Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do You Really have FREE WILL??? IF not how to have it...

Now ask yourself: Do I have it? Do I have free will?
The answer is: Not as much as you think.
You lose your free will mainly because of your ego. Who you are defines your choices and in the end your choices define who you are. This is an endless spiral which is impossible to escape for the most of the population. But someone who is as smart as you are can deviate from this preset plan.

This link will help you to know more about what ego is. You create this image which defines who you are through other’s opinions. The society, religion, TV, Peers and the stuff happening around you tells you should be and just like everyone else you follow and stick to this definition of who you are. Most of the things you are going to choose in your life are not actually choices. You had chosen everything along with the creation and maintenance of our ego.

Now the escape route should be clear to you. You have to kill your ego. That’s a long way to go. You have to start with strangling your ego>>then start ripping its parts. You do this by observing yourself. Read my previous post when you are truly aware of yourself you will come to the realization that your ego is not who you are and you will realize that you have no obligation to follow the preset reactions. You will know that you can customize “who you are” and be anyone who you find the most convenient to be –anytime-anywhere.

When you smack down your ego and take insane decisions which you are not supposed to be, you will get addicted to burning down your ego. Out of all the kinds of enemies batman faces Joker is his nemesis; not some super smart strategist. Joker has no plans. Thus he is unpredictable. You can’t have a plan to deal with him and all your plans become worthless and all your defenses get neutralized when you are fighting against joker. This is freedom.

When you are without a fixed way of living nothing can take you down because you have nothing to lose. You live in the moment and you take unbiased decisions. You are even out of the control of illuminati because you don’t have “already taken decisions”. When you are free from the grip of ego no unpredictable situations becomes a trouble. You will handle the most unexpected impossible to handle situations which everyone fail to handle as if you are brushing your teeth.

This is something totally awesome to experience and you will give up all your liquor and drug addictions when you start to feel the awesomeness. Know it through experience that this makes you feel like you own every single moment of your life….exclusively!

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