Sunday, June 29, 2014

Learn from ignorane

Ignorance is a great teacher. If you pay attention you can learn a lot. Understanding ignorance is itself is wisdom. Truth is the knowledge created through that wisdom. Exploring ignorance is a fast lane to realize great things. Wisdom is not ignorance and when you know ignorance as ignorance, you know what isn’t ignorance which is wisdom.
                   When someone ask you something stupid, when someone do something dumb, not get angry. Observe those stupid things happening around you. Try to see what causes those acts. Know ignorance at its simplest form. When you know what ignorance is like you can tell whether something is associated with ignorance. For an example: When someone starts a speech you can tell where he/she is going at. You can already see all the flaws he/she is going to make.

                   Sometimes it is annoying. But at the same time it also helps to understand what average human condition (Human1.0) is. When you get to know the nature of people you can deal with things with much more ease. Don’t go confronting every dumbass you see. A rock is only an obstacle to another rock. Be the wind and pass by. While passing by, observe more.
                                                                                    When you realize something as ignorant, all you have to do is avoid it. Eg: When someone close to them dyes people start crying. It’s dumb to cry no matter what happens. So all you have to do to evolve and be much more than human is stop crying. This simple change of attitude/approach towards ignorance will change your life drastically.

                                                            Don’t go against ignorant things. Stay calm and observe and see through what you observe. Comprehend the nature of these stupid things. After exploring and understanding them well all you have to do is not doing anything you understand to be lame. If people don’t like to feel depressed but keeps getting depressed, stop being depressed because it’s lame to do something so irrational. You are the one who creates your emotions. If there are emotions you don’t like, then stop creating those emotions.
                                    These are just few stuff I learned from ignorance. Keep on deconstructing everything you come across and be a devil’s advocate. See what ignorance is and be what is not ignorant.  This will only lead you to wisdom.


Meditation doesn’t give you anything

Meditation only takes things away from you. It takes away things like tension, depression, fear, herd instinct, self-victimization, the need to be controlled and manipulated by someone/something, sadness and misery, jealousy, self-pity and everything that holds you down. Meditation takes away what it means to be human. Meditation is the evolution. It is the evolution of letting go of the miserable human condition and becoming more pure and holly.
                             Humans do not possess much of a need to evolve physically. The evolution is a psychological one. The psychological level of the individual is what defines the place he/she has. The people known as illuminati or by some other name can control the masses because they are on a higher state. It’s not different from humans who control cattle/horses/elephants. What makes humans superior is their state of mind. People get controlled simply because they have a lower state of mind. The people who have evolved psychologically know how these Human1.0 ticks and they can manipulate these lower level beings just like riding a horse.
                                                  The horse can overthrow the human riding on him at any given moment. But it never goes against the will of the human unless it is faced with great odds or gets handled by a bad rider. What separates these two mentalities of the rider and the horse is the restrictions they have in their minds. From a physical standpoint, it should be almost impossible for a horse to be slaved by a human. But in reality, it is almost impossible for a rider to lose control over the horse. It is completely normal and natural for few people to make the whole world dance on their palms. It is the nature of things.

                       What inverts the impossible things is the letting go of restrictions. The human who rides the horse doesn’t consider it to be impossible. But the horse considers it to be impossible to live without being obedient to the rider. I’ve seen horses tied to chairs. Trust me when I say that these horses stand still and never even tries to move away.
                                                                                                All the restrictions in your mind are holding you back. When you are always trying to live within boundaries, you get easily controlled. You can never be a millionaire as long as you have the mentality that says “I can never be a millionaire”. Meditation cleanses you by ridding yourself from all the kinds of delusional restrictions. It happens because; in meditation you realize the true nature of all the rules about the world. Those rules have no value. A boogie man is only real as long as we think it is real. Meditation will lead you to this realization.
                                                                                                Through meditation you will realize that you are not obliged to feel anything when something happen in your life. You will only feel sad as long as you think (delude) that you have to feel sad and miserable. Meditation will help you realize that there are no rules stopping you from becoming a billionaire. Meditation will help you realize that you don’t have to follow a certain way and there are no strings attached to you.

                             If you are some dumbass who is meditating to deal with psychological problems none of this will happen. Real meditation has 2 parts: Samatha and Vipassana. Samatha is improving your focusing skills and calming your mind. Vipassana is using that psychological development to see through all delusions/illusions. All you have to do is observe and realize. When you realize that you don’t have to act like a miserable human being, you stop being human; you start being godlike. Then you can decide whether to mind your own business and live your life to the fullest or to be a rider who deals with some lowly creatures.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Experience talk

This is the biggest wet blanket of all time. People with experience will tell you various crap about dealing with the world. They will point out the things that they don't like about your ways and call them flaws. Those adults will tell you that they have experienced the world. I say they haven't experienced a shit. A frog who has experienced everything about its deep little well is not an experienced one at all. One who has let go of all restrictions is the only one who can truly experience anything. Here check out some celebrities who changed the world. Marilyn Monroe was asked to learn secretarial work, Hideo Kojima was never able to publish his stories in magazines, Paulo was sent to a mental institution and was told that his book The Alchemist  is never going to sell. BTW Mark Wahlberg used to live in the streets dealing with drugs.

