Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Tips to be Fearless

 Ø Be non-attached. If you are attached to something you’ll be afraid of losing that bond. When there is no attachment you wouldn’t face fear.

 Ø Be a loving kindly person. This makes you fear incompatible. When your conscious is all about love and kindness your mind will be numb for the stimulations of fear. Think you are completely involved in some serious work and someone jumps in and say Boooo. You’d just brush it off and mind your own business. At most of the things that make people afraid would just be and annoying pain in the ass for you.

 Ø Do not expect/wish things. Know the effects of your actions through your own wisdom. But don’t go wishing stuff to happen. A wish/expectation is a dumb fantasy. It provides lots of source material to spawn fears for you. If you fantasize that some God is watching over you ready to help you and expect/pray/wish him to save your ass in a pinch; you have already provided all the source material for a devil that is always up and ready to make sure that your life is f@<ked up.

 Ø Be open and wise. You can slice a man in two. If you have enough technical capabilities you can even slice a mountain. But can you slice a tornado into pieces? If you are open minded and doesn’t block anything that comes in, you wouldn't get hurt. People will tell you and teach you various things. When you don’t confront or hold on to them they will have no effect on you. Those random things wouldn’t scare you. When you are wise, you can see through everything and you can easily adapt and improve yourself. So when some disaster occurs, you would be licking your lips instead of running in terror/confusion because you know that you can handle it all. Eagles and hawks are only made better and skilled by the storm.

 Ø Stop giving a f@<k. This comes with a huge chunk of extra benefits. You’ll be extremely happy, free spirited and uncontrolled. This will make you the master at every single thing. Average people validate their existence through others. When you don’t give a f@<k, their worlds will be shaken and some might even turn into your personal bitches. All attempts to control you will be stopped when you make your markhard and clearly and radiate that you don’t care about what others care.

Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

  • If you know where to find it, you don't have to organize it.
  • Life is a knotted cotton ball and people assume they have to untie the knots.
  • Some thinks that bullshit is better than truth because it can be memorized.
  • Workers keep building civilizations and nobody f@<king cares; not even the workers.
  • science is like conspiracy theories. Gravity doesn't have to exist as long as apples fall down just like it doesn't matter "why" and "how" as long as it kills JFK/Lincoln. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Listen to your audience

This will help you to know the things that can make the biggest impact. Purge: Anarchy (2014) is a great recent example for this. The purge had a great concept and it explored it’s themes in an impactful way. Now they have released a sequel with 3 times the budget and it’s doing really well in box-office. In the first week, Purge: Anarchy (2014) grossed more than 4 times its budget within America.

                                                                   What made it so successful was their acceptance of audience feedback. When you pick a critic, your fans are the best place to look for them. When you have a great idea/concept/invention, listen to your audience to know what they desire.

                   But make sure that you don’t defile your creation. You listen to the audience to refine your creation and to Know your audience and how hey tick. Keep the core/infrastructure of your concept 100% intact. Change the presentation; not the themes. Dark City explores themes bit similar to The Matrix. But Dark City was a flop. If it was presented more like The Matrix, it could have been a good hit.

                                                                                      So, open your ears. Refine your work. Know where to hit. And finally, take your audience by surprise and give them a bullet to the head…… with a sniper.

What really matters

Does it matter that you were deceived? Does it matter that you were humiliated? Does it matter that you were flattered? Does it matter that you were hurt? Does it matter that you were cheated on?
Does it matter who said it? Does it matter why it was said? Does it matter where you experienced it? Does it matter how you came across it? Does the tone of it matter to you? Does the history of it matter to you? Do any of them matter?
                                      Nothing in this world has a meaning or purpose. Even your lifedoesn’t have a purpose. So, none of the above really matters. What really matters is the effect it causes. That’s all you have to care about. The only question you need to ask is “How does it affect me?”

