Saturday, September 27, 2014

Waking from the Coma

The world is on a coma. The population is giving away all their energy and become mere batteries for the society. The Matrix makes a perfect allegory of this phenomenon. You can't unplug everyone and you are not obliged to do so. You are not even obliged to fight the system. Just let it be and enjoy your time. But remember that there are ones who can wake up from the coma and some are even wanting to do so. But they need some push. I'll call them the Human 1.5

These 1.5s need a push. They need someone to guide them and someone to hold their hands during their metamorphosis. If you just drop some hints and wait for them to discover, these 1.5s wouldn't go more than half the way. You need to inject these people with enlightenment. There were priests who became arhats just after hearing some verses or while doing some simple activities. But many didn't evolve themselves like that. You are not a Buddha. You are not a person discovering ways to help other people be enlightened. But there are some people you can help.

When you see someone ready to go beyond where they are but unable make it on their own, be a guide. It's fun to have enlightened people around you. Your life will get more beautiful and enjoyable. Some pets can be trained to do awesome things. Some men can be molded into emperors and some can be made gods. If you enjoy something as insignificant as training a parrot into a talking parrot, think about how fun it would be to guide and train someone into a godlike existence or at least an emperor of his/her desired field.

Remember what I said about me doing this blog. This blog is more suited for the ones who can self-evolve. But many needs guidance. They need a big push. They need a climax and a turning point to change their lives. Not everyone can burn themselves in their own flames and Psycho-Engineer themselves. They might not even elevate themselves into your state of awesomeness. But you'll at least get better Humans around you. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bake the noodle 22:Technological Capabilities

Are you sure that you have the right image about the today's technological capabilities? Do you think that science fictions are over-zealous? Do you think of them as "stuff that is never gonna happen" or "stuff that's not gonna happen in this century"? You'll have to think again..........

Try Ancient Aliens documentaries. Those episodes will make you re-think your opinion even on technological capabilities of ancient times. The truth is the world can offer more marvels than you think. Just think about the advancing of technology during WWI, WWII and cold war.

We are actually seeing aged technologies as modern stuff. Think about the "Advance Military Weapons". Most of them are at least 20-30 years old. You are not even seeing most of the today's real technological capabilities. The truth is G.I. Joe can be very much realistic than you think. You must always think so many times before assuming that something is too much or impossible for modern technological capabilities. The over-estimations can be more accurate than the general accepted idea. Fictions can provide better insight into future than the methodical and crappy predictions.

You can also check this and this about to get some insight on the role of humans in the future society.

The videos are based on the information available to the public. When you have a lot of great marvels going around, would you release the good stuff to the public?? What we know about the real capabilities is not that different from what we know about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain from the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes .

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Actual Risk

Tell me what's risky. Going to school and learn well and going to college to get a good degree to get a good job and have a stable life with a proper income. This is the greatest risk you can ever take. But many thinks the opposite. That's a dumb delusion that happens due to ignorance. Let me tell you why. There is inflation and there are two types of people: the ones who keep getting richer and the ones who getting poorer. Or simply you can say the rich and the poor. It's a spiral. You get what you are accustomed to due to a complicated process.

I'll skip the complicated process since this isn't a book. Now let's look at the history. Check on the inflation and check on the increasing of salaries. See anything....? The increase of the salary is not in par with the inflation. The freedom of the budget is getting more and more restricted. The technological evolution gives the illusion of an increased comfort. But if you look at what's right in front of your very eyes you'll see that a stable job = getting poorer day by day.

You'll have to work harder on saving money and you'll get yourself into a conservation mood. When your body gets less food, it adapts by managing with less colorizes. This is what the people with a job are doing. They are survivors. They are the deer. They are the cattle. At best they are the dogs who are well fed and taken care of because someone is getting a great use out of his/her life. Don't be someone's bitch unless you are doing it for hobby. You can be a hunter. But there are better places. You can be a chief; a god; a legend. 

