high-tech battlefield. If you enjoy seeing Godzilla, you neither run nor stand still.

                                                        I started countering this bitch. My stomach was feeling really bad. But I held on. I wanted to see the glorious war. To see it, I have to survive. If you love seeing Godzilla, move and engage in action. I have to be kicking ass or else I’m gonna die because of getting distracted by war.

                                                                I felt like asking her name. WTF is happening to me?!....... And suddenly she says “Trinity…. It’s Trinity. That’s my name” and twists her tongue. This pissed me off. The bitch is playing games with me! I can’t focus well enough to read her deep within. A 50ft tall mecha flew over our heads breaking the whole tower behind me. The mecha got blown away into pieces. I used this Trinity chick as a shield and also punched her in the nose.

                        I must say that her warrior looking outfit wasn’t just for the show. It can do a lot more than acting as an armor against mu punches and kicks. Well… she did spit some blood after the huge piece of metal and explosive ammo hit her on the back. I knew that this is a great opening for me. I punched her more. Right before I deliver a hard kick on her face, I saw a childish expression on her. She was like “ I didn’t kicked you I the face when I had the chance. Why are you getting advantage of the situation like this?”

                                                 Pretty childish. But I stung my very existence. The context is just like what it was with the samurais. But this is hard. I feel that my destiny is not a roller-coaster ride anymore. All will be well, but would I be well after doing all this? I felt the weight of interacting with sentience. It’s not a simple “I will be evolved to the next level by the time I beat the crap out of her” anymore.

                        Then I started seeing the effects of my actions. She used to fight like the water. There was a magnificent flow. Every move she made felt like a part of a one big combo. She looked very teasing and playful. But now she looks at me like a pissed off child with her red eyes. She charged at me and started fighting me with a passion and purpose. She had lost all her beautiful dance like flow. Her moves became quick and subtle. She was becoming more and more like the burning fire.

                                                        I am now witnessing the metamorphic impact of my actions. Sure I create reality using the input of my senses. But that doesn’t make me the owner of reality. I was too gung-ho thinking deluding that I’ve uncovered the knowledge for mastering the universe. But it turns out that my destiny is not the only one out there.

                                        The ground was already shaking. But it got really violent as we charged at each other for a special attack. Two 150m tall mechas came at 340km/h and made their own special attack simultaneously with ours. I almost felt those mechas to be a surreal allegorical representation of us. But it was very real. It’s true that those blue and white mechs were too elegant for war machines. But the shockwave of their elector-charged behemoth swords and AG-shields clashing together sent us flying like candy wrappers.


Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

 v A habitually efficient person would save every single cent he/she can even if he/she is a billionaire. It’s not because they intend to, but because they don’t know to do any other way.

 v The amount of money people get paid for their jobs are completely fair most of the time. Many low paid jobs just do the work of parrots, dogs, donkeys and horses in a more humane manner. If they were demanded to be creative, they would be killing themselves several times per day.

 v The world is your Disneyland. Do not f@<k with it. Do not get f@<ked because of it.

 v Know of the hatred to be something to get scared of. Monsters and demons in horror movies look cute and adorable compared to what your hatred can do to yourself.

 v Life hacks are available in almost every single situation. Using life hacks is like Neo showing off in the Matrix. You don’t have to be pathetic enough to dodge bullets simply because bullets are made to be fast so that they would hurt men/women before they get a chance to dodge.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Follow the tide?

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Follow the tide?: Ever heard of herd psychology? It's something that I've been brainstorming. Not sure if anyone else has come up with the idea. If it...

Curiosity 1.61803399 opening teaser 1

[You wake up. Your eyes feel heavy. Your feel like your body weights a ton. You are covered in a transparent slime. You are wearing some sort of a robe made of a shiny and grayish black colored cloth. There is a baby pink colored small contraption behind and sideways of you. You only see a long corridor; A long white corridor with black strips leading to the far infinity. Your body moves on its own though you are trapped in your confusion, unable to perform a single action.