                                                                   There is no such thing called good or bad. If it can help you to evolve and get better, go for it. It’s all about how you perceive it. Let’s say someone lied and mislead you. If you handle yourself well, something great could come out of it. If you haven’t watched Prestige (2006) go watch it (It’s a 9.3/10 from me). In the movie one magician misleads another and the second magician ends up with a much greater trick because of his perseverance. I even saw an Indian movie about a man who was deceived into thinking that he has a brain tumor and destined to die in 30 days. It completely transformed his life and took him to the next level.
                                                Don’t waste your time digging the past of the person who taught you something. Knowing his character isn’t going to help you. He/she might not even believe in his/her own teachings. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be true. The one who doesn’t know what fire is like wouldn’t recognize it even if he had it with him. It doesn’t matter even if it isn’t true if what you encountered can trigger a chain of thought which would ultimately enlighten you. You can even learn hell a lot from complete bullshit. It’s only a matter of the way you interact with them.
                                                  Never accept a single thing without completely realizing it on your own. If you didn’t realized it to be a load of crap, let it be. It could be correct. But do not accept it until you comprehend it to be correct through your own exploration. Everything that matters is within you; not outside of you. Outside stuff are just phenomena. Reality is just an interpretation of yours. (One of the best ways to realize this is watching Quantum Mechanics vids of YouTube)

                                                                             Instead of blushing or whining, toy with the stuff happen to you and guide the effect on a chain of cause and effect that would transform you. If you are f@<ked, you can reverse engineer the events to learn the art of unf@<king things and making everything right. If you have doubts about what you have been taught or told, explore everything and create your own light.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The power of your subconscious mind (!?!)

The law of attraction is a complete misinterpretation. It’s like the gravity; A pure load of crap. But the usage of this lame crap called gravity has helped our civilization a lot. All the theory parts about the law of attraction are completely wrong. Using law of attraction is like forecasting the movement of the planets thinking that all the planets are orbited around Earth. It’s hilarious. Yet it can still produce good results. If you don’t know about the Antikythera Mechanism, go and research about it. Antikythera Mechanism is a highly accurate ancient computer based on some dumb fantasies (theories) about the universe.

                                              There are no laws, there are no ways, there are no truths; Just interpretations. We think they are; therefore they are. This is the “prime truth” of the reality. Reality is what you perceive it to be. I mean can you point out a single absolute fact/evidence to prove that you exist, other than your own thought that you exist? This is a little intro for the basics of the “Theory of Quantum Perception”.

                                                                      I recently stumbled upon something called “QuantumInformation Theory” which takes a mathematical approach in the same direction instead of my philosophical approach. If you are reluctant about buying into a theory that I completed while I was just 17, go and check out this QI Theory.

You can also listen to this audio-book I found on YouTube. It would be really helpful for your life. You will have a lot of food for thought. Make sure to ignore all the explanations done in the audio-book. The stuff works. But the way they explain things is completely dumb and hilarious. Don’t think much about those bullshit.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tips for your evolution 7

Be extremely flexible. Your idea is not the only great idea out there. Making a cocktail can give better results or at least make your work/innovation much more unique and remarkable. Flexibility also helps a lot with dynamic situations. If you don’t have a rigid plan or plot, you cannot be taken out by surprise and you won’t ever face despair. Pick Up Artists knows this really well. A good PUA is an excellent example for the marvel of flexibility.

That’s not even all of it. Flexibility is a great catalyst for an idea sprint and an excellent tool for infesting other people’s ideas. Flexibility kills your ego and makes you super confident. You’ll be able to keep calm and be cool in most shocking situations. You’ll get to enjoy people panicking at your calmness. Some people asks me whether I’m on drugs to be so excessively (?) calm and unaffected by anything. Some takes it even further stating that even hardcore drug addicts are not as calm and static as I am. #kind of feel sorry about those retarded drug addicts who are wasting their money…..LOL#

Always be ready to go beyond

Be open-minded and always be ready to take few more steps. Don’t be like “I’m fine with who I am”. It’s even worse if you think worry about what would happen to everything you have held on to. If you feed your ego you’ll always be stuck. You have to let go of who you are and move on. Sticking to your beliefs, mindset, habits, ideologies…… is like sticking to your old Pentium 4 PC because you used It for so many years.
Don’t be so pathetic. Even if you are doing well already, you can always do it better. It may take some time to get better, but it’ll worth all that time. It’s hard to take a Quantum leap. But the ones who went for it became legends. You are using your smart phone/PC because some inventors went for something better than vacuum tubes. Don’t stay at the same place refining things. Take a leap.