First read this post. Now do the thinking. You have to let go of all paths. You have to create your own path in your own ways. That's because everyone has their own compatible ways. If you find something much similar to what you are compatible with; then learn form it. You don't have to do all the learning. There are many people who have gone through experiences on their own. Learn from their existing experiences. Turn to the legends. See the paths they have taken. Analyze them. Read their successes and read read their failures. Analyze them and bring out the great truths behind their marvelous achievements. Most importantly, find your own methods to add into the list.

You'll discover the rest of the story on your own. You should be able to do since only smart and wise people stay with slickr-flikr. So I'll go on with disillusioning and warnings. You always hear about the people who deviated from the "path" and ended up being homeless and etc. The society says that they sucked at their lives because they didn't stick with the so called non-risky path. That's BULLSHIT!!! It happens due to lack of tactics.

All the legends had a strategy. They had their tactics. They thought about the next few decades of their lives since they were small kids and sticked with the plan. Learn about criminology. First they abhor crime. When they stick with crime they become accustomed to it and become naturally and effortlessly good at it. They become duck to water in crime. When you stick with your decisions your reality adapts. All the things you desire will be naturally achieved. Remember what I said about morning decisions. You don't have to micromanage everything. Just give a single command and be cool. Everything else will be naturally taken care of.

The ones who doesn't have the tactics and other related stuff, f@<ks themselves up. They don't initiate anything and ends up being total failures. What you need is good strategies and tactics. I'm not talking about plans. I'm talking about the plan without a plan

Don't aim at the middle class. Give it up. Stick to your intuition and tactics. If you don't stick to them you'll be f@<ked. If you utilize everything properly, your life will rock. You'll have the things that you dream of. you'll have your wish list completed. You wouldn't be really taking any risk if you have your tactics and flexibility. Don't trap yourself in a cell which keeps getting smaller and smaller. Get out of the cell and enjoy the prospers which are getting larger and larger. It's your time to give up the risky stability and skyrocket into awesomeness. Take your decision and live i awesomeness like a god.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bake the noodle 21: Your Future

Think about your life. Think about your future. What would happen to you? Take few hours if you need. Just figure out how you would spend your life. Think about where your path would take you to. Think to the edge. Think about college. Think about job. Think about your happiness and relaxation. Think about everything you will have and everything you wouldn't have. Make a list of everything about your future. Look at it. Prepare another list that shows the cost. Think about your effort and psychological commitment required to achieve all the things in the list. Then look at some people you admire. It maybe Buddha, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Scarlet Johanson, Steven Spielberg, Mark Wahlberg, Dan Brown, J.K. Rolling. Then make your list of a fantasy life.

After doing all the above you should feel whether there is something off with the way you are handling things in your life. you'll guarantee yourself whether you are going to end up being like one of the people you look up to or not. If you follow the "Path to a Successful Life" would you ever get the things in your wishlist? Would you ever live like the people who you look up to? Should you re-think your future strategies? Aren't most of the people going off the track? 
Ask yourself about the things that made the legends become legends. Ask yourself about the differences between the way they lived and the way that you are living. Just think about people like Steve Jobs who never had a degree and Steven Spielberg who didn't had a degree when he did his greatest movies. They did something right that you are doing wrong. Ask yourself "what?" More than 99% of the population are just average scum who'd just be completely forgotten 10-20 years after their deaths. Nobody would even know that they existed except for few about few hundreds out of the 7 000 000 000++

So shouldn't you be not doing the exact things that are done to get a good and successful life to actually live an awesome life??? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quotes of the week_Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)

  • I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? "No," says the man in Washington, "it belongs to the poor." "No," says the man in the Vatican, "it belongs to God." "No," says the man in Moscow, "it belongs to everyone." I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor; where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality; where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.

  • I once bought a forest. The Parasites claimed that the land belonged to God, and demanded that I establish a public park there. Why? So the rabble could stand slack-jawed under the canopy and pretend that it was paradise earned. When Congress moved to nationalize my forest, I burnt it to the ground. God did not plant the seeds of this Arcadia; I did.

