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Rainbow Exorcism: Digital Demons_Teaser 2

For the readers who liked the first teaser I’m giving a second one. This is the continuation of the first teaser. Like, comment and share. If this gets spread a lot, I might end up giving away more than half of the book on slickr-flikr for free. Enjoy and bake the noodle…………

Then I felt some more weight over me… all around me. The whole floor was shaking. Standing still meant running around like a drunkard. The quake was so violent that I felt my legs going numb. I wanted to surrender to the collapsing marvel yet my destiny stopped me from doing so. Why did I even decide this destiny for myself? I wanted to be broken apart before I reach the end.

                                        The remaining samurai’s were stricken in a complex mixture of both fear and confusion. “Might” would sum it up. My vision was too violent to see it clearly. But my mind was clear enough to perceive their agony. With my scythe brushing the floor, I was depicting that I’ve come to reap. Reap what? Maybe the grades for my skills. The unnaturally prolonged earthquake was pushing us apart while dissecting the riots. Yet the ones who needed to double back were keeping the close range with me. Somewhere inside of me I was crying for these guys. My I couldn’t see any other paths in my fate. The function of these soldiers is decided. They don’t leave cuz they don’t have any worth outside of the arena. Like a scripted event in a game I slayed the off like a final phase of a boss battle. This feeling of fatedness propelled me and gave me strength and made me feel that “all’s gonna be well.

                                                                                Losing control and surrendering to destiny was such a comfort. My laments for the dead felt nothing more than an icon indicating an environmental hazard. The quake died down and I slowly walked away like a dragon leaving a massacred arena. Letting go of the scythe-No-nooo-God…damn it. Pick it up…..[Exhales]….. Nope. It’s dumb, but for some reason… no scythe. Where do I see the ……yeah, the time traveling future seeing stuff. Maybe déjà vu.

But…what if it’s not!......!!!

I saw a phantom-two of them getting red. They knew-I knew that I’m closing on a great revelation. I stepped back and turned round and round like a lone protagonist awaken in a freshly deconstructed hyper-utopia as I realized that I had crossed the holy line of human awareness. I stepped on the land of God(‘s) or maybe its master’s soil. I almost realized all that is about destiny. It made me feel so small, fragile and valueless. Maybe it’s not me but my destiny.

                        It’s said that it takes a great wisdom to know that you don’t know. But more than wisdom, it takes a great deal of courage to know the uncertainty of all reality. I only had a glimpse but that’s all it took to shatter me into a zillion pieces. I wanted to run away and forget it all. I was so scared to call that awareness mine. I had to do everything I could to run away. I moved my legs. But the answers to all musings of mankind didn’t go away.

                                                                When I self-imposed my destiny to be Engkami, I didn’t meant it in this way or this quick. All I needed was the purgation from my-No!NO!!.......SHUT up. Shut the hell up!!! I don’t want a backdoor to divinity. Do you think people mean it when they say that they want to be billionaires overnight?? Get REAL. I don’t want to end the franchise right here.  I even wondered whether I’d be able to see the end! F*** enlightenment. F*** total comprehension. I don’t know a s**t about them. I want to invent god; not to wake up as a one. I WANT SURVIVAL GAME.

                                        That’s when I got hit on the face. Now it’s all gone away. Damn this feels good. I need to play by the rules. You know……like Newton and Einstein. The spear like rod sank to the ground while I dodged it and tackled the bitch who punched me. We were both on ground dipping in each other’s eyes and she was smirking. It is kind of nice to wake up from a dream of heaven because of your brawling brother and know you still have your average American family.

                        Then I heard; I saw choppers flying over me there was a weird 2ft. tall monkey like creature looking at me. It was interested in me. A photograph of a similar animal was taken on 2003. I saw it on a book about aliens. Then it ran away; scared. Some black ops guys ran after it. Well…actually they looked like some ghost squad from 2025 or something. My pain had reduc…. Wait! I’m in New York. Well um…mnnn… I…I..llost momentum. Anybody now the feeling of getting stretched and used to something big (monster sized) in between your legs. Feels a bit relaxing. Yeah, step by step. Let them keep guessing.

                                                        What the….. I think I fainted. No. I feel such a nice breeze. I know that’s just too much representation of the aplomb wind. But……. Let’s just master this level. Damn she is fast. I’m barely dodging her. I can see all her moves, strats and everything but…the gal is too fast. I tried blocking few punches. They shouldn’t do much more than cracking a brick wall; not breaking.