                                                            If you are ready for a huge shift in your life, someone can come and actually help you since you’re not blocking him/her out. If you have talked to a guy with a lot of depression you should know that pro tips are not gonna help him/her because of his/her own rejection of help. If the person is attached to the depressed state you can’t give him the shortcut to be totally free from tension and depression.

                                                                                                Always look for a way to evolve and move forward. I have a bunch of tips and tricks here. Psycho-Engineering, Self-delusioning and other advanced tips are for people who are always willing to let go of their image and transform into something better. Be open-minded and always explore for new and better ways. Come to realization through your experiences. If you want to help someone to get really awesome and next level, make them open minded. It will take time. But it is the only way. If you are not the all enlightened all happy all calm all fearless person, you have to stop being you and be that perfect person. It could be too much for one step. But you can always make it in small steps of shifting into something better than the current “you”.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 Tips to Level-Up yourself

 ü  Meditate whenever you can. Make it a part of your life like breathing. It doesn't matter whether you are travelling, eating or just killing time; Take control of your mind.

 ü  Always be looking for a more efficient method. You may do it better than the rest, but you might be able to do it even better.

 ü  Focus on beating yourown record. Don’t give a f@<k about other people’s performances. Just focus on doing your best and extending the reach of your best.

 ü  Don’t go ecstatic because you reached your goal/destination. Enjoy the walk; not arriving the destination. Don’t cheer after the orgasm. Enjoy the act of having sex. After reaching the end; smile >> get fresh >> go for the next round.

 ü  Stop liking yourself. Liking yourself will bond you with your current state and it will be difficult for you to move forward and at some point, it will be impossible to go any further. If you don’t have any attachments/likings with your current state you’ll move away from your current state like passing a ‘not so interesting’  shop and few months (or even weeks or days) later, you’ll look at your old self retrospectively and you’ll be like “that’s pathetic  you wuss”. After few such experiences you’ll be addicted to this feeling of your own evolution. 

5 tips to having an "All Seeing Eye"

Intro: All Seeing eye is like a 4D X-Ray vision for reality. It is the ability to see the                  fundamental cause and effect of the reality. You'll be able see through all the                  illusions and see everything as crystal clear and absolutely sensible                                things. Obviously, this includes the so called counter-intuitive (?)#LOL#                        Quantum Mechanics.  

  • Stop trying to control everything and just let go. Understand that irrationality of things is not an argument against its existence but a condition of it. There is no way of things. There is no order. Reality is like a collective Quantum particle. There are no set definitions or boundaries. So see for what things are instead of trying to look for what you think they should be.

  • If there is a "why" to ask, ask it from yourself. You can learn it from someone or somewhere. But you'll miss all the fun discovering on things your own. Self-exploration will vastly increase your ability to see through illusions and see the answers.

  • Abandon all viewpoints. When you look at a 2D creation from a third dimension you can see everything crystal clearly like looking a map of a maze. All will seem simple, sensible and easy. Abandon the ways of looking into the matter. Never even think about culture, justice, ethics, ideologies, scientific bullshit or “ways of the things”. Those are just delusions.

  • Deconstruct everything you came to experience. A software is nothing but a set if codes put together in a certain way. A diamond is just a bunch of sub-atomic particles arranged in a certain way. It’s the same with a flower or your saliva. Get to know how things affect each other in their contexts.

  • Observe. Just observe. No trying. NO focusing. No taking effort. This will be the most difficult thing you do in your life. The act of not doing anything and simply observing will let you see so many things. Be attentive of the edge of your nose or lips so that your mind wouldn't waver. Then sop focusing and keep your mind still. You’ll see things as what they truly are. Your perception itself will become enlightenment.
[This is the ultimate tip. It’s difficult to handle. So be careful. If you don’t handle radioactive elements carefully, you’ll be completely screwed.]

Don’t create a conflict

The world is just a toy or a playground for some people. A few people are toying with the lives of billions. The role of the citizens is the role of cattle or batteries. Is this something to fight off? .... Absolutely not.
                                                                                                       Being fair and nice, being ethical, being lawful, the fair and the square, equality….. Those are just meaningless delusions which end up as hysteria. Some of the ones who have not gotten infected by these psycho- illnesses toys with the planet. They have a severe god complex. They think they are born to rule over the human kind or something related to that. They are fit to toy with ideologies, culture, morality, law, ethics, and human kind because they stand above all these things including human condition. Those puppeteers are beings who have transcended what it means to be human. Respect that.