  • Even in a book of lies sometimes you find truth. There is indeed a season for all things and now that I see you flesh-to-flesh and blood-to-blood I know I cannot raise my hand against you. But know this, you are my greatest disappointment. Does your master hear me? Atlas! You can kill me, but you will never have my city. My strength is not in steel and fire, that is what the parasites will never understand. A season for all things! A time to live and a time to die, a time to build... and a time to destroy!

  • A man chooses. A slave obeys.

  • We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.

      Monday, September 22, 2014

      Morning decisions

      Every morning you can decide how you start the day. So what are you gonna do after getting out of the bed. I mean things apart from brushing your teeth and etc. are you gonna plan your day? Why are you gonna get your daily motivation? Are you gonna be ambitious? Why? Why can’t you just chill out. It’s not a difficult thing to do, right? No….wrong. simply being cool in the morning is one of the most difficult things to do in the world as well as one of the greatest things to do as a human.

                                            Every morning people have plans. They have dreams to achieve. So what? Do you need to constantly feed you conscious that you are gonna be successful and live a happy life. If you constantly remind yourself that you need to succeed and shake the world, it means you are not all that successful or happy. If you are just calm and cool all 24/7, it’s a reminder for you conscious that all is fine and everything is going totally awesome. Don’t waste your time thinking about the things you need to achieve. This will actually slow you down. Just chill. That’s all you’ve got to do.
                                                                If you wanna live healthy don’t feed your brain some thoughts of a great immune system and a healthy life. If you want success in your business, don’t go tuning your brain to make it give you the best decisions and answers. It’s retarded (from a relative POV). If you are calm and chilling all reality will be calm and chilling. You don’t have to micromanage everything in your life. Think you have a huge business empire. Now tell me what’s easier and more efficient: is it handling everything about you empire and taking care of all the important decisions or take this single decision of hiring a  your empire a great CEO?

                                                                                            The physical conditions can affect your psychological state if you let it. But you can decide to take over and turn the tables. Your cool mindset will manage everything. Your body’s functions will change to give you the best health and you wouldn’t be putting any effort to make it happen. You don’t manage your heart beat or breathing. But it all happens perfectly and effortlessly. That’s what does gonna happen when you are just chilling. But I’m talking about really being cool. I’m not talking about some bullshit like forcing yourself into being cool and intentionally making yourself not interact with all the crap around you. This effort will ruin everything.

                                   When you get up in the morning don’t attach yourself into goals and ambitions. Just be cool. Just relax and observe. You’ll see the context well and you’ll know the best possible ways to do anything you want. All you have to do is cause the effects after understanding the context. Don’t micromanage your life. Decide it to be cool and relaxing and your body and consciousness will make it happen with zero or minimum effort.

      Sunday, September 21, 2014

      An Unfair world !!?

      The world isn’t unfair as you think it is. I’ll go for a simple example. Take hot girls. Some of them are super models and highly paid actresses. Some are just models and some actresses. Sometimes they are only popular in their motherlands and around as actresses or models. When you really look into it some of these “not that famous girls” are almost as good as the supermodels. These women who are only big names in their motherlands can actually stay on par with supermodels and sometimes even Hollywood actresses. Then why do they live so unnoticed. If the fame and money went to the pockets of these supermodels and actresses merely because of their looks, this is an undeniable fact that ridicules the whole stereotype about fame due to hot looks.

                                              There is more to it than looks. These factors hidden from the naked eye makes the world seem unfair to the non-visionary armatures. If I go for the same example, modeling isn’t just about being hot and maintaining that look. There is a vital part about it that deals with dominance. Not many have the awesome looks. But only one in thousands of these hot babes have the dominance, passion, and attitude necessary to be a supermodel. I’ve seen random models who look hotter than some celebrities. But when I get to know them, all I see is naïve chicks. There is a massive difference in a psychological level.

                                                                      Don’t buy those crappy stereotypes about unfair chances and stuff. All is fair. Just having some certificate/ a degree/ looks are not enough. Those things won’t get you far. All achievable things will leave you in the middle of the path. Your passion is what takes you to the edges. You need to desire and act and claim all the glory. Things are not gonna land on your laps. Practicing medicine is what makes one a doctor. Being a passionable dashing person with an effective mindset full of wisdom is the thing that leads you to all the glory of a legend. The world is what you make out of it. You need to cause yourself to be accepted. Waiting like a dog wouldn’t get you anything.