                                        The duel was all hand to hand. I did showed off my skills with tools and gadgets but I myself felt like I should know how to manage without them. I’m barely keeping up with this chick. Wait I said chick; not bitch. The girl is like a Lara Croft with 70% of the skin covered. For her mentality, I only saw playfulness. She always had this cute and intoxicated smirk on her face with her copper colored hair dangling all around like a plant under a heavy storm. I lost track of my own emotions while I was dipping in hers. No wonder why people don’t know who they truly are. They are always staring at others!
                                I was feeling a pain all over my body. Not an intense pain. Just what you get when you are too tired. She came into close range. I mean 2cm between our lips close. As I blocked and dodged back, she hit me with a metal rod that was nearby. I flew like a chicken and landed. I was lying there is the same position that lions use. But my expression looked pathetic and knew I was gonna get kicked in the face. But suddenly she stopped charging at me and took 2 and a 0.5 steps back. She giggled. I didn’t get the joke.

                                                        I felt things getting more……human. I felt that this is gonna take some time. This girl has expressions. She is not the ass-kicking monster. With her hands on her hips she said “haven’t you heard of this cliché?” while twisting her tongue. Sexy…she should be full of juices. But then I was like “what!!?”

                        “Oh! Honey, you can see everything. But….. can you keep up with everything? Hmmm….. do I hit any memory cells?”

I sighed. I think I had fainted on the park. There was no pain anymore. I was completely numb. My eyes were open but I couldn’t really move my body. I felt getting dragged; into another dream. Really…what’s the big difference between this and the other one##? My effort felt like an effort to move a dead body. I’m scared…. Scared …………. Scared ………………………………

                                                “Come on. You had a life, right? I mean at least an anime for teens…. This cliché…you don’t get it!”

                        Now what the heck is she talking about? I thought this was about my destiny. I have lost grip of the Central York. No, it was a different name. I wouldn’t be going there, would I? It’s all about what’s ahead, right? I don’t want to look back.

“Damn. Why don’t you accept yourself as the being you are!!!”

                                        This bitch kicked me in the tummy. A huge spaceship like thing came crashing down. Why didn’t I pay any attention to the sky or the far horizon?!? I got my second kick in the tummy when I realized that sh*t gets real now. A comfortable portion of my rationality was working. I knew that I had to survive to see the marvel of a high-tech battlefield. If you enjoy seeing Godzilla, you neither run nor stand still.

                                                        I started countering this bitch. My stomach was feeling really bad. But I held on. I wanted to see the glorious war. To see it, I have to survive. If you love seeing Godzilla, move and engage in action. I have to be kicking ass or else I’m gonna die because of getting distracted by war.

                                                                I felt like asking her name. WTF is happening to me?!....... And suddenly she says “Trinity…. It’s Trinity. That’s my name” and twists her tongue. This pissed me off. The bitch is playing games with me! I can’t focus well enough to read her deep within. A 50ft tall mecha flew over our heads breaking the whole tower behind me. The mecha got blown away into pieces. I used this Trinity chick as a shield and also punched her in the nose.

                        I must say that her warrior looking outfit wasn’t just for the show. It can do a lot more than acting as an armor against mu punches and kicks. Well… she did spit some blood after the huge piece of metal and explosive ammo hit her on the back. I knew that this is a great opening for me. I punched her more. Right before I deliver a hard kick on her face, I saw a childish expression on her. She was like “ I didn’t kicked you I the face when I had the chance. Why are you getting advantage of the situation like this?”

                                                 Pretty childish. But I stung my very existence. The context is just like what it was with the samurais. But this is hard. I feel that my destiny is not a roller-coaster ride anymore. All will be well, but would I be well after doing all this? I felt the weight of interacting with sentience. It’s not a simple “I will be evolved to the next level by the time I beat the crap out of her” anymore.

                        Then I started seeing the effects of my actions. She used to fight like the water. There was a magnificent flow. Every move she made felt like a part of a one big combo. She looked very teasing and playful. But now she looks at me like a pissed off child with her red eyes. She charged at me and started fighting me with a passion and purpose. She had lost all her beautiful dance like flow. Her moves became quick and subtle. She was becoming more and more like the burning fire.

                                                        I am now witnessing the metamorphic impact of my actions. Sure I create reality using the input of my senses. But that doesn’t make me the owner of reality. I was too gung-ho thinking deluding that I’ve uncovered the knowledge for mastering the universe. But it turns out that my destiny is not the only one out there.

                                        The ground was already shaking. But it got really violent as we charged at each other for a special attack. Two 150m tall mechas came at 340km/h and made their own special attack simultaneously with ours. I almost felt those mechas to be a surreal allegorical representation of us. But it was very real. It’s true that those blue and white mechs were too elegant for war machines. But the shockwave of their elector-charged behemoth swords and AG-shields clashing together sent us flying like candy wrappers.


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