                                          You almost collapse. Your body feels out of your reach. A single memory crawls into your awareness. You see a 4 year old kid trying to play Bioshock on the very first day he used a PC. You laugh at yourself and crumble upon your knees. You touch the floor with your slime stained fingers. You feel a feeling of non-belongingness. You feel like the world doesn’t govern you anymore. You find yourself depriving from rules, regulations and obligations. You are looking at the infiniteness of the only path you have like a lion dropped in the middle the jungle after living the whole life in a small cage. All is open and all is free, and also all is arcane.]
“Thank you…… for all your services in understanding the insanity of beings. But throughout all these years you have become a seed of destruction. Your thoughts and ideologies will be thorns and wild plants for our productive beings. You have been used to understand the bugs of consciousness in the same way we use isolated systems to understand all aspects of a malware. After the process, the system should be cleansed. You’ll be quarantined until you are rehabilitated.You shouldn’t be beyond salvation. This is your purgatory. You’ll be guided through the process.”
<| A small pause|>

“Go straight ahead”

[You forcefully make few laughs. You don’t know what to do. You don’t get the joke. You are perfectly sure that you are the model human being. As your memories come back you understand that your life is perfect and well respected… and almost noble. It’s not a rich, fun life. It’s the “right” life. That’s why the whole society respected you. You have never done anything wrong. You saw the faults in everyone. You talked about them. You told them what to do. Now you are quarantined because of your holy state of mind]


Hit the screen. Would anything happen to this blog? Would I feel anything because of it?

Take a photo of yourself. Hit it. Poke it. Would you feel anything? Would anything happen to you?

Then why would you waste your time punching something for revenge or out of hatred?

If what you do doesn't affect what you want to affect, why would you do it?

slickr-flikr is not what you see on screen. I'm not my name. You are not your entitlements. 

You hitting the screen doesn't concern me. It's all your effort wasted. Why would you get pissed when you see bad comments about you? Why are you concerned about your image? Why would you force an effect on yourself when you don't eve have to react?

isn't that you going crazy/hyper-active??

Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a book with the above title. He wrote it with his own experiences. Everything in the book worked for him. The book is all about what made him who he is as a bodybuilder. Today a famous doctor mentioned about this book and talked about a research he had done with his friends. They have met about 700 people who bought the book and practiced everything in the book. Some had done every single thing written in the book for almost 2 years. But most of them didn’t have any notable results and none of them were even close to what Arnold Schwarzenegger was.

                                                Different people have different bodies. You might only see very few body types. But depending on the biological functions of the individual’s body, there can be about 3400 body types. Even if you give 100% commitment, dedication and effort and follow every single thing in the book, you only have a chance of 1 in 3400 to get the full results. This is what I see as the biggest hazard of dogmas. There is no method that suites everybody perfectly. You will never even awaken your full potential by following the footsteps of the greatest people ever known.

If you read some origins about arhats you will see various paths of enlightenment of different individuals. For some it took a great deal of time spent in jungles in solitude. Some just meditated on a random object. Some became enlightened by just hearing some words. Some have become enlightened during every day work or right after f@<king the hottest babe in the town. People come to realizations in their own ways. You have to find what suites you.

                                                First of all you have to be very much self-centered and self-aware. Then you can actually know yourself for real without relying on the delusional yardsticks of the society. Then you can start exploring the tracks left by the ones who went ahead of you. This blog is one such trail. When you know yourself you know what kind of path is right for you. If go to Himalayas to meditate like some of those people, I know that I’ll be completely f@<ked from top to bottom. As I’ve said before, my methods are not the only ones. These are what work for me and these are also the most comfortable ways. There might be ones who lose the grip of everything when things go highly comfortable. Those people will have to find other ways.

                                                                                                When you figure out what kind of methods suite you, go ahead in that direction. If you have played Deus Ex you should know this really well. There are many ways of approaching and accomplishing what you intend. You have to find out what is most compatible with you and stick to it. The already enlightened ones can only give you tips and tricks for your transcendence. You have to make your own path towards realization. If you are not me, following my exact methods aren’t going to give you’re the same understanding of the world. You have to bake your own noodle and re-invent my methods for yourself.

                                    I re-invented Buddha’s teachings for myself and I feel it to be like advanced quantum mechanics. Might sound crazy or absurd for some, but that’s what happened here. Whatever you come across, you have to re-invent it and own the realization for yourself. The real Tao cannot be told. One can only manipulate lies in a way that others would come to the same realization when they bake the noodle and dig deep. Without your own version of realization you are not enlightened. You’d be just a parrot. Be the owner of truth; not a person who stare at it and say wow! This is truth.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eye of the storm

Have you ever thought of the gust as a big deal? The strong wind is not that powerful. The real deal is the calm eye. It’s not only the safest place to be but also the source of all chaos. A hurricane is not caused by the strong winds. It’s caused by the calm center of it. What does the center do? : Nothing. The rest do all the things. Nobody even notices the eye of the storm. People only see the might and chaos of the storm. The eye governs the might; not the fragile hearts of the people. Why am I talking about the eye of the storm? Well it’s because it is a good role model for you.