      Saturday, September 20, 2014

      Critical Dash-1

      It’s time to have a critical look at the things. First let’s look at the Eiffel tower before talking about student grades. Yeah, there is a great connection between them. Everything is in a mesh. There is always a connection. Just don’t separate yourself from the world/ reality. That is a lesson from Quantum Mechanics.
      ·    It was designed at home, on the kitchen table...
      ·    by someone who didn't get their name on it
      ·    Never been done before, not guaranteed to get built or to work
      ·    It was criticized by hundreds of leading intellectuals and cultural experts
      ·    It wasn't supposed to last very long
      ·    It's designed to be an icon, it's not an accident
      ·    People flock to it because it's famous
      ·    You can sketch a recognizable version of it on a napkin

      That’s a nice bunch of interesting and useful stuff to know about the Eiffel tower. This is a pretty good daily dose for someone who wants to awaken himself/ herself to the fullest. But I’m about pushing the limits of full potential and transcending the transcendence itself. So it’s time to get critical. So it’s time for student grade facts.

      New studies finds that students who are rated as more attractive get better grades and are more likely to go to college. The study followed about 9,000 US adolescents from high school in the 1990s, through until they were in their 30s 
      They found that students who were rated as more attractive were also given higher grades by their teachers. But students only needed to be somewhat above average to see the advantage. The super-good-looking had no advantage over those who were above average.
      This may be because being more attractive had a negative side–it was associated with more partying, dating and general social distractions.
      Interestingly, being average in appearance produced no benefits in GPA scores against those with below average looks.

       “…visible characteristics like attractiveness, as opposed to averageness, gave students greater entrée and assuredness in initial interactions and greater forgiveness for foibles and missteps in later interactions, something particularly valuable in the large impersonal world of high school. In this context, average-looking youth had relatively few chances for standing out or opportunities to gain status in a competitive playing field.” 

                                                      These 2 things are very much related to each other. If you want take some time to bake your noodle and try to figure out how and why.

                                                                         The key point in both of these topics is the discussion on remarkability. Eiffel tower is highly popular because of its remarkability. Eiffel tower is purple cow. So many people visit it and treasure it. Attractive students got higher grades because of their remarkability. They were different from the average. Therefore they got treated different from average.

                                   Sometimes great changes can be done using very small things. What kind of a student would think of improving his/her looks in order to get better grade? What kind of a person would design something so ridiculous like Eiffel tower? It’s either a really smart one or one who is too dumb to understand the society’s boundaries and definitions.


                                                      This equilibrium is very contextual. It depends on your audience. Depending on your audience, change the settings and take a different approach. If you are a lawyer, don’t dress like a supermodel. Dress sexy and you’ll have impressive results. If you make something for Halloween, make sure kids get scared away. Then you’ll be an urban legend among kids.

      Why I do Blogging

      Why do you think I write this blog? Am I writing this to make your lives better and make you live an awesome life? Am I doing this because I want to help your lives? Am I doing all this out of compassion or altruism? HELL NO! Those “I want to help you and make your life better and ecstatic” things are none of my first priorities. See what’s on the top of the blog. I love creating stuff as much as Joker (in Batman) loves to break stuff. The greatest creator is a creator itself. So you are little Guinea Pigs of my Engkami project.

                                      The main reason I push you “already smart alphas” beyond you limits and type stuff to transform you lives is to enjoy my time and improve my skills. The best way to learn is teaching. Writing this blog has helped me a lot in self-exploration and figuring out thing. Crating this blog has helped me immensely in presenting ideas and getting a better hang of the overload of my ideas. I discovered idea waves through typing this blog. The slickr-flikr is training field. I’m the chief type of a person. I initiate your transformations towards godhood for my own training and personal entertainment (cuz raves suck aka boring as Paranormal Activity) and do something that is gonna sick with me for the eternity (some call it karma, but some calls karma for things way out of what I mean)

      Well…then there are secondary priorities such as adding more awesome-cool-elegant-dashing chiefs into the world and make your life’s problems vanish and make you immune to all forms of psychologically hazardous things such as tension and depression…………………….the list goes on. But mainly, it’s me perfecting myself and your awesomeness is and side effect. I’ve decided to keep this up for a long long time. Hope you guys will get the best out of my entertainment work.