                                           This is what lies beyond "the experience talk". This is why I say the experience of the adults don't worth a penny. These experienced people are only good at being a resource. For an example: My parents feed me. The stats don't matter when you go out to do something. All that matter is the impact you can cause. Even your own past doesn't matter. You are not the same person who were few weeks ago. Don't think that the chains which kept you restrained a while ago can restrain you at this moment.

                                                                          There are reasons why your parents/teachers/friends failed. I'll give you some of the main causes for their failures. First they have their ego telling them to work in a certain way. They become unable to let go of their defective methods. If you try to drive a car which has automatic transmission while hanging onto your previous knowledge on manual transmission, you will definitely screw things up. So learn to let go of old ways. You can't transcend the human kind and be like a god while trying to remain human. Burn yourself down and be reborn like a Phoenix.

                                     Next reason for their failures is grabbing the snake from the tail. You know those people who say things like I tried those things like a fool and now through my experiences, I know them to be just illusions. These people are the most annoying kind and takes extreme methods to "correct you" and stop you from treading the "wrong path". The failed because they got it all wrong. You can't expect a child to mess around with garage equipment and not to get hurt. They suffered because they were too immature. Even though Neo was the "one", he wasn't ready to learn everything at his first encounter with Oracle. 

                                                                     Next is their inner desire to remain who they are sabotaging the whole transformation. People are so obsessed with self-victimization and create myriad amounts of frames, restrictions, delusions and paths that trap them in low states. In a subconscious level, these crap wants to preserve their illusions about life. They would do anything to keep the lies about the ways of the world even if it means to destroy their own lives. Theses scum will make sure that they don't shake the world and change definitions. They will make sure that they stay within the limits and never attempt anything avant-garde and out of norm. If all you become is "normal", how the hell are you going to be make your mark and be a dashing radiant lion?

                                                        Don't give a f@<k when people give you the "experience talk". Just go ahead and make a dent in space and time. All they know is a little bit of what has happened. You can decide whether you make sure that the history repeats itself or do something that is so anomalous that would make the history books slither away before it pissing in pants? Your life; your decision.   

Out of ideas?_Idea sprint

If you are doing something that needs creativity, you might come to a point where you run out of ideas. Having an idea overload will help you a lot. It take some time to get a hang of these things. Even with so many ideas in your head you might not be able to bring up something that suites the moment in an instance. This is where you have to take an "idea sprint". This is best used with an idea overload but can be also used as a quick method to come up with something avant-gard in a desperate situation.
                                                                 Idea sprint is a bit like a controlled version of ADHD. What you have to do is pick anything in your surrounding or anything that comes into your mind and go for a big dip in a maze of thoughts. An average person thinks about 50 000 things per day. If utilized correctly, you can have ideas that can change your whole life on a daily basis. Don't worry. This won't give you ADHD. In an idea sprint you keep your thoughts in check and observe them. It's like tuning an old radio. You keep changing the channel until you find the one you need and sync with it.
                                          Let your mind go out of control and observe it well. When you see that it's on the right track, stop your sprint and get into flow with the idea you picked. This helps immensely in crucial situations. Here is why: you pick something that is physically/mentally close to the context you are in. If you want an idea on marketing strategies, you are more likely to think about something that can be related to marketing. What you have to do is stay alert and connect the dots. Whenever you think that you can connect few dots go ahead and do it
                                                                   The ideas you would come up with will look pretty much different from the average mediocre thing. Don't give up on those ideas. Try to enhance and perfect them. This is the most outstanding feature of an idea sprint. Not only you would come up with solutions in a short time, you will also find those ideas to be very very eccentric. This eccentric nature of ideas can turn the tables for you over and over again in a short period of time. What comes out of idea sprints are unexpected and unpredictable. No one can counter your strategies if you go for regular idea sprints.
                                           If you had few successful sprints, start taking more dips in your thoughts. Intentionally put yourself in unpredictable and demanding situations and polish your skills. You will feel great about you and regular idea sprints will boost your confidence by large amounts while fading away your tension, depression and fear.
                                                                             Let your thoughts run amok while keeping the leash on your hand. Learn to connect dots and create things unimaginable. Don't find solutions within your tiny framed world. Explore the unknown and find ways to turn the tables.........and keep on doing it

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quotes of the week_George Orwell

  • There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.
  • Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.
  • Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
  • Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.
  • The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The impossible and the stats

If there is anything impossible, the first one to be impossible is stats. Stats are just a collection of random stuff happened in the past. The significance of stats for the individual is nil. Stats are only needed for administrating the masses. The Human1.0 always try to be the normal and make sure they follow the stats. They can't feed their ego unless they do it. S what basically happens is that those scum makes sure they don't achieve what's tagged as impossible because they want to be a part of a huge tribe called the normal. They want to feel big and they give away all they have to be an insignificant part of something big (yet very naive). This is why stats seem accurate. People makes sure that they stays with the stats.

                                                     Reality is the nature of the thing that 99% of the population wants to deny. That is quantum mechanics. Physicists of our civilization only uses quantum mechanics for calculations and creates a distinction called Newtonian particles and quantum particles. But the truth is the whole reality operates as a collective quantum particle. It's  too much to explain in a single post. What you should know is that this nature of the reality is what gives the results which books like " The Secret" or "Think and Grow Rich" talks about. Their law of attraction is a complete misinterpretation that came out of their desperate attempts to explain what they observed.

