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HorizEn BreakR: Teaser 1

Hopeful Despair I
                                               Michal Jorden was one of those normal men. Being ordinary is one of the greatest fears of an Everyman. They fabricate themselves as heroes, explorers, adventurers, celebrities, spies or men in suffering or damsels in distress. Each has their own versions of boogiemans and horrors. Their mentality shapes their monsters. But you can suppress all that and live your ordinary lives. Glitches do happen. But you can tell yourself that you have gotten it wrong or made a mistake. You think there is a solid objective universe around you which you are a tiny insignificant particle of.

                                                                Michal lived in a town called Silent Hill. It was named after the popular survival horror game. The game series had helped him a lot. He was one of the activists worked to make the town a tourist attraction by making it look like a decaying town of slumbering horror. It was all just made up. There was no cult or some supernatural forces. Some talked about some mystic groups camouflaged as tourists doing some secret experiments in the woods. Michal was excited and enthusiastic. But like any ordinary man, he did what he is supposed to and branded them as fantasies and stupid misleading bit of info.

                                        Now looking at a huge hole in the middle of a secret facility in the woods he felt the lines of reality being blurred. He tried to recall. He shook his head. He couldn’t even remember who he was. He felt his life fading away. His hero fantasies were being awakened. The whole town had gone insane in various kinds of ways. But all felt settled because it seemed to be the contemporary norm. Michal was looking at a 40 year old letter written by a girl named Heather from his family and there was a spot marked and he went there hoping for something to happen.

                                                                Some scientist looking people, workers and townspeople were drilling a hole with some advanced equipment. After 15 minutes of hiding and waiting, he went and jumped down. The jump hurt his legs really bad. The surroundings were freshly destroyed. He heard noises. It was all too creepy. But somewhere inside, he had been wishing for something like this.

                        All the desires and fantasies submerged within him were coming out. Michal was never the guy expecting for big things like winning a half a billion dollar lottery. He had his head filled with monsters shaped after the real beings he knew out there. The facility looked too modern for something that was built 40 years ago. But Jorden never cared.

                                        He had heard about a group called Exodus. He didn’t remember where he got that info. He suspected the guys with cool guns to be ones from that group. Michal sneaked to the second floor as silently as possible, trying to stay out of the notice of the Exodus. He saw the remainings of the walls and floors after some sort of a divine like battle. It was not just eerie but also terrifying.

                                                                He sensed someone coming. There was no place to go. He jumped onto the floor below. The pain numbed his legs. But he managed to crawl into a hiding. Now his fear of death was at the highest intensity. His town had become the creepiest and the spookiest place on Earth. He has gotten himself into the middle of a one big brawl of titans. He is now completely powerless. His thirst for adventure had screwed himself up good. Maybe that’s his way of way of letting his insanity loose.

                        When he could stand up, he saw 2 Cannibals. He saw the danger and ran as silently as he could. All his fantasies and horrors and fears were flooding the upper parts of his consciousness. Then he bumped into a sexy nurse. She was actually about 50 but was dressed like a 20 year old doing cosplay. She wore a tempting makeup with bright red nail polish, bright red heels and white sticking. Wrinkles appearing with her seductive smile and the look of the blonde’s hands still spoke of her age.
“Hey boy, it’s an unauthorized place to be.” Spoke the nurse.

                                                                Michal traced some of his memories. He remembered what he felt as a 12 year old. He had this bombshell cousin who was really nice and kind to him. She was a nurse. He had lot of guilty pleasures fantasizing about her. He thought that it’s wrong to do so. But he couldn’t’ stop and finally got engulfed in guilt. He got disgusted of hospitals. Nurses became sex objects that he wanted to stay away out of a feeling of guilt.

                        Michal was now looking at the nurse’s ample cleavage of 36DD cup boobs while admiring her curves. The nurse adjusted herself for a better view for him while making her look more live. She had sprayed both lavender and rose perfumes on her body.
“You seem terrified. Things have gone hot and nuts after that incident.” She talked touching the edges of her clothes and pressing her long red nails into her skin making slight red marks on her pearl white British skin.

“I hope you are not in for a wet job.” She expressed a slight pain as she was dangling her fingers over her vagina. She was looking at Michal's lips giving him ample opportunity to explore her face.