      For a third level priority, there is earning some extra cash thing. And finally I’m telling you to +1 and share my work around the world. It won’t help me much. But there are lots of people who will benefit from the things I do to kill time. Make sure that they reach my slickr-flikr. Find people like you who have the potential to understand what I say and be their own gods. Send them to the blog. If they get my methods: good for them.

      Here is another great blog for you:gr3yh0und-kirakami

      Friday, September 19, 2014

      The Plan without a Plan

      Then what is the plan… it’s called you; sometimes you+ your partners. That’s the best plan and also the easiest plan in application as a well as the rarest plan to be created. Making you “the plan” takes a lot of psycho-engineering. It’s not something that anyone can do. But the ones who can do it can reach the top with a lot of ease. When you are the plan, no event can shake you. When you don’t have a rigid plan/schedule to be followed, you’ll be planning everything on the spot on the go. Thus the plan will be more and more contextual and will also save a lot of time for you while making you ridiculously flexible.

                                                      “Being the plan” is time consuming almost never ending process. “Being the plan” is bit like being a strategy player. Think about StarCraft or Civilization games. Try playing something like DotA 2. If that is too much, try some mini games from here. When you keep playing the game you become extra good at it. Trying to memorize all the tips and tricks and 200-300 page guides is a major pain and takes a lot of effort. Sometimes you can’t even think of something to do. If you play the game to learn and evolve from and through the game instead of playing like a mechanical idiot, you’ll get a hang of the huge load of the stuff all over the screen. The more you play the better you become.

                                                                                                      If I summarize the idea, all I have to say is play some strategy games for a while. Observe and dissect that experience. Then use the same core principles in everyday planning. Simply put: stop planning and get ready to handle anything and out everything on your desired track. That’s all about it. This paragraph is all you need. Btu I can give some more insight.

                                                                  A plan is preparing for something that isn’t even in the present. The universe is enwrapped in variables. Sure you can set your alarm to wake you up at A.M. but think about the number of things that could happen to your phone in the next 12 hours. What would you do then? Being the plan is like programing yourself to get up at the desired time. Even if your plan (if you had one) get screwed, you are totally fine. Think about all the time and effort this will save. You can put all the effort of planning into some other thing. Your efficiency will go above 100% cuz you are transcending the human ways and capacity for doing certain things.

                                                                                          What you need to know is how each element affects and interacts with each other. Everything is connected. So be connected. Don’t get into a cell created in your mind and spend all the time planning. Be like joker. Think about how he deals with everything in Dark Knight. That’s what being the plan means. You get to stay cool and you get to keep the upper hand over the rest of the society.

      Be in the moment and learn from very moment. Don’t get so serious about having a proper plan. You don’t need a one. All you need is yourself with lots of templates. Think of LEGO pieces. When you get into playing with them you get to know how they produce their effects. Then you can make marvelous creations without any planning. You just start building and after some time you have something totally awesome and avant-garde.
      Get to know the little parts. Keep the objective in mind. Start handling everything in small contextual levels and engineer what you want like Nano-engineers. Nanotech says: building the big thing sucks. Build the small ones to end up as the big thing. Then you’ll get something perfectly refined.

      SPEEDRun 8

      Before reading ask yourself why you are reading this. Not just this; ask it whenever you read anything. Not just for reading; ask “why” when you watch a movie, play a game, engage in any kind of activity. Always ask yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing.

                                            Why should you engage in any kind of activity? Should you do something just to pass time? Should you do something just for some short-lived fun? Should you do something just because everyone else is doing it? Here is a small advice: being the part of the crowd will take away everything from you.