                                                                        Don’t be a dogmatic asshole who is trying to protect the equality, justice and freedom. The final conclusion has already been given at the end of Matrix trilogy. Free yourself > help the few with a potential of being free > make sure that the puppeteers stay the f@<k out of your way and let them do whatever they want with the Human 1.0 Don’t take things into a conflict.
                                                Only a small amount of Homo sapiens wants to be truly free and only few can handle the freedom. Equality and freedom of everyone will completely destroy thisplanet in just few years. Just stay free, help those who can be free and let the remaining scum be quarantined and used. It’s not your circus to go in and start a fight. Most of the people crave to be enslaved and victimized.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

  • I think I am; therefor I am.
  • People prefer to be busy at choosing lies to accept rather than trying to realize the truth.
  • People don't have to learn to f@<k, but they earnestly learn to suck at it.
  • Keep telling lies and people will live for you. If you mistakenly spoke truth, people will live to kill you.
  • People think they are different simply because they paid the same price for different things.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don’t let your intuition and awakening hurt you

Okay, intuition has lots of benefits and I totally love them. Intuition is the next step of evolution. But if a pre-school kid gets a top notch PC bad things could happen in the kid’s life. I never even thought that this could happen. But I stumbled upon this article which was quite hilarious at some points. This is what happens when some immature kid gets intuitive through second rate methods. Intuition and awakening is all about evolution and invincibility. It’s absurd to even think that awakening has its negative points which make you vulnerable. If you are already f@<ked up due to being intuitive or have second thoughts about taking a step into the next level here is a little guide for you.
                                                            Intuition should come out of realization and a shift of your way of perceiving the world. Awakening is not an upgrade. It’s all about transforming into a different being. Realization about the nature of the world is the key to intuition and awakening. It’s all about letting go of all the things that hold you back. If you don’t have that transformation within the core you will definitely get hurt. If you ride a legendary class horse, you must be a legendary class master. If not, you are destined to get hurt in the process.

                        If you find a method to get this marvelous horse called intuition and awakening and ride it to experience the world; I recommend you to completely ignore it and walk away as if there is no such thing. Become an amazing master and the horse will come to you. Here is a common myth: Intrusion makes you better and evolves you. It should be the other way around. Awakening is a side effect of your transformation. You don’t awaken yourself. When you elevate your consciousness, you become awakened. Learn the art of wu-wei. Take effortless actions. Just observe things. Don’t interact with things and stop trying to control everything. Just let go. Then you’ll start seeing the world for what it is.

                                                                        Knowing what the world really is will completely shatter all your views and knowledge about it. Your understanding will take everything away from you. Intuition and awakening occurs as a mere side effect of this enlightenment/realization. Then you won’t get affected by other people’s junky emotions/feeling just because you can sense them all. You wouldn’t get psychologically hurt at all. You will be psychologically immovable and unshakable. Unaffected unrestrained consciousness enables you to be intuitive. If you go for the intuition you are skipping the very foundation of it. Then your intuition will collapse on you and make you extremely hurt. This is why second rate methods which promote the side effects of a calm unaffected well mastered boundless consciousness are extremely hazardous.
                                                Forget about awakening and focus on seeing through the illusions that meets your eye. A camel sees water but a man sees mirage. What you need is a sanely insane mind. If you know how to control your insanity; and if you know Psycho-Engineering and how to be a chief you will naturally become intuitive. Don’t be a dumb ass who gets hurt because of your own evolution. Be a better person instead of trying to borrow the qualities of a more advanced being.  Be a god; not some crappy wannabe.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tips for your evolution 6

Don’t be comprehensible. Become a mystery. If you have read Sherlock Holmes you might already know this. When Mr. Holmes throws some facts at the client, the client is completely shocked and sometimes even thinks Holmes has some supernatural power. When Mr. Holmes explains how he came to those conclusions, the amazement is all gone. The client thinks “Oh…it was just that”. It’s the same with a magic trick. When you know how it’s done you lose all the admiration and awe. After that there isn’t much of elegance or glamour left.