                                                        The thought of the Cannibals and the Exodus group grew fear inside of him. The mixture of fear, sensuality, guilt and the fear of unknown hypnotized him. Now he didn’t know what to do but to go with the flow. One can say it was losing self totally and falling onto despair. But for Jorden, it was a grotesque path leading to hope and salvation.

                        “You are a lost child, aren’t you? Here, come I’ll protect you from the monsters. You haven’t even seen the big ones yet.” She never touched him. She was always teasing and pinching herself. She slowly turned brushing her legs on each other. Her nipples were stiff and they were slightly pointing out through her uniform. A bit of some transparent liquid fell on her stockings making them wet. She made barely hearable moans as she walked. Michal walked behind her expecting a cat walk from her. But she kept some distance between her feet.

                                                        She stops for a moment and said that it feels difficult for her. She asks to hold her and guide her in the way she desire. Then she looks at the face and into the manly eyes. “Oh, I’m asking too much, aren’t I? You are too… nervous. Let me just grab you from the hip and the belt. You just lead me. We’ll take care of each other.”

                        She guides Michal through the hallways while clinging to his waist. Her footsteps don’t echo though they are sharp. The footsteps hear at each 4th and 6th heartbeat. Her nails dig into the skin through the shirt each few seconds. She walks like she is barely holding the effects of a drug. She keeps on with the slight moans and she is totally out in the blur. She can’t even keep her hands at one place. It’s like she is barely holding up her wilderness.

                                                She leads Michal to some sort of a medical and research room at a corner of the floor which was guarded by tight analog security features than can sometimes even outperform the digital counterparts. She jumps onto a bed and says “I’m Miranda by the way.” Jorden wasn’t in a mood to savor her juiciness anymore. His feet were being drowned in a swarm of objectified despair and insecurity.

                                                                The room was connected to few more rooms and was equipped with high tech state of the art equipment for any medical need or research which can even perform with minimal computer interaction in an emergency. The rooms were filled by corpses of humans, exhumans and horrifying creatures that Jorden would feel satisfied running away from. All these things were experimented in the craziest ways. Someone had been toying with the body parts. Some corpses had been dissected while they had been still alive. They had been kept alive and warm until that certain someone enjoys her/his time with the body.

                                                There were video tapes (yes, tapes). Jorden could think of what they had been used to. He had simply found sanction in a horror house. Trance music was being played on a cassette player. He heard high heels hitting the floor. The nurse extended her arms to touch and take Michal to closer proximity. Then she stopped at about 67 millimeters from physical contact. Then she traced a triangle wither eyes looking at Michal from one eye to the lip and then to the other eye and took a long step close. “MIRANDA… be polite and introduce yourself” “Michal Jordon” came the instant and wavering reply.

                        It was the ideal despair for Michal Jorden to get out of his ordinary life. It was self-exploration and letting out deep hidden fantasies, emotions, frustration and last but not least… personalized insanity.

                                                        Miranda took the cassette player and played with the earphones as if it is a whip. Then she started hinting something out. “Do you know when different beats are heard from the two of your ears, it creates a completely different frequency inside your head? Every check those stuff on YouTube? You can be stimulated and manisomehtinged by these frequencies changing the being you are. By the way, do you know that all my professors including the ladies were frustrated because they couldn’t amp up my results beyond the A++s I already had. The extra entertainment they received felt like something received through begging for them. My assistant somehow got his 5th PhD as he wasn’t too bored with the ease of these things. He doesn’t even understand the scientific value and beauty of these surroundings. So I even experimented on what’s wrong with him?

                        Chills run through Michal’s spine and Miranda fixes the earphones on Michal’s ears. Her face looks expressionless and her eyes look hypnotic. She starts dancing around Michal making him feel his jeans to be too tight. Miranda starts dancing around Michal. Michal succumbed to his favorite horror and started seeing behind his head. His visual range was now 270˚; not 180˚. He could see his head which is something he had seen in two things which were some NDEs and over the head 3rd person POV games.

                                                Then he saw some excessively stealth being knocking him down. He decided to call in a carbon based silicon life. He couldn’t realize how he was seeing himself while he is knocked unconscious. The humanoid creature was gone. Some red bracelet on Miranda's hand was glowing as if it is some control device. Michal sensed some frequency altering his very being and it was all out of his control. He was hopeful that it would alter him for the best experience as he was now completely out of control of his life.