                                                                                    I claim that I know the theory of everything and I say that it is causality. Causality is the prime truth of reality. As long as their is a cause, you get your desired effect. What decide what is impossible and not is your ability to cause your desired effect. For an example: you can't run 1km in 10 secs because human body can't handle that. That doesn't make it an impossible task. If you can get yourself a sufficiently advances cyborg body, you can do the impossible. Take your eyes off the stats. Stats said that there are no mountain tops covered in snow in Africa. Stats said Nelson Mandela should die in his prison in 3 years. Stats said you can't beat the speed of sound. Most of your common everyday experiences used to be impossible.
                                   You are the one who are making the impossible things stay impossible. Instead of trying for guidelines on what's impossible and what's possible, Just think about how to cause what you want. If you have the right causes; nothing is impossible. Stats are only their to collect data on the herd and to keep the population restrained; self-victimizing themselves. Don't give a f@<k about what those trash around you are telling you. If you want something to happen, don't dream about it. Get realistic. Put the places in the right places for your miracle to happen. Be your own God an perform your own miracle. The only thing you have to know is causality. Observe, learn, run havoc and trigger your miracle.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Just "Purple cow"or more?

Are you going to do something just remarkable that people would talk about? Good. Very good. But is it an end point? Absolutely not. "Purple cow" is a book by Seth Godin. You don't have to read it. Just watch some you tube clips. "Purple cow" is about being remarkable. If you saw a purple cow, how would you react? Is that what you want to be? Then don't. Being a purple cow is the perfect place to start, so don't keep standing on someone's starting point.
                                                                     Why should you end up being just something that everyone talks about. I say be a golden dashing lion. Spread your glory and radiance like the shining sun. In 10 years from now, many will trying to become purple cows. There will be lots of remarkable stuff that worth talking about. Don't just be another guy on the show. Don't just be hardcore; be extreme. Don't add some awesome psychological elements into your movie; make Matrix. Shake the whole world and scream aloud that you are awesome and that awesomeness is already reserved for the people follow you. Don't just be someone that everybody would notice. Be someone that people feel degraded if they are not a part of your work.                        
                                                                    Hell yeah, people will hate you excessively for this. And of course you'll get eternal followers; not just fans or subscribers. Don't just say that no one can do what you do. Be someone who can truly claim that everyone else suck and say it loud. This is more like the character of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. People will follow you and be close to what you are. Some will just get numb by the very sight of you. The rest will dedicate their lives to bring you down, ignorant of the fact that they are fighting the wind and they will keep failing miserably.

 So tell me... are you just gonna be a purple cow that everybody talks about or would you be a dashing radiant lion that outshines everything else in the world, sucking in all the attention like a black hole, followed by lions alone, admired by the awesome people and cursed by the worms who are crawling into their little holes saying: "Why the f@<k he/she has to be around blinding us with all that radiance!!!"                                             


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The entertainment of discovering on your own

It is wonderful experience to discover great things on your own. At first you might feel like “why did I work so hard? I could have found it on the internet if I searched a bit more!” Then you start feeling awesome about you. This is one of my personal experiences. As you have already figured out I’m very much interested in philosophy and quantum physics. To me, both of them are interconnected. I pushed my mind to its limits and spent hours and hours thinking and thinking for 20 months about mass and energy and came up with great realization. I actually thought I figured out something so avant-garde but just few days later found out this.

It is wonderful experience to discover great things on your own. At first you might feel like “why did I work so hard? I could have found it on the internet if I searched a bit more!” Then you start feeling awesome about you. This is one of my personal experiences. As you have already figured out I’m very much interested in philosophy and quantum physics. To me, both of them are interconnected. I pushed my mind to its limits and spent hours and hours thinking and thinking for 20 months about mass and energy and came up with great realization. I actually thought I figured out something so avant-garde but just few days later found out this.
Following are some fascinating ideas (to me anyway) on the origin of mass and gravity from the quantum vacuum....have these ideas been dissected here in the forums before?? A superficial search did not turn up anything. Comments/criticisms??? Other threads??

Tentative outline of a research program on the nature of mass originating in the quantum vacuum (also at this site is a nice summary of "Origin of the de Broglie wavelength"

The zero-point fluctuations of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum may be approximated as a continuous flow of energy: randomly-phased plane-waves in the representation of stochastic electrodynamics (SED). Since the flow of radiation is on average the same in all directions, there is no net flux of energy or momentum as perceived by an observer in an inertial frame. However an accelerating observer will experience an asymmetry. Acceleration through the quantum vacuum results in the appearance of an electromagnetic effect -- a cousin of the well-known Unruh-Davies radiation -- whose strength is proportional to acceleration.

[STATUS: SED theory well developed since 1960s. See Rueda & Haisch (1998) papers on the Poynting vector of the zero-point fluctuations on the Scientific Articles page. See also SLAC physicist Pisin Chen's proposed experiment to measure Unruh-Davies radiation using an ultra-high-intensity laser (Chen and Tajima, Phys. Rev. Lett., 83, 256, 1999).]