                                                                         Now let me come at the question like this: Would you do something to be evolved? Would you do something to transcend who you are? Would you do something in order to stop being a petty Human 1.0? If you don’t answer “yes”, you shouldn’t be even on this blog.

                                                                Engage in activities that transform your life. Do the things that expand the horizons of your understanding. Knowing about the random stuff going on in the world or knowing about the celebrities or agony’s of some people in a corner of the earth isn’t gonna help you achieve anything. So find things that take you to the next level and keep doing them. Sometimes I have thought that it’s too difficult to watch hardcore psychological anime/movies every single time. But when you take a decision and stick to it, it’s a piece of cake. Just start living a life where you only do things that evolve who you are. Play games that make you ask question and explore your own mind with new experiences. Watch movies with great remarkability. Instead of watching some dumb chitchat on TV or YouTube, watch an interview with a successful personality or watch a documentary. 

      Thursday, September 18, 2014

      Questions and Bliss

      I’m gonna ask you a question. What if I’m………not gonna ask you that question. Is that a problem? For some scum, not having a problem is a problem. The first Matrix movie says that humans understand and accept reality through pain. Thus we become slaves of pain. We work hard to get into pains called jobs so that we won’t be hurt so much. People feel comfortable when they know that they paid a price to get their comforts such as a 100,000 dollar car.

                                      This is hilarious to me. Remember what I said about funerals. Yep, it’s all so pathetic. People go tagging various emotions on various things and suffer because of it. Why can’t you be happy when your dog dies. You don’t need a reason to be happy. There is no real absolute meaning in anything in our lives. We can do what we please. Only thing you have to care about is causality. You do whatever you want and face the outcome. That’s it about life.

                                                      You don’t have to be sad because your mom died! Seriously, you suck if you do. If you are happy because you mommy didn’t die out of her heart attack; still you suck. If none of those things affect you and you are happy cuz you like being happy; then you rock. If humans understand the world through pain and dealing with pain in a zillion ways, what would you be when you completely ignore the problems and feel what you want to feel? That is dominance. That is the feeling of godhood. That is one of the things those pathetic drug addicts search in their miserable habits.

                              So what if I don’t ask you that question? Would it affect you? The questions are not there to affect you. If you do change when you face a question; you suck. A question is about self-exploration and self-centeredness. So are the so called problems of life. They are about exploring yourself. You have the answers. You don’t need to pray or scavenge for your answers. Explore yourself and understand you experience of reality. Just observe and you’d know the true nature of everything you call “real”. You make it real: just as you do with a dream.

                                                      Haven’t you woken up being scared or with teary eyes after a dream? That’s how people under suffering and dealing with pain looks like to me. Taking care of lives problems are exactly the same as getting affected and all hyped up because of some dream. SO what is a dream? Isn’t it a delusion or something? Then why the f@<k would you react in any way. If there are no problems, it means you have nothing to do. Even engaging in a hobby is a small scale suffering. I mean don’t your hands hurt when you play a lot of games? Doesn’t your neck hurt while reading lot of books? Then being at rest should be one heaven of bliss, right? Just think about 24/7 meditation.

                                      So do you really need that question I was gonna ask? Do you need a task to complete? Come on just chill. Be cool. Be awesome. Stop understanding and defining your life using pain and sufferings. Stop being affected by anything. Do the things you think that matter really matters? Be what you wanna be when you wanna be. decide who you are. Don’t be decided who you are through the random stuff that happen in your life such as losing a limb or death of parents or something. Be happy. Always be happy. Be happy as a decision; not as a petty reaction.

      SPEEDRun 7

      So you are not living an all happy life. So what should you do? Study hard and go to college and finally find a good job so that you can afford to live a good life with a good house, a good BMW/Benz and a fine husband/wife…??/ Now come on. Is that it? Why would you work hard to accomplish your parent’s or loved one’s dream of you becoming a good respected citizen like a lecturer, engineer, surgeon or a manager of some company. That’s pathetic. Why?...just look forward and look far. See anything??