                                                                        Miranda came and grabbed him from the arms. She carefully dragged Michal through the hallways. There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t move a muscle. He just waited like a good fan boy waiting to be taken to the next level of experience. She hid herself from the Exodus and the Cannibals. Exodus group had their senses working at the maximum level and she had to be really careful. She took so much pain to make sure that her heels don’t make a big noise.

                        She found some walls that were torn apart to reach a secret destination that only few more knew. She dragged Michal to the elevator. She noted some Cannibals that were slaughtered several minutes ago. She pushed Michal into the lift. Michal was itching to see her panties (while wishing that she don’t have any) and he finally got his magical moment. Then he was shocked in terror to see her undies covered in mutated bugs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slumbering flaws

You can always evolve and if you are smart enough, you do evolve yourself. But if you don’t truly stabilize it you might fall back. This is something that many had talked to me about. Read this previous article on slickr-flikr for some great insight.

When you figure out the great things to do and add them to your lifestyle, you become awesome. But the source might be still left and it might wake up if your mentality gets shaken. Even if you delete a file, it can still be recovered. You have to fill it completely in zeroes. Forcing yourself to do something is filling the space with random number. It’s not effective.
Trace the fundamental source of all problems and look at it in a visionary eye. You’ll always find a certain inclination as the source. If you don’t, then you haven’t looked deep enough. Then vomit that source. Look at it in every direction. Take fear of failure for an example. It happens because of your inclination to certain results/goal/ideals or something similar. Take out that inclination/bond and explore it in all ways. Take your time and make sure that you fully understand all aspects.

Then you have 3 question types. First question its permanence. All thoughts change. Nothing is static. Those goal or ideals aren’t eternal. Those feelings only last when we think (delude) that they exist. When you realize this, you’ll stop repairing your withering inclinations.

Then ask yourself whether it’s bringing you happiness or joy. Is it exciting to live with bonds, fears, self-humiliation and sufferings? Look deeper-go deeper. Keep asking yourself this question until you get sick of your bondage.

Then ask whether those inclinations are your identity. Do your fears tell who you are? Does your money tell who you are? Do your failures tell who you are? Do your inclinations tell you who you are? Are you anything other than who you think you are? Then why stick with those things.

This realization will actually make all sources of your sufferings and flaws non-existent. All your flaws will be gone like a candle that was blown. When you realize a mirage for what it is, the existence of the mirage doesn’t affect you at all. Nothing would happen to you because of the mirage. You wouldn’t even have to try to figure out whether it’s right to cling onto it or not. You’d simply be free and enlightened.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Avant-cana : Outgrown

I’m not gonna say how it all began. I’m not gonna say how it’s all gonna end. I’m not gonna say cuz I’m not gonna know. It was almost like all of that; all of this, was embedded to the very thing that we call “human condition”. It was and it will always be there; at least for the human kind it will. Like the origin and the end of the universe it will always be something that drive us crazy make us awestruck and leave us ever mystified in a completely new way>>Avant-garde Arcana>>

My job is to work on the mysteries, legends and the impossible. My responsibility is to disclose everything and not to ask WH questions. BTW my name is ………………….. The Narrator [what? Did you thought I’d give away my identity simply because I’m gonna kill myself here!]
                                                                                                It seemed like something that’s gonna let them administrate the Mother Earth, something like those nano-mechs we use to take control over human bodies [No! they are not experimental prototypes. It’s just they consume lot of time and money.]We suspected the Fruit Juice to be something that that alters the outer layer of Earth………. Something like a liquid construction-bot.
                                                                                    Since I don’t ask WH questions, I don’t know the details. I just know what I work with. The red liquid which we called Fruit Juice was stored in a container which looked like a pyramid turned upside down. There was no lid but the Juice never spilled. The container pulls in all that’s gonna spill out of it as if the liquid is glued to the container. The Fruit Juice was like blood and the container and its Needle was glowing like a black diamond. I don’t know why, but it looked like a gift from Lucifer.