(2) REST MASS: E=mc2
A fundamental particle may be an intrinsically massless thing of some sort (string? spacetime deformation or singularity?) which continuously interacts with the quantum vacuum. Buffeted by the zero-point fluctuations of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum, a particle exhibits Brownian-like motion which Schroedinger named "zitterbewegung" (quivering motion). A tiny bit of the quantum vacuum energy is diverted into the kinetic energy of this zitterbewegung. We suggest that this is the origin of E=mc2 for a particle. If true, there would be no physically distinct mc2. The physically real thing would be only the energy, E, associated with the zitterbewegung of the particle. In this view there is no need for any magic, mysterious conversion of mass into energy and vice versa. One could think of a particle as a localized concentration of zero-point energy which gravitates and resists acceleration for the reasons given below... no traditional "mass" needed.
[STATUS: Zitterbewegung and its connection to the zero-point fluctuations is well-developed. See for example the monograph by de la Pena and Cetto: "The Quantum Dice" (Kluwer 1996). The E=mc2 interpretation needs development. See H. E. Puthoff, Phys. Rev. A, 39, 2333, 1989.]

Consistent with (2), inertial mass may also not be a physically real, innate property of matter. What we traditionally (since Newton's Principia) think of as inertial mass would in reality be a resistance of the quantum vacuum to acceleration. The fundamental particles (quarks and electrons) in an accelerating object interact with the electromagnetic quantum vacuum, whereby a drag force is generated that is proportional to acceleration. This could be the origin of F=ma. We refer to this as the quantum vacuum inertia hypothesis.
[STATUS: Well developed hypothesis. See numerous papers on Scientific Articles page.]

As a consequence of (2) the greater the number of fundamental particles in a given volume of space, the greater the energy deficit of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum (since more of it is diverted into zitterbewegung). This may create an asymmetry in the energy-momentum flow of the zero-point fluctuations (in the SED representation). In other words a Newtonian gravitational field or a general relativistic curvature of spacetime produced by mass may in actuality be manifestations of a quantum vacuum energy asymmetry.
[STATUS: Tentative hypothesis. Need to reconcile this in detail with general relativistic spacetime curvature produced by mass-energy. See also a recent attempt to develop the polarizable vacuum gravitation perspective.]

A particle at a fixed distance above a gravitating body such as a planet, will experience a downward force as a consequence of (4). This would be the origin of the force which we traditionally have called weight.
[STATUS: See Gravity and the Quantum Vacuum Inertia Hypothesis, Rueda & Haisch, Annalen der Physik, 2005.]

Inertial mass and gravitational mass may be identical because they have an identical source process. Acceleration through the quantum vacuum and being held stationary in a gravitional field in which the electromagnetic quantum vacuum, being radiation, falls past on curved geodesics are, after all, identical processes.
[STATUS: See Gravity and the Quantum Vacuum Inertia Hypothesis, Rueda & Haisch, Annalen der Physik, 2005.]

Read more: 

Yep. This is exactly what I came to realize through self-exploration of 20 months.

Daily dose or Eternal dose?

Let's say that there is this awesome website you visit everyday for something awesome. You feel a little boost after visiting that site. That's a nice thing. But aren't you going to go any further? Why do you need this daily dose. It's better to have it but do you need it? It's hell a lot fun and satisfying when you figure them out on your own. Don't wait till your awesome blogger or youtuber post the next article/video. Try to figure it out before he/she puts it in the site. On your way you might find something better than your awesome adviser has got in his store.

                                         You don't have to be better than your blogger/youtuber to discover something better. You just need an eternal dose. Not every daily dose is qualified to be an eternal dose. But all eternal doses are just daily doses taken in in a different way. Eternal dose is keeping in touch with a single little thing for your whole life and getting addicted to it. This can give an immense effect through a time of few months/years/decades. For an example, take the idea of being a devil's advocate. Read the post and you'll find it a nice thing to try and good food for thought. Experiencing it will make your day quite remarkable( unless you are a spineless jerk who can't handle anything other than mediocre trash). Then the effects would get faded and you'll find few more daily doses to work your mind on. This is retarded.

                                                                   To me, being the devil's advocate is an eternal dose. I never stop questioning and deconstructing everything I meet to it's very core. This has made my life at least  100 times better in just several years. I can practically humiliate the "me"who was a year ago. That's how I feel about a one year younger me. So don't let the effects of a good boost get faded away. Instead of finding new great advice; make the best out of what you already have. If you stick to one good tip you receive on a random day, your life could change and evolve in an unthinkable way.

                                 Don't go scavenging on tips and tricks. You will stumble upon many. Practice the ones you already have. Even a single paragraph can enlighten you. spend more time with a dose and it'll be a part of your life. Then it is called an eternal dose. Don't worry about missing to watch some videos or articles. When you have spent more time with the good stuff, you'll feel those tips and tricks to be organized versions of your own realization.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pick your critic

When you are working on something you might not be able to be a good judge. So you have to go and ask the opinion of the others. But it doesn't mean that you have to work depending on those people's comments. There are only few things you can make that would be loved by everyone. Most of your work will be for a certain audience. Therefor you have to pick your critic and forget the rest.