Those clients of Holmes can’t really do what Holmes does even with a huge lot of effort, but he stops to be awestruck. Don’t explain how you did it even when you want to teach it to somebody. Always have a set of hints that can give away the path to your awesome act. If there is a person wise enough; he/she will figure it out. If you just lay it out they would never be transformed into a person who can perpetually pull of those kinds of awesome acts.

At physics and chemistry MCQ calculations I’m 2-3 times faster than the rest of my friends (those people are top performers) and sometimes I don’t even touch my pen to do those calculations. Everyone is surprised and asks “how?” All I say is “ditch those equationsforget the things that you are supposed to do”. That’s all there is to it and anyone smart enough can learn to do it on his/her own. If you explain it in details, step by step they would just say “tsk. Oh…that”

Hazards of methodology

First of all it’s slow and you can easily get stuck. When you have a specific set of procedures for what you do, you lose all the flexibility and shortcuts. This becomes a major disadvantage in problem solving. In problem solving methods you are always put on a track where you are going to completely remove the problem instead of looking at better and more efficient ways.
                                                There are so many better things to do instead of removing the problem. You can actually make your problem a great assistance. For an example: let’s say you are making some adventure clips for YouTube and really suck at it. If you go for the methodologies you’ll end up training hard for stunts. You’ll have to invest months for training. After a long time later you’ll have your problem solved and you’ll have your video clip. If you would just ditch all those crappy problem solving methods and shift the way you perceive things you can actually make a comedy-adventure clip which is very rare and remarkable. If you could be flexible and free from frames of methodology your problem could turn out to be a huge blessing.

                                                                        Now you can see the amount of time and effort methodology wastes, let’s move on to a bigger hazard. You can’t always make your problems a great blessing. But your creativity and everything that goes along with it gets completely wiped out because of methodologies. When there is a universal method which everyone uses you can’t expect to do any better or any more remarkable. As long as you have preset methods of dealing with things you are suck. After a certain point you won’t be able to take a single step forward. If you want something avant-garde, you must let go of all those frames.

                                    Then only you can see shortcuts. That’s why Bill Gates said that if he wants something to be done; he would give it to a lazy person because lazy person finds the most efficient ways to do things. Lazy people are the ones who are always looking for an excuse to get rid of the pain in the ass methods. As a smart lazy person I know that being smartly lazy can make things 3000% more efficient (most of the time it’s only about 250%-500%).

                                                      Methodology just takes lots of time and effort. You can’t expect anything creative out of it. Of course movies like Sucker Punch (2011), Dark City (1998) weren’t successful because they couldn’t create enough impact. But most of the successful creations have always been out of the frames of methodology.
                                                                        Now it’s time for the worst thing about methodology>>> It’s so freaking hard. Yep; most of the people embrace methodology deluding them that it’s easier. But it’s one of the biggest pains in the ass on this planet. When you don’t know “How to” you can create a way of your own. You can see things that your predecessors have missed. Most of the people who completely changed the ways and definitions of the things didn’t knew much about the field. Steven Spielberg completed his degree at 55 after making so many box office hits.

                                                            Ones who best knows how easy and effective it is to not to learn anything at all is the Pick Up Artists. I’m talking about the really good ones. They don’t go out with a bunch of lines, moves and procedures. All they know is how to turn with the tides. The truth is that it works several times better than having a way of doing things.

Don’t go learning the methods of making something happens. Instead, realize the effects of various acts and use them effectively and creatively. In this way you wouldn’t have to spend hours and hors memorizing things and become more expendable (due to the development of AIs) and inefficient. Don’t learn methods. Create little building blocks and learn how to use them well and create your own paths for each individual occasion. Don’t delude yourself that it’s easy to memorize and follow. If your mind is free from restrictions you make it happen in the most elegant way. People would say that it’s just a fluke and will ask you to give up. Don’t mind them. After some time later they will be begging at your feet to be methodical so that those mechanical crap can at least comprehend how you did it.