                                                The structure was simple but looked completely out of this world. First of all it was tall; and huge. [What was the height again…?]......... Never mind. It was just tall. The Needle was fixed on Earth and the Pyramid was on the top of it. The needle was 8 times longer than the height of the Pyramid. There was a spiral thread of water flowing around the structure without being attached to it. (A form of anti-gravity tech)
                                                Then we had to find the Crystal. We would have called it the Spear if we had known. It was orange in color and the size was the normal size of a spearhead. Well that doesn’t mean that any of us could lift it without an exoskeleton. There was no ritual or any of setting ups to do. Just walk to the needle and push the Crystal in. The Needle and the Pyramid had anti-gravity shielding which was too powerful for us to neutralize. The Crystal was the only thing that we could push in   
                                                                  I was the one who put the Crystal in. It was like sliding a key into a piece of cheese. I felt amazing and at the same time uncomfortable due to the context. I’ve been through a lot of divine stuff. So the ocean above me was handle-able. But the place………… it’s marked as a triangle near china and I’m always wondering “How could I be still safe inside the triangle which is considered as the second most dangerous one!”
                                       Then it all went divine-like (Or Final Fantasy like if you are more of a modern person) and after a whole lot of research, we were able to figure out that we-are-fucked and now I’m with a gun ending myself since I won’t be ending what I initiated. The event is totally immune to human intervention. This is the event as we figured it out.

                                                When the Crystal was inserted, the zone around it became something like fully automated control room. Nothing was left for us to control. Everything was preset. The Crystal started vibrating and did several sudden increases of the size until it matched the size of the control room. Guess what……the Crystal was a zipped control unit. First of all the Crystal expands to its original size. Then it starts functioning.
                                                                                    The complete device was not controlled by an AI. If it was, we would have hacked it. It was a residual conscious control inside a top notch quantum computer. That’s right. A basic form of the technology which was used to create Jesus, in a quantum computer. The control system was the very structure of the Crystal. The nature or the condition of the Crystal itself was the control system. This left us in despair. We can change the genetics and edit a human. But we can’t change it into another animal.

                                         After activation, the single spiral thread of water separated into several threads and started moving like a whirlpool. It was even attracting water from the surroundings. There was no way to know the speed of the spinning, but the speed was high enough to make the water look like a flickering light. Finally the water dissolved into the Energy state and all of it was absorbed into the giant device. It was like the starting phase of an engine. After the device started its work it kept running on its zero-point energy extraction mechanism. Again no way for us to intervene.
                                                                                    The Alter-instrumentality device was implementation device. A device to implement the human civilization by outgrowing it. The activation of the device was a simple “planting the seed” thing. The device scans the whole planet and implement the best suitable civilization over the current civilization which is ours. The Fruit Juice alters the matter to create whatever it’s necessary to create. When I heard the legend that the Ankorwat was created by spilling some liquid on the ground, I thought it was totally cool to possess such a technology. But now……………. I’m not so sure.

                                                                        In the midst of all the shocking experiences we all lost track of time. The only thing I remember is that the day of the activation was a full moon day and today is the next full moon. Our calculations suggests that after about another 41, the process will be completed and our civilization will be outgrown by the device. It’s like a cancer spreading in a human body. But in this case the cancer will make a whole new being instead of killing it.

                                                                                                            The only thing I can do is to watch the Mother Earth become an alien planet and it’s not something that I would willingly do. This only leaves me with one option….. No, not an option. There is no choice for me to make. I’m gonna kill myself. Everyone says that I should be thinking of the work I did since that is what made me who I am. I lived as an important function of a huge system. My life was my work. It is my identity. I’m nothing but a part of this huge instrumentality project and I accept it as the very essence of myself.
                                                                                    I take the gun> Put it in my mouth>Take a summarized flashback……… This is no invasion. It was there and we activated it. Now it’s growing another civilization in 3.5 years simply by altering the position and the structure of the molecules and atoms of the outer layer of our planet. What we built through millenniums with all the kinds of emotions, what we fought millions of battles for, what we cherished and valued throughout our lives are being taken over like a cancer…………I see now I’ve stopped using past tense on occasions where I should be using present tense.

                                    To make the short story shorter I say this. I lived and activated the Alter-instrumentality device. Now the future is set and it’s not something I want to live in. But I can’t do anything but to live it. So I stop living……………………….