                                        Listening to everybody will only make a lot of noises in your head. Find 1 or many people who can understand what you are trying to do. Then present your work and ask for comments. Windows phone and Android works in different ways. You can't listen to an Android lover's opinion on Windows phone if you want to improve Windows phone. To do that you must find a person who loves elegance, passion and eccentric qualities that stands out of the rest or else you'll ruin your work.

                                                         And don't just do something that your handpicked critics expect from you. If there is something to be fixed, fix it in a way that they wold never imagine. Try to transform your critics into your fans and your fans into subscribers. A subscriber is a person who would spend/invest something because it's from you. A subscriber is a person who watch a movie only knowing the name of the director, a reader who buys a book just because he/she saw the name of the writer, a geek who buy whatever it is because it's from Apple.This is the objective of getting criticism.

Helping your friends

Most of the people have a sick way of helping friends; specially when it comes to psychological problems. People call it sympathy, empathy, sharing sorrows, being together and various other dumb crap. All of these things are different ways of saying "let's lick each others wounds". Is this really a way of helping?  It happened that one very beautiful woman went to see her psychiatrist for the first time. The psychiatrist said, "Come closer please." When she came closer, he simply jumped and hugged and kissed the woman. She was shocked. Then he said, "Now sit down. This takes care of my problem, now what is your problem?"
      The problem becomes multifold, because there are helpers who are in the same boat. And they would like to help, because when you help somebody the ego feels very good, very, very good - because you are a great helper, a great guru, a master; you are helping so many people. The greater the crowd of your followers, the better you feel. 
                                                                    This is the hardcore truth behind the acts covered in the names of empathy and being together in hard times. In these acts you are not doing something great. You are just doing something miserable. Helping someone is not about standing together or crying together. It's about slapping the guy into reality and giving him a big push forward and walking in front of him leaving traces to follow. If you are in the same boat you can't help the other person. If your friend is feeling sad don't ruin your mood for that idiot. Give him a nice smile and show him the path to where you are. He wouldn't appreciate you while he is crying. But he will appreciate you when he is not crying . He wouldn't say "Thank you, I know you'll be there when I cry again". Instead of  licking each others wounds talk, he would say something like "Thanks man. Because of you, I wouldn't cry again"
                                         Stop indulging in ego feeding bullshit morality. Don't share miseries and problems. Free yourself of all problems. Then go to your dumb friend and transform him into a wise guy. Teach him how to get rid of all the problems. Teach him to stand alone on his own ground. Don't try to patch up your friends boat so that he would patch up yours in a later time. Make yourself a excellent boat and teach your friend to do the same.

The good and the bad

There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" things. It completely depends on the way your perceive it and the way you utilize it. The thing you consider to be the worst thing ever could turn out to be one of the best things if you would change the way you perceive and use it. all you have to do is see things for what they are. Everything is a mere interpretation of your mind. If you can see through all the veils of all thought coverings, you can observe the true nature of things happening around you and utilize them for your benefit. Remember that you are the one who create the distinction of the "good" and the "bad".

                                           Let's take the modern way of the world. Look at the education, moral system, law, industries, manipulation, white collar slavery and etc. Is it really bad? You don't really have to find the system like some guy from Anonymous. It's lame and retarded and the fighting itself will become a dogma and it will trap yourself. Stop overlooking the point that even not falling down when everyone is falling down makes you awesome and highly successful. If you are not trying to do the same thing better than the other person, you are doing something remarkable. You are doing something eccentric and elegant. That's how Lumia smartphones are taking over the global market dominated by Android and iOS.

                                                                  All you have to do is let go of the things that are holding you back and make your mark by just being yourself. You don't have to fight anything. The modern society is not based on manipulation, information control or education system as some claims it to be. Those things are involved in a secondary level. The brick-stone of the system is self-victimization. Yep, it all lies within you. You don't have to find it outside. If you could just decide to walk on a rosy path which doesn't have any mechanical order or any form of predictability, you can live in awesomeness regardless of the so called bad things happening in the society.

                                                                          All you have to do is realize that you don't have to give a f@<k and let go of what is hurting you. Salvation and enlightenment is a mere act of realization. Your realization itself is your redemption. What's happening around you is none of your business. How you use it for your constant evolution is the only thing that matters. Instead of seeing things as obstacles to drill through, see them as just some stuff to pass by and pass by them like the serene and invincible wind. See through the obstacles and understand their nature and the way the affect various things. When you realize how those grim realities create their effect on the world, you can stay non effected.

                             I have come to great realizations by thinking about dumb questions. I have also realized things like completely removing tension and depression from life by going through these so called bad things. Everything happening around you are just stuff. Don't create distinctions and label them. Instead, make out the best of them.

Friday, June 20, 2014

It takes nothing to stand alone

Yes, that is the truth. Not the the other way around. Amateurs with premature enlightenment will tell you various crap about how standing alone takes everything you have and how great it is to pay that price. It's just a dumb way to motivate people. the truth is it takes everything to join the crowd. It takes nothing to stand alone. There was a time that I believed the same dumb words. But now I can see through many things. Now I know that all you have to do is stop giving a f@<k.

