Saturday, March 29, 2014

Should we fight illuminati? (prt 2)

There is no authority; only obedience
There are no controllers; only controlled
There are no masters; only slaves

The true evil ones are the ones who run everything; not the ones who benefit from what’s happening. When fishermen are fishing most of the act is actually one by the fish. Unlike the 2.0 the humans are defectives who would do anything to give up their free will in exchange for a “To-Do list”. Humans do not want to make decisions. They want to depend on others/other things.

This is what enables the puppeteer organizations to administrate the world along with its population. The truth is that these organizations are a fundamental need of human kind. As the first matrix movie says human behavior is almost like a virus. Think about an occasion where people feel as if the authority had vanished. People starts to act worse than any living thing on this planet. If all these puppeteer’s strings were cut humanity itself will be the apocalypse. So the selfish actions of the puppeteers also work as a quarantine procedure.

Unlike you, humans depend on this system and they will do anything to keep it going for the illuminati. Remember that the general population is the creator and the power source of all this. All of them blindly feeds and depends on the puppeteers to control their lives so that they can get the comfort of not making decisions.

Not a single person can make a simple device such as a keyboard or a mouse by himself. It’s a collective effort of everyone contributing in small amounts. This is the “Building Block” of the puppeteer’s strings. Everyone’s collective blind effort fuels the system. Trying to fight the illuminati to open the eyes of the general population (Human 1.0) is like asking the military to help a revolution handing over all your blueprints to them. If you are trying to fight illuminati for the sake of the human population; you are digging your own grave.

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