Monday, March 31, 2014

illuminati does not control the whole world though they control the whole world

For amateurs this statement will seem paradoxical. But if you know how the “global botnet” works, then you know what exactly I’m talking about. The population is self-controlled. You are not controlled by the illuminati; you are controlled by your beliefs, moral codes, religious faith, society, authority and ultimately your personality. These thing in your environment shapes your ego/personality and the illuminati effects the things going around you. So you and the people who are part of your life controls yourself with discipline for the illuminati.

From our birth we all are taught the same kind of things. Because of this all things affects to everybody in a closely similar way. People listen to the elders and their bosses. Then the bosses listen to their advisers. People listen to priests and priests listen to the head priest (i.e.: The Pope) People give all the power to the politicians and politicians listen to what their party leader/leaders say. The list goes on and on.

General populations loves giving up their free will and individuality. They are so afraid of being alone. Thus they become a part of a gang, a religious/cultural group (i.e.: Blacks, Asians, Christians, Jews) and ultimately citizens of a certain country. When the leaders of countries take decisions all the citizens follows it with herd instinct. This happens because of the ego which sees the individual through other people and other things.

The illuminati is actually controlling a very small amount homo sapiens. They are only controlling about one in a million and the rest 7billion follows it through their own free will. The basic of the process is,
  • Human1.0 wants to be controlled
  • They create their groups and groups create bigger groups
  • All becomes a part of a mesh
  • Illuminati triggers events that affect these super scaled groups
  • Illuminati gets their desired outcome

 To engineer the events, illuminati needs data on the herd. So they spy on the population for statistics (not to know about your personal life). To be free from control; simply stop being whom you are taught to/forced to/supposed to be. When a smart hacker is creating a botnet for his needs he write the controlling software to be used on windows OS. If you are not the common defective naïve and available/usable human, you have a different OS. Which means you are free from the puppeteer’s control.