                                          That's all you have to do. Just stop thinking about the crowd. Joining the crowd is like joining a game of 3 year old kids. To join you have to give up all your senses and become a completely senseless idiot who play by some delusions. What you have to realize is that those are just delusions. Honor, dignity, acceptance, authority, rules, ethics.......... all those are nothing but delusions. they only exist in your retarded thoughts about them being real. These delusions are what takes everything away from you. Just leave the kid's game and you'll find yourself everything that you had lost.

                                                                Joining the crowd means giving up your creativity, free thinking, questioning ability and accepting some mechanical delusions and routine. Your salvation is not a path full of thorns. It's a rosy path only if you could realize it. That why I always say that after going few steps in the path of enlightenment; It'll become your greatest addiction.

                                                                                           All you have to do is let go of the things that bring you misery. Being in the crowd only brings you misery, obligations, worries and etc. Don't get attached to these weird things. Don't be a self-victimizing asshole. Simply stop thinking about those miserable things. At that moment, you will regain your lost nature and even a small taste of it will feel like a drug.

Understand your place

When working as a team the most important part is understanding your true place. I'm not talking about some title you are given. I'm talking about your true essence in relation to the work you do. Understanding this place of yours will make things hell a lot easier, efficient and more comfortable for both you and your team.

                                 This understanding can only be used among groups such as executive boards or small teams which can work as mesh. Working as a mesh means team members doing what they are best at to ensure the best output without being concerned of their titles or whatever. First of all you have to kill your ego or you wouldn't get the best results. Explore some teachings of Osho. It would help very much.

                                                                 Understanding your place means understanding everything about you without judgement or excuses. Just be the observer and know all the pros, cons and facts about you. Then understand the facts about other members. Don't try to assign them into positions or name their places. Just know yourself and others as different and unique individuals. Of course; you should be with a bunch of people who are at least on this level of understanding to work like this. This is more of Human 2.0 thing.

                                This is all you have to do to work in the most efficient way possible. After this everything becomes context based and everything will be go beyond what's called flexible by most of the people. You and your team will work like water. Do not assign any tasks at anybody. When there is something to do the best will lead the task. This is why I told you to kill your ego before starting everything. You wouldn't be a part of a stone building. You would be a pile of water in a ocean. Nothing will be fixed for you. Your understanding of your place in relative to other members will tell you how to deal with the situation. You will do something better than anybody in the team and completely suck at another thing.

                                                          For an example let's say you are good at designing games and there is a programmer who is good with thriller elements and plot twists in a story though he lacks the  skill of connecting dots and actually creating a story. If this programmer comes up with something saying he has got a better idea than the story writer; let the programmer deal with that specific part of the story. The designer and writer shouldn't go teaching the programmer about his entitlement. Instead all 3 of them should understand their true place. Designer should go along with programmer's idea and the writer should back off for a moment. Then after doing his small yet important part, programmer should slide back to his programming work.

                                                                   This is the true way of teamwork. Dump those mechanical hierarchy bullshit and act based on the context and realization. Know your true place and know each others place at the given context. Take over when you can do better than the rest. Help when you can do something about it and back off if you suck at it. Simple as that. Efficient as hell. Productive as heaven.

Quotes of the week_Osho

  • Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.
  • Never misunderstand seriousness for sincerity. Sincerity is very playful, never serious. It is true, authentic, but never serious. Sincerity does not have a long face, it is bubbling with joy, radiating with an inner joyousness.
  • Spirituality is rebellion; religiousness is orthodoxy. Spirituality is individuality; religiousness is just remaining part of the crowd psychology. Religiousness keeps you a sheep, and spirituality is a lion's roar.
  • Nothing kills the ego like playfulness, like laughter. When you start taking life as fun, the ego has to die, it cannot exist anymore.
  • Meditation is a surrender, it is not a demand. It is not forcing existence your way, it is relaxing into the way existence wants you to be. It is a let-go.

Stop thinking about your life

You only start living after you have completely stopped thinking about your life. Don't waste your IQ, time and effort on thinking about earning more money, hooking up with a girl/guy, buying a new Ferrari or a private jet, making ends meet, getting a better score. Just let go of those thoughts and start doing them with your instincts.

                                           Most of the successful writers have said about not even knowing what's going to happen in their story. They just take a pen and go on writing...stuff; just stuff. It's the same thing I do when I type this blog. I just take 1-2 mins to decide a title and that's all I do. I don't think. I just focus on the title and go on typing. I don't even need to take even a small break. I just keep hitting the keyboard.

                                                                 Just have all your focus in the present and decide what you do with it. Let go of everything else. Free your mind from all the noise about doing things well or sucking at it or failing. Just do what you decide to do and that alone. When you give up everything they can't hold you back. A predator is most dangerous when it's got nothing to loose. It may be physically weak. But having nothing to loose makes it more powerful than its default. If  you have all your strength and nothing to hold you back like some worthless noise cheering you or pleading you for success, you are going to go legendary.

                         Just find out some stuff about athletes who set records. They all say the same thing. They all say that the only thing they had in their minds was "doing the thing". They were not thinking of setting the record or winning the game. They just did their best without being held back by distractions. Stop planning. Just let your intuition replace your knowledge and stats. Let go of everything and be with the moment. Let everything happen effortlessly like walking from room to room.