Epilogue:All is planned except for this instrumentality?”
“Keep calm. Things will be handled”
“So he really didn’t have a choice”
“Who he is defines his choices and in the end he is defined by his choices. Humans are trapped in this spiral which strips them off their ability to choose. Choices are like a passenger on a train with a preset destination observing other railway tracks. Other tracks does not affect the phenomena of arriving the destination at all. Choices are nothing but irrelevant imaginations. There are phenomena and then there are decisions. Humans are normally just phenomena and has no significant remarkability. Then there are decisions which are recorded in history.”
“So we put the things in the right place and everyone acts things out in the desired way; never deviating from what’s preset. It’s like they consider it to be their soul or something.”
“Same goes for things. That’s why the Alter-instrumentality device had aresidual conscious control mechanism instead of an AI. The device is nothing but what it does. It cannot be changed into anything else. It either exists as it is or cease to exist, which isn’t something we can pull off.”

“Residual conscious………….. So that’s why he was made to think solely about his work.”
“If he is too shocked and depressed to do the work, then his residuals will do the job.”
“So that’s why the event was made to be his final thought; it was to mark the purpose of his continuity. But can we really handle everything like this.”
“Keep your faith in the light that dispels the darkness. All will be taken care of. Through wisdom we will see the answers; through wisdom we will be illuminated” Makes a circle in line with his pineal gland using two of his fingers.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It feels great to be calm. Great isn't
 even the word to describe it. Well, words can never truly describe anything other than a word. It’s all correlations without correleta. Realizing this make you calm. When you know that you don’t really have to give a f@<k about a single thing, you stop interacting with things. Interactions are the source of all suffering. To be more accurate, it’s the inclination towards the interactions. T.S. Eliot said “you are the music while the music lasts”. That’s pretty true for almost every single one including the ones from Human 2.0

                                When you lessen your interactions and inclination in both quality and quantity, you’ll start feeling that you have transcended the ways of the world. You’ll feel like at least you have partially transcended happiness along with all the miseries in the world. You’ll feel so invincible like a void or at least like the wind. You’ll feel much closer to a godlike existence simply by being nobody.

                                                Yep, that’s all you need to become; nothing. Nothing can hurt or affect “nothing”. The entire world’s power would be begging at your feet asking your acknowledgement at least as a piece of dust. Now that’s dominance and I know it through my own experiences. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quotes of the week_O. J. Simpson

OJ was raised in poverty and his early days were spent in a Ghetto when food was always in short supply. As a result, OJ suffered from malnutrition and developed rickets. At the age of six, OJ's legs became permanently bowed and his calf muscles suffered from severely atrophy. He acquired the nickname of 'Pencil Legs" at an early age.

His idol was Jim brown.But OJ was too poor to afford the tickets to see his idol in action whenever Cleveland visited San Francisco. That never stopped his dream and goal of becoming a star player in the future.

During those games when Cleveland played in San Francisco, OJ would diligently wait outside the stadium until the maintenance crew to open the stadium gates late in the 4th quarter. He would then go into the stadium and soak in the final few minutes of the game, dreaming for seeing his idol

On one of these occasions at the age of thirteen, he finally got his dream of meeting up with his idol, Jim Brown. As the inspirational story went, he approached Brown and said, "Mr. Brown, I am your biggest football fan!" Graciously, Brown thank thanked the young boy and went on his way. But OJ persisted by asking for Brown's autograph. As Brown signed the autograph, OJ related to him how he had all his pictures on his wall, and that he knew all the football records that Brown held. Brown was flattered and thanked his young charge again. Before leaving, OJ surprised Brown by saying, "Mr. Brown, one day, I am going to break every one of your records!"

O.J. Simpson went on to break all but three of the rushing records held by Jim Brown before injuries shortened his football career

  • The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top.
  • I could not tell you the date of my mother's death. I could not tell you the date of my dad's death. These are not dates that I find significant.
  • Money takes wings. The only thing that endures is character.
  • That's the way blacks have been encouraged to think: that we got to stick together. You've got a situation today where if a black person says he thinks O.J. Simpson's guilty, other blacks will cut their eyes at him and say, 'You ought to go somewhere and sit down and shut up.'

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do it at your BEST: Highest Paid Prostitiutes

If you do something, make sure that you do it to be the best. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what people say about it. If you do something with your best efforts and become the best in it, you'll know all knowledge about that specific thing to be some lame crap.