Quotes of the week_Jim Morrison

  • We fear violence less than our own feelings.
  • Actually I don't remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.
  • I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
  • When you make your peace with authority, you become authority.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tips for your evolution 5

Completely rely on yourself. Don’t go sucking in the universal energy or asking help from some Ultra-terrestrial. Don’t rely on ritualistic things that are supposed to increase your success. Don’t rely on your house or workplace built according to some ancient tips. Don’t rely on the power of some gems that can act as a catalyst. Don’t rely on psychologists, motivational speaker’s half assed tips or the so called “educated scientists” and their methods. The list goes on and on and all these methods have proven results at various degrees with proper application of them. But relying on these things is completely lame and retarded and always ends up being a major pain at some point.

Be idiosyncratic. Don’t rely on anything other than yourself. Of course you can use those second/third/crappy rate methods when you get a chance. Those will always improve your results. But never ever rely on them. We are psycho-evolutionary beings. We evolve through wisdom/enlightenment or whatever you want to call that process of becoming less of a human and more of a god. You evolution comes out of your realization. Nobody can realize things for you. You have to walk the path all alone. All you can have is tips from someone who has already treaded that path before you.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bake the noodle:7_Choosing the path

Do you really need to choose your path? Let's say you see something as some dumb crap. You can learn those dumb rules really well > become a good player and change things from within. This works really well. There are such paths you can find if you dig out some info on people who changed the world. If you want to get the best out of a river you can find a place that has already proved to be effective and efficient. But does it mean that it is the only way? The available choices might not be the ones that are most compatible with you. Sure you can learn something from each of those world changing paths, but you are the one who knows which is the best for your design/version.

Be aware of yourself and learn to design yourself. Along the way you'll be more sensitive to the reality. Your perception will improve and you'll be able to know the best way to make things happen like a chief. You'll feel like kind of a mini-god. If you are at least close to this level you might want to think about messing with this so called "destiny" thing. I recommend  watching The Matrix Revolutions (2003) and end of Reloaded. If you bake your noodle enough you'll have an idea about what this "destiny" is. It's kind of like a very advanced RPG which means: if you are sensitive enough you might see ways to spawn great impacts in avant-garde ways.

Xtra tip: You'll also need to think about how your own design of game changer affects you and everything around you. Things might get harsh. Maybe the path is a shortcut but will require a small period of hell. Keep 50% of your attention on your personal stats and make yourself and the game-plan sync more accurately or you'll lose a great deal of efficiency. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for your evolution 4

Regular idea sprints. This will increase your speed of coming up with new, avant-garde, useful, flexible and great ideas to an extent that you wouldn’t even think about. Personally, I can come up with great useful ideas faster than a person coming up with some fake gossip/rumors about a celebrity. This took me several years and you can also get similar results if you keep on taking idea sprints each and every possible moment for few years.

I’m not talking about coming up with some dumb crap. I’m talking about coming up with good ideas for 2 decades in a single year. This might seem way out of their league for many people. But this is only the minimum results. I’m not gonna limit anything, but I have to say that I’m not able to do more than 3.5 decades in a single year. As you can already see, you’ll also have to develop your prioritizing skills to a great extent too.

Put yourself in positions where you have no other option except for a good idea sprint. Push yourself to the limits and discover ways of coming up with great ideas with better quality and speed. Associate this with an idea overload + enhancements and you’ll always be getting simply too much of good ideas to work on. Learn to live with this transformed way of life of getting just too much……….

Tips for your evolution 3

Study bullshit. Not much. But learning a bit of worthless crap can prove to be immensely helpful. This is related to learning from other people’s ignorance and paying attention to failure stories. Use 5%-20% of your research time on studying the bullshit related to what you do. The optimal amount of bullshit you have to learn depends on the work you do. You’ll have to experiment and figure out how much time you want to invest in these loads of crap.

The importance of this is you get a clear idea about the things you have to avoid. If you observe other people, you can also get an idea about their limits and abilities. Knowing this can boost your game plan. You’ll also know when to react and when it’s optimal to execute your plans. When you know a forest filled with traps and horrors like the back of your hand, you can get there with some people and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be completely intact when others bite the dust. You’d actually be counting fingers and licking your lips till the next economic disaster or downfall of your field of work.