Quality Vs Quantity

So... which one are you going to choose? Which one is better? Take Christoper Nolan movies. He takes his time and make great movies that are very very successful. Then take michael bay movies. Except for The Island everything from him seemed the same for me. Then take a movie like Fight Club. Considering its high budget, the movie wasn't much of a success. There are so many examples to prove that each one of these choices are better than the other. So which one is the best? Which one works better? This is a completely irrelevant set of questions. Neither of these 2 choices matters. What actually matters is the impact and the efficiency.

                                                      If you start seeing things at this way, everything will make perfect sense. The most successful Metal Gear Solid game was the 2nd one and the least successful was the 3rd one. What separates these 2 games precisely is the impact they made on the players. Wachowski brothers made Matrix franchise and it was a massive hit. But their latter movies were not that successful. All of them had great creativity and philosophy, but they lacked the impact which Matrix had on the viewers.

                                                                        Now let's look at some dumb stuff like Temple Run or Angry Birds. How on Earth did they become popular at all? It was because of the impact they made on the people who were craving for some dumb iteration to kill time. There are lots of movies better than Avatar. But none of them made a great impact on a mass scale like Avatar and now it is the highest grossing movie of all time. Don't blame these kind of things. Quality is only a catalyst for success. What really matters is the impact on the specified audience.

                                                                    The next thing you want to think about is the efficiency. You must know your audience well. Know what's going to improve your success along with the stats. If an increase of 10% in the budget would only capture 4%-5% more audience, you have to think of a way to use that extra 10% on something that would give better results. even if Fight Club had a less budget, it would have grossed pretty much the same since it's a cult favorite.

                                                           Stop thinking about giving out the best quality. Stop trying to make as many as possible. Pick your audience and observe what creates an impact on them. Look at Harry Potter and Goosebumps. Both quality and quantity can do well depending on the way you decide to use it. Harry Potter is for readers who wants to stay with a story for a long time time and savor it hardcore. Goosebumps is for teens who wants to read something for few hours and fee something awesome which is basically horror and thriller over and over again in so many different ways.

                                                                                                        Don't worry about quality or quantity. Just think about what's going to create the biggest impact on your selected audience. Just go ahead and shake the world in a way that people you target  comes in herds towards your feet. It's all about making the biggest impact in the most efficient way.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meditate 24/7

Meditation is done best when you sit down, relax and do it in a calm and serene place. But how much time do you spend doing it? How often do you meditate? Maybe it's 20 mins a day; once a week or even once a month in some boot-camp or seminar. It is such a waste of time. Bigger the time gap between two meditation sessions, the less effective it would be. You wouldn't go far like that. If you meditate just to patch yourself up and subjugate your tension and all the psychological illnesses; you are not going anywhere at all.
                                                        Instead of getting into those small sessions keep on meditating 24/7 Trust me. You can really do it if you try. Then only you would be able to feel the real results of meditation. Loosing the depression and having a calm serene mindset and all the other so called benefits of meditation are just lame advertising stuff made out of residual benefits of meditation. You can call them a bunch of not so significant side effects that doesn't last more than few days or at best few weeks.
                                   Let me explain a bit about what real meditation leads you to. Read this. And also this. Now you might understand a bit about people who take drugs. Extract all the positive effects and remove all the negative effects from these two Yahoo answers. There you have your answer for what meditation really leads you to. As long as you are on meditation the effects won't wear off. It takes some time to get into this level but when you do it will become your greatest addiction. When you taste a little bit of the drug of enlightenment you will never even think of getting into smoking, drinking or drugs. You'll consider them to be lame beyond imagination(seriously; it doesn't make any sense to use alcohol or drugs)
                                                        This is just what I've experienced and I'm just an infant. I say this because I've had a glimpse of what meditation can lead you to and words are just not enough to explain it. All I have to say is take a step from the mediocre meditation lessons which are completely insignificant shit (from a relative standpoint) and make your whole life an act of meditation. Never force yourself into meditation. Let it happen naturally like breathing or sleeping. You'll have to experiment and figure out which one is the best thing to focus on. It could be your breath, loving kindness, nature of reality, nature of your thoughts, a color, space and etc.
                                                                                All I can say about the seminars, boot-camps and popular meditation lessons which helps you to patch up your day to day miseries are just leftover food for dogs. It's true that they can cure the hunger. But it's also true that they are the worst you could ever get. I have only taken few steps into these stuff; yet I already see those ritualistic crap as worthless leftover. So what would the cure for your itching mean to a person who had gone all the way???

Friday, June 13, 2014

Entertainment of the week_Dark City

Dark City is one of the best non-action movies I've watched in my entire lifetime. This movie can be a great teacher about your life. It will teach you not to get dragged down by the memories of past. It will teach you to shred the self image you have. It will make you stop being the person who you are taught to be. This movie will definitely transform your life.

                                                                  The movie is from Alex Proyas; the director of The Crow and I, Robot. Dark city is a movie which deals a lot with the human condition.To quote Dr. Schreber from the movie"Are we more than just the sum of our Experiences?" This is the most impotent lesson you'll learn in the movie. The best films are those which help us to think and this one clearly is such a film. Something which is needed in our society of marionettes and idiotic consumers who know more than anyone else before in history but who lack the ability to truly think.

                                                                          It is a bit slow paced movie, but don't worry. It's also interesting as hell. I'm not going to tell anymore about the plot. If you have ever felt that What makes us human is not to be found in our heads, our brains and our minds; then go get this movie.
Note: Make sure you get the director's cut or everything about the movie will be spoiled at the very beginning.


Quotes of the week_Albert Camus

  • Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
  • The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
  • You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
  • Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
  • The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.

Never try to get picked

Pick everything you want and never get picked if you don't pick the one who is picking you. wanting to get picked up is an act of desperation. Here is a nice example for what could happen when you make yourself get picked up. Wanting to get picked up is like wanting to give away your life force. Check out this video.

                                                               If you let others pick you up they will use you for their benefit and you might not get much from it at all except for the food for your ego. When you try to get picked you try to put yourself in a certain frame so that the picker will choose you. Guess what. There are thousands or even millions of others who are willing to do the same. There are thousands of girls wanting to be cheerleaders or porn-stars just to get noticed. This completely takes away all your eccentric qualities and make you some average expendable object. If you think deeply and analyze the life of this porn-star you'll realize the things that made her life miserable. Porn industry did nothing to her. She just sailed into a deep sea in a half broken boat and suffered because of it.

                                                                   When Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea of Google, they picked Yahoo and told them their idea. Yahoo didn't care. Instead of trying to fit in Larry and his buddy did something crazy. They stood their own ground and made Google on their own. If you search Wikipedia for Google and Yahoo you'll see the gap between Google and Yahoo.

                                                                                        You should also try to understand the differences between Google and Yahoo. Google stood out from all the other competitors. They didn't do things better than the rest. They did things in their own eccentric way just like Steve Jobs. Also remember that Windows was not what an operating system was at that time. If Bill Gates tried to get picked by the industry by showing that he can make operating systems as the software companies wish he would have a net worth of 78 billions.

                                               If you try to get picked you will be trapped in limits and frustration because everyone else is doing the same. If you want to do something remarkable and be a totally awesome person, do something eccentric. Be the picker and pick what you want to do. make your own mark and say it loud that no one can do what you do. Don't be are put of the field/industry or whatever. Just redefine it as you please. You will love it and you will crave more of it. Then everything in your life will be constantly evolving and this will bring you success over and over again.    

Society is cruel. So... What's the problem??!

I mean seriously, is that a problem? If you suffer when you go out into the society it's all your fault and your's alone. Don self victimize yourself and blame the society. It's like going out to sea in a boat with holes and screaming that you are sinking. Get serious! It's your goddamn fault for sailing in a broken boat. It is called the sea because you get drowned in it. If you have a defective mentality and suffer because of it, stop blaming everyone around and fix yourself.

                                                                               Don't try to confront the people and never try to take the hit and bear the pain. Just get self-centered and keep constantly observing yourself. Then you'll figure out what makes you suffer when you get exposed to a society. Your faults are like open wounds. If you close those wounds you won't get infected by germs. The moment you become idiosyncratic, the whole society becomes absolutely insignificant and losses all its power to affect your mentality.

                                All you have to realize is that you don't have to give a f@<k. Stop being concerned about stuff going out in the society. Just be concerned of yourself and yours alone. When there is a heavy rain, the dumbest thing to do is cover the whole sky. Trying to make the society a better place for you with less conflict and competition is also dumb and retarded as covering the sky. Just take care of your shelter and all will be completely fine.

Stop liking your life

Don't dislike it. But don't like it either. If you do, you'll get stuck in your life. If you stay in the same position for a year it only means that you have completely wasted that year. If you feel even a little bit of liking towards your miserable life, it'll be harder to move on from that life.

                                                               So why did I called it a miserable life? I'll give you a little test and after that tell me whether your life is miserable or not. The test is simple. Do you have wishes? If you even have a very subtle wish you fail this test. Yes your life is miserable if you have any wishes. If you see a million dollar car and wish to have it your life is miserable. If you wish a life with less hard work, your life is miserable. It doesn't mater whether you forget or suppress that wish.

                                    Liking your current lifestyle will drag you away from your wishes. The theory is simple. If your current way of life haven't made your wishes come true, there is no point in sticking to that part. Only after getting out of this comfort zone of yours, you would realize that it wasn't comfortable at all. If you have no attachment with your way life there is nothing to drag you down or hold you back. Don't waste your time disliking or hating your life. If your life has wishes forget about that life and walk towards a life where those wishes are a reality.

                                                                  Removing your attachments with your well known miserable life will be one of the most difficult things you do in your life. But after some time, when you look back and see your past self as some wuss you'll start liking your evolution and  later you'll get addicted to it. Yes, trust me. It will be the greatest addiction of your life when you get used to it. You'll see all the things that kept you leashed fade away and you'll experience freedom and you'll feel like you have less dreams and more realities to think about. When you forget and ignore your way of life and get real with the stuff happening at the moment you'll get a feeling of control and you'll feel everything to less real. That's right. You'll realize that all the rules and frames were nothing more than a boogie man from a dream.