And that was my life for 10 years. I was a high-class hooker. Call me a courtesan, call girl, escort, whatever you want. But basically I was a hooker. Just very well paid.' She looks at her ring, an enormous pear-shaped diamond, and adjusts it. 'Very well paid.

 Why? Did you think that this was impossible!!!?? Shame on you!

She earned £10,000 a night - at her peak £20,000, and £40,000 for a weekend. ('No one earns that money now,' she says. 'Prices have gone down in the last five years. Changing times.') 

This is a 100% true story. This girl just did it right. So many hot girls get into prostitution and ruin their lives. Sure it's not the best job at all. It's not even the easiest. But what happens to the girl is her responsibility. The problem and the solution is the profession. Look at the lifestyle of the one's who made prostitution their solution. 

What makes a £10,000-£20,000 girl? 'Looks and training. We were professionals. We'd need to be funny, a laugh, party all night. Or cool and clever, discreet and well-mannered. You could never be fazed by power or mega money - or what you were asked to do.' She says the top girls are 'healthy' - they go to the gym. 'They don't do drugs, smoke or drink. Sometimes you're up all night, you need to look after yourself.' The top 10 are 'champion racehorses'. Others are 'more hard-wearing'.

Did anybody thought of this as a possibility or an opportunity? I'm pretty sure that only few in a million did. The ones who went to the top doing their best in what they can perform well and excel others becomes the anomaly. The definition loses its ability to define what he/she is at a certain point. That when you conquer the filed. It doesn't matter what your field is. You can do this with anything if you have enough passion for it.

She's been to Barneys in New York and to Paris to shop. The first time she was bought clothes by a client, it was £7,000 dresses in Prada and four pairs of shoes. 'He kept saying, "Are you sure that's enough, don't you want anything else?"' She's also been given gadgets - the latest Mac, iPads, iPhones - and handbags ('a lot of handbags'). 

Cool, right...? But most of the prostitutes do't end up here. They just come to make a living. Some even degrades the profession. No matter what your profession is there is over 90% probability that there could be something better and even noble. But you why should you degrade your profession. If you don't like your job, ditch it! If you keep doing your job, give you maximum effort to it.

Maybe I'll marry a rich man,' she says. 'If not, I'll start my own business.' Does she think she'll ever fall in love? Have children? Have a normal life? 'Maybe. I hope.' She shrugs. 'It's hard to think about it. Right now, I just want to make money.

Have a clear definition of what you do. Love what you do or ditch what you do. Always perform at your best and be tactical. Don't let the definitions about your work/profession cloud your vision. When you do you best and become the best, those definitions won't mean a thing. They don't have any absolute value. So stop thinking and do it at your best and give all you got before expanding your own horizons.

You can follow this link for the full article.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Waking from the Coma

The world is on a coma. The population is giving away all their energy and become mere batteries for the society. The Matrix makes a perfect allegory of this phenomenon. You can't unplug everyone and you are not obliged to do so. You are not even obliged to fight the system. Just let it be and enjoy your time. But remember that there are ones who can wake up from the coma and some are even wanting to do so. But they need some push. I'll call them the Human 1.5

These 1.5s need a push. They need someone to guide them and someone to hold their hands during their metamorphosis. If you just drop some hints and wait for them to discover, these 1.5s wouldn't go more than half the way. You need to inject these people with enlightenment. There were priests who became arhats just after hearing some verses or while doing some simple activities. But many didn't evolve themselves like that. You are not a Buddha. You are not a person discovering ways to help other people be enlightened. But there are some people you can help.

When you see someone ready to go beyond where they are but unable make it on their own, be a guide. It's fun to have enlightened people around you. Your life will get more beautiful and enjoyable. Some pets can be trained to do awesome things. Some men can be molded into emperors and some can be made gods. If you enjoy something as insignificant as training a parrot into a talking parrot, think about how fun it would be to guide and train someone into a godlike existence or at least an emperor of his/her desired field.

Remember what I said about me doing this blog. This blog is more suited for the ones who can self-evolve. But many needs guidance. They need a big push. They need a climax and a turning point to change their lives. Not everyone can burn themselves in their own flames and Psycho-Engineer themselves. They might not even elevate themselves into your state of awesomeness. But you'll at least get better Humans around you.