                                          You’ll see yourself working hard managing a business or doing surgeries. Think about a committed surgeon who works hard even sleeplessly and earn a good respect and a good chunk of money. Now think about the owner of the hospital who doesn’t do a single thing and earn because of the hardworking surgeon. The world is for the smart ones; not for the hardworking douchebag. Why would you work hard so that you would work hard in your future to? As the greatest creation is a creator, the greatest effort is the effort that ceases all efforts for all eternity.

                                                                                          Don’t waste your time chasing the society’s goals and dumb ambitions. They will ruin your potential awesomeness. Something is indeed better than nothing but loosing greatness for just “something” is pure pathetic and idiotic. Don’t be an idiot.Find about the great personalities and super rich people. Many started at places way below your standards. Some were just low class laborers pulling weights before owning hundreds of millions. Most of them did it through their own effort. Most of them were not unique awesome minds like Tesla or Einstein. They were just average people who had nothing left to do but to succeed. But you are continuously clinging onto an obstacle called “the path to a happy life”. Working for a hobby is happiness. But working for living is patheticness. Many people ended up as millionaires because they happened to lose the grip of the path for your happy life with a 50,000-100,000 dollar car and other stuff that goes along the same patheticness and ended up with multimillion dollar cars and houses and most importantly: a life that they don’t have to work to live happily ever after.

      Wednesday, September 17, 2014

      Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

       v Almost all the time the so-called contradictions and dichotomies don’t even exist. Sometimes, the dichotomies are nothing but each other.

       v When you are thinking about something to say, how could you ever say something as long as you don’t’ cease trying to think of something to say.

       v When you try to hit, you have a possibility between 0%-100% to land a hit. When you just hit instead of trying, stats never matter. All possibilities can be screwed with as long as they exist, but decisions cannot be screwed with.

       v McDonald’s and KFC never ruin your health. It’s you who always does that. McDonald’s /KFC are just interfaces for your madness.

       v God wouldn’t kill Satan not because God is all goodie goodie, but because it’s easier to prove that he is the good guy when Satan is around. Maybe the superhero-psychos in Marvel/DC universes are marvelously rational when it comes to “thou shalt not kill the villains” 

      Tuesday, September 16, 2014

      Real Heroes and Retarded Crap

      The martyrs are the ones who get revered and celebrated most of the time. Just think about Hercules, Solid Snake, Raiden (from Metal Gear), Batman…………what a long list. It pretty much covers most of the iconic superheroes and all the other heroic characters. It’s also the same with real characters such as Mandela. People just can’t stop worshiping , admiring and idealizing these people who got their hands covered in shit in the name of other people.

                                      Why would you revere these people so much? What’s so awesome about Hercules or Batman??? I mean just think about someone like Zeus or Neo (in matrix). Those are real hero stuff. Being a hero or an idol is not about getting drenched in miser and agony to accomplish the great. Being a hero is not about what is shown in the Dark Knight Triology or Watchmen. It’s more like what’s shown in matrix. Actually Neo is very similar to what I expected how a hero should be since I was in pre-school. My childhood hero image of myself was the combination (not mixture) of Neo + The Architect. You can also add oracle for the combination (this was just 4 year old ME’s idea of a hero.)

                                                                      Read this post about helping friends. Being a hero is about helping others. The absolute best way to help others is making them ale help themselves at any given moment. Being a hero is the closest thing to god and the farthest from Jesus. Being a hero is about not being in any trouble or agony and helping others to put away their troubles. I don’t carry the weight of the people’s sufferings and do what I can to help them. I don’t have any tension/depression and I’m happy all the time. When I see someone who is screwed up, I just laugh and say: man you suck! Here, this is what to be awesome like me; Try it.

      I don’t give a f@<k about your miseries. I don’t have them and I know what makes you “not have them”. I’ll just tell you how pathetic you are and give you the tips to be awesome and godlike. I love being creative. I love fixing f@<ked up lives. It’s my hobby. And the greatest creation and the greatest “fix” is another god. That’s why I create gods.