Yep. That is the most important thing and the best thing about learning bullshit. All the stuff taught in school and college are just some crap and they will give people a smooth straight highway to a certain point and put a massive diamond  roadblock. You have to be free from all limits. Then study these limits. You’ll find many ways to use the environment which promotes this bullshit to enhance your results. The best thing is that other’s worst nightmares will become your playground. You’ll advance like pro in the heydays. You’ll keep the same pace in the worst possible times and might even do better. I know this might seem way over the top. But I also know this to be a fact.

Tips for your evolution 2

Put aside what you have learnt. Don’t throw them away. They are useful for other things. What you have learnt will frame your skills, freedom and abilities. Each time someone got famous, rich and legendary it happened because something they did which was “out of the book”. Windows was not what it meant to be an OS. Many authors became popular because they did something that couldn’t fit into the definition of a book.

That’s just the beginning. The truth is things in the reality don’t follow the book. Reality isn’t predictable. It cannot be put into algorithms or equations. Universal methods eat away lots of time. In real life we deal with data and information with values. You don’t get V for velocity, T for tension, R for range kind of inputs. In general usage using methods in the book such as equations takes 2-30 times more time and effort. It’s most 2-5 times most of the time.

If you put aside your knowledge and deal with the actual context you can always find more efficient methods. You can always get better results with greater speed and fewer resources. 

Things don’t end here. You can also stay few steps ahead of the people who do things by the book. You will be at least 250% more efficient than them in every single thing and no one will ever catch up to you. Here is why asked you not to throw away the stuff that you have learned. If you know the stuff in the book and can do hell a lot better, you know when those “by the book” strategies would slow down or fail. You can turn this to your advantage and you can even play with those idiots who follow what they learned since they are completely predictable and most importantly they can’t predict you since you are someone who gets into the zone and handle things in your own way (the most efficient way) instead of the universal method.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bake the noodle:6_Design yourself

A talented goldsmith takes a piece of gold and re-design it into a priceless work of art. A great composer takes some random sounds/noises and arrange them in a way that they would become an excellent piece of divine music. A programmer uses a bunch of words as codes to make a software that flips the world upside down. A Gardner transforms an average land into a heavenly garden. So why can't you do the same with yourself???

Don't let yourself remain an average piece of crap. You have to create art with your own existence. Stop liking yourself. Don't cherish it. Treat yourself like a garden or a source code of a software. If there is a way you like yourself to be...then just be it. Learn to engineer yourself. Stay self-centered and keep your mind in check. Why the heck would you let yourself to be defined. It doesn't even matter even if you already have a one. A goldsmith will melt down the not so valuable piece of gold and redefine it into something priceless. If you have ever wished yourself to be in a certain way why don't you be your own designer and do the customization. 

Make your existence a work of art; an ever refreshing marvel of your own creativity: not an empty treasure chest.

PS: The marvel is just the starting line. If your existence is a marvel, then you can get yourself into the real and addictive "fun stuff". Just getting into Olympics and sweeping all the medals are two very different things.

Quotes of the week_wise man

  • A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
  • A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.
  • A wise man is cured of ambition by ambition itself; his aim is so exalted that riches, office, fortune and favour cannot satisfy him.
  • Who is the wise man? He who sees what's going to be born.
  • It is a wise man who said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tips for your evolution 1

Don’t try to be a hero. Try to be more like a god. Don’t go through unnecessary pains to achieve/gain things. The real worth of your achievement = the value of your achievement – your effort. Tell me which one is great; walking 50km or traveling that in a limo? Which person is more respected? If you want to evolve maximize your efficiency. Don’t be a jerk who takes pride in working hard. Everything around you that is not that evolved will tell to be like Hercules. Don’t get misguided by this bullshit. Be like Zeus. Hercules’s great achievements are nothing to Zeus. Don’t try to show off that you are a third rate hard worker.

When you see someone who failed things in his life or a one who was misguided (i.e. getting addicted to drugs) don’t get motivated or inspired. This will completely ruin your evolution. Observe them and use Psycho-Engineering on yourself. But never ever get inspired by those crappy things. Don’t think of failing and standing again as a great thing. If you screwed things up; just get up and forget about it. There is nothing epic about it. Failures just show you how pathetic you are. Fix them up. But never try to fail so that you can stand up again. Don’t go failing till you succeed. Don’t be that puny little hero. Be a god and play with the world. Evolve ad become someone who is on a completely different level. Then the hero will be nothing more than a expendable naïve character in a strategy game. 

