Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Unfair world !!?

The world isn’t unfair as you think it is. I’ll go for a simple example. Take hot girls. Some of them are super models and highly paid actresses. Some are just models and some actresses. Sometimes they are only popular in their motherlands and around as actresses or models. When you really look into it some of these “not that famous girls” are almost as good as the supermodels. These women who are only big names in their motherlands can actually stay on par with supermodels and sometimes even Hollywood actresses. Then why do they live so unnoticed. If the fame and money went to the pockets of these supermodels and actresses merely because of their looks, this is an undeniable fact that ridicules the whole stereotype about fame due to hot looks.

                                        There is more to it than looks. These factors hidden from the naked eye makes the world seem unfair to the non-visionary armatures. If I go for the same example, modeling isn’t just about being hot and maintaining that look. There is a vital part about it that deals with dominance. Not many have the awesome looks. But only one in thousands of these hot babes have the dominance, passion, and attitude necessary to be a supermodel. I’ve seen random models who look hotter than some celebrities. But when I get to know them, all I see is naïve chicks. There is a massive difference in a psychological level.

                                                                Don’t buy those crappy stereotypes about unfair chances and stuff. All is fair. Just having some certificate/ a degree/ looks are not enough. Those things won’t get you far. All achievable things will leave you in the middle of the path. Your passion is what takes you to the edges. You need to desire and act and claim all the glory. Things are not gonna land on your laps. Practicing medicine is what makes one a doctor. Being a passionable dashing person with an effective mindset full of wisdom is the thing that leads you to all the glory of a legend. The world is what you make out of it. You need to cause yourself to be accepted. Waiting like a dog wouldn’t get you anything.