      Monday, September 15, 2014

      ??? 1

      A child got kidnapped recently.
      The kidnapped child was found a while ago.

      A girl was gang raped.
      The rapists were sentenced to death.
      Why do you scream: “That’s what should happen to those scum” ???

      The rich is getting richer
      The poor is getting poorer.
      And…what? Can’t you just pick a side or leave both the sides???

      The world is going in a bad direction.
      There is no way we can fix it.
      So…. what’s the point of talking about what you can’t do anything about; except for talking+thinking???

      The world is full of problems.
      It’s like a mountain sized tangled cotton ball.
      Who the f@<k asked you to untangle it???

      I’m bored of this shit. So I’ll ask your opinion about these data and reactions to those data. Stuff happens. But aren’t you the one who interpret them and perceive them into their assigned values??? Don’t the problems you embrace into your consciousness indicate how f@<ked up you are from the inside??? Do the problems exist beyond your thought that they exist??? Why the f@<k are you clinging onto that thought then??? Can’t you just realize that the world getting f@<ked up or not is none of your f@<king concerns???

      The world is your Disneyland. Do not f@<k with it. Do not get f@<ked because of it.

      Sunday, September 14, 2014

      Bake the noodle 20: Acknowledgement of Pain

      Think you have some kind of a pain. Pinch yourself if you want to. Now try to understand the pain. Acknowledge the pain instead of running away from it. Focus on your pain. What happens? You should notice that your pain is disappearing. Why? The more you go to the center of the pain, the less pain you feel. Maybe you should go to the center of your sufferings instead of going out to find some comfort. What is pain anyway? Physical pain is a mere communication mechanism. It’s a way of making yourself notice that your body is in trouble. When you notice and accept the fact, the pain is no more. Pain is just some data. When you grasp it well you wouldn’t really react; would you?

      What are your problems? Aren’t they just phenomena that communicate that you are not doing the right thing? To do the right thing don’t you have to completely accept your sufferings? I don’t mean some pathetic crap like surrendering. I simply mean shouldn't you accept the fact that you are letting yourself get f@<ed up? First of all go to the very center of suffering. I mean is there any other place to fully understand the sufferings (eve the trivial ones) other than the exploration of the very existence of sufferings? When you know the causes of your suffering you also know the absence of those causes will make the sufferings cease to exist. Do not overcomplicate things and bury the fundamental reasons for our sufferings even deeper. Shouldn't you just uncover the reasons>>accept them for what they are and make the cease to exist?

      SPEEDRun 6

      Your limits and restrictions can end up getting really useful if you start using them properly. You don’t have to embrace the limits. It’s not a good thing to do. But you can’t always deal with the limits you have. When you have those limits you can improve this thing called maximum efficiency. When faced with restrictions, many scums try to deal with what they’ve got and be satisfied with what they have. That’s pathetic. Instead try to get what you want with the resources you have. You may not get the exact awesome output you desire. But you’ll end up with something close to what you desire. Most importantly you’ll know to get the best out of every single thing and when you have enough resources, you’ll be doing hell a lot more than what you should be able to accomplish.

                                                      Think about Japanese CGI movies. Try Appleseed movies, Resident Evil movies and such. They are done with like 10% the budget of a Hollywood animated movie. Many times I feel those Japanese movies to be a lot better than the Hollywood movies. If you carefully observe some of those movies, you’ll notice what they have done. They are pretty nifty tricks and they work like a charm when elevating the standards of the movie. After that you’ll feel like many Hollywood movies are just showing off their budget instead of using them properly.

                         When you face restrictions re-do your plans. Focus on your efficiency. Find the best ways to do things. I have improved a lot of skills by using a 512kbps net connection. I’m more efficient than anybody I know when it comes to using internet resources. When you face with you limits; don’t embrace them. Never even think about managing with what you have and as something pragmatic. Wishing for a miracle to happen is dumb and retarded. Being realistic is planning for a miracle. f@<k the stats. Let you work do all the f@<king. Always look for ways to get what you want done with what you have got. That’s what they did in the Moonjob