                                                                                                The eye demonstrate you the power of non-action and effectiveness of placing the right things in the right way. To shake the world and shine through the world, you have to be calm. The chaotic jerks don’t go far. Plus it takes a lot of effort to be chaotic. Remember that you are going to shake the world by not doing anything.  Read this pdf about Taoism. It’ll help you to understand a lot about the awesomeness and ease of non-action and also the godlike feeling it gives.

                                    The rest of the world is yearning for something to put their effort on. When you are a one who is not doing anything (which is extremely difficult to initiate) you’ll be seeing the world in a completely different POV. The difference will be like looking at a map instead of looking at the city from inside. All will be clear and when people see you, they’ll be shocked. They’ll be doing all the kinds of things. All you have to do is utilize them. Not all things will be in your favor. But at least it gives you more and more attraction.

                                                            I recommend watching the anime Psycho-Pass. It’s one of the greatest anime ever made and you’ll see the true marvel of non-action through the character of Makishima Shougo. Be the chief. Don’t govern the world. Let the world be governed by itself. Just let go of everything. Causality is the only thing that matters. When you want something to happen, produce the necessary causes. Don’t plan or control every single thing. When you play a strategy game you only push the button for the necessary actions. You let everything to be taken care by the processes of the game. You don’t go targeting enemies. You don’t go teaching how to move. You don’t do anything. You put the elements in places so that your intentions will come true.

                                                                                                Why would you go after authority? Why would you fight the authority? Know the world to be your Disneyland. You have no purpose in life. You can do anything. You don’t have to watch govern and regulate the world. Those things will happen naturally. Be calm and all the means to shake the world and live like you truly want to will come on to your lap. Be wise to use them and be wise when using them. Unlike chaos calmness can be easily lost. So stabilize your awesomeness.

Don’t go making gusts of winds. Just stop moving .Do nothing. Be still. The world will raise hell for you. People only know to make more chaos. Whatever they do, you won’t lose your created chaos. In fact it will keep growing. Just make sure that you don’t lose your cool. All will be fine if you let it be.

Start with the topic

A good topic that you can handle is all you need to start your work on. You don’t have to wait till you sketch a plan or come up with 5 good powerful points. You don’t need a great deal of research or a diagram that describe how things should go on with your work. Take some time and pick a suitable and compatible topic for yourself or for your team.

                                    If you carefully choose your topic, everything else will happen naturally if you stay on the track without losing your momentum. Your mind can go on from point to point and build up everything for you. Actually this method will be far more successful than a planned project because you’ll be completing a project you dreamt few days or even few seconds ago instead of completing something from the distant past. Even a week is enough to completely change one’s character. Every time I look back 3 months, I feel myself to be evolved and I feel my 3 months older self to be naïve. If you have stayed with this blog for a while or have had some good evolution tips, you should be getting a similar feeling.

                                                                                                            You should be able to figure out few such advantages of this method. But of course as all great things such as nuclear energy, life hacks, forbidden knowledge etc. should be handled carefully or you’ll be completely f@<ked. When picking the topic, you have to take your time, stay calm and choose carefully; especially if you are going for a long term project. Make sure to choose something that you are compatible with and be very specific. Think you are going to write a song. Pick a topic that you can handle really well. If you talk and think a lot about courage, pick a topic that is related to courage.

                                                                        You don’t have to think about anything else. After creating a good topic, stare at it and have an idea sprint. You will come up with more than what you wanted in the first place. Once I picked a good topic with some themes that I’m good with to write a short story. After about 40 pages, I think I’ll have to write another 700-800 pages.  You may start intending to write a single song and end up with an album. Your mind can go on from one idea to the next and explore and conquer great amount of area. All you need to control is your mind. You don’t control every single movement of your horse when riding. All you control is its speed and direction.

                        Don’t wait and waste your time trying to come up with something avant-garde. Decide what you want to create. Don’t go deciding random stuff. Decide something you can cause. Then stick to it with absolute determination. If A=B, A+C=B+C and you wouldn’t think about anything else no matter what you are told and what you are faced against. That is absolute determination. If someone tells you that you are not breathing would you accept? You don’t accept because you know that you’d be breathing even if you don’t put any effort to it. If your topic includes things that your mind explores naturally, your intentions will be accomplished naturally. Take your time and decide what to be. Don’t try; just be.