Friday, April 4, 2014

