Saturday, March 29, 2014

Should we fight illuminati? (prt 1)

We all hear about organizations that puppeteers the whole world such as the illuminati. Some of the people who are really smart like us understand that it is really happening though we don’t know all the details about it.

This is allegorically represented in various fictions such as Metal Gear Solid#The Patriots#   Assassin’s Creed#The Templars#   Matrix Movies#The Matrix#   Dark City (1998)#Strangers#

There are various theories about them. We don’t know what’s exactly going on. But my personal opinion is that these organizations are neither good nor bad; just some really smart selfish opportunists who thinks of living an awesome life in this world full of opportunity(AKA world filled with people who wants to be used and controlled) #More on this later#

You read this much because you understand that everything that happens in this world is administrated from within the shadows and all the main events that happen in the world are just a part of a puppet show. All of this happens because all the Homo sapiens are not of the same species. We have evolved into a level where Biology alone cannot define our species. Because of our psychological growth it seems like we have almost ceased our biological evolution and in the future the biological evolution might be fully administrated by the decisions taken by the human mind.

Therefor the Homo sapiens can be divided into two sub-species, Humans (which makes up 99% of the population) and the Human2.0 (which makes up you, me, the pioneers of the world and also the members of these organizations) When you are smart enough to know how the mind of the cattle work you can control and utilize them for your benefit. This is why I called the members of the illuminati (or whatever it is) opportunists.

The humans who get used and controlled are not victims. They are the most active participants of this puppet show. The most dangerous ones are the humans who you think of as victims. When fishermen are fishing and you are fish, the actions of the fishermen are neither good nor evil. They just put the bait and wait.  The evil is done by the fish around you. They will drag you to the bait along with themselves and they will transform you into the food of the fisherman. The humans who seems like he victims are the batteries which runs everything for the puppeteer organizations and the organizations gladly gets the best out of what’s handed out to them on diamond plates.