Bake the noodle:5_Failure stories

So what's the importance of failure stories? It's the success stories that matters...right? NO. Without failure stories success stories are worthless. You might pick some good tips from success stories but you will never comprehend the borders and nature of success without a proper understanding of failures. Some people try to imitate the success strategies of successful people and ends up failing.

This happens due to lack of knowledge on what is truly behind those successes. Some people have been successful in doing something that had made others fail. If you look only at one kind of stories and do some research you'll find everything to be irrational and paradoxical and often call it luck or god's will and move away. You would only see things as paradoxical when you have a half-assed knowledge base. Study failures as well as successes. Then you'll be able to see things clearly and this will save you from your failures while boosting our successes. Go and analyze things in a proper way instead of calling it just luck or a fluke using your incomplete understanding.

Life is painless if you let it be(prt 1)_Success, Experience and Psycho-Engineering

Life is not some no pain no gain kind of a game. Those motivational videos and articles are only there to put you on a difficult path. You don’t have to go through hell a lot of pain to be great. You don’t have to fail to learn how to succeed. Pretty much everything that is made to motivate you into doing something great and getting a better life is designed to put you on the most miserable path toward success. You don’t need any of those harsh experiences. If you think you do, you are not looking deep enough. Experience doesn’t matter at all. Experience has no relevance to success in life. What matters is the transformation.
                                                            People transform through their experiences. But that doesn’t mean you have to experience things in order to be transformed. I’m gonna teach you a more advanced method called Psycho-Engineering. This method only requires self-awareness. You can also call this method by some lame names such as soul-editing/soul hacking or something more intelligent like conscious reprogramming.
                                                                        All I need you to do is observe things happening around you and see go deeper than what meets the eye. Don’t try to experience things. There are countless people misguided by various crap and motivational videos/speeches experience various kinds of things. Look at them without being biased. You can call it looking from a god’s POV. People’s successes and failures will reveal many things to you. Accept those things and transform yourself through that wisdom you acquire through observations.

                        To do this properly you must have a faded self-image/ego and good control over your mind. Transformation is not a gradual process. It’s a shift; a metamorphosis. This is why I called this Psycho-Engineering. Your conscious is like a set of codes in a software. A forest is a collection of various kinds of trees. You are a collection of various codes which defines you as a person. You just have to alter these codes to be better and more successful. This is like horizontal evolution. You can use other’s experiences to get as good as they are without going through a single hardship they had to face.

                                                Only thing that would drag you down is your ego. Psycho-Engineering is an act of editing (changing) the nature of your very existence. You have to be as much as idiosyncratic as possible. So take control over your mind. Understand that you are not supposed to be affected in a certain way by certain things. You are like a set of codes. Identify and change them as you desire. This will make your life far less painful. Be self-centered and realize the nature of things. Know the things that are going to benefit you and know the things that are holding you back. Change your conscious in the way that would give you the desired results.

Don’t be dumb enough to fall into those motivational crap. No need to endure pain. Observe and accept things as they are. Then you can shift into the best. Why would you walk a path when you can just teleport? Life is painless comfortable and all manner of things are well if you just act in a way that would let them be like that. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bake the noodle:4_Sales are not fair!

Just think about the sales of Bioshock series and COD. They don't seem fair...right? Bioshock comes up with great new ideas, awesome storytelling, lots of new elements and a story that is far better than COD every single time instead of recycling a one good story. Still COD sales are few times higher than the sales of Bioshock. You can also compare Portal and Half-Life sales with COD. These are successful franchises but they weren't successful as COD. 

You can see the same in movie industry. Dark City and Sucker Punch were total flops. Fight club didn't do really well. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010) was out-grossed by lame movies like Rio by several times.

On the other hand there are stuff like Matrix, The Crow (1994), Pulp Fiction (1994) which did really well in box office. Nothing seems right...or have we grasped it completely wrong. The success might not lie in the quality or quantity of some product/creation. Just stop trying to make everything fit into your algorithm. It's a hopeless attempt to do so. Instead, try something that is context based. Just work your mind to figure out the answer.The answer does not lie within the product/creation. Move away from that tiny little circle and you'll see what really matters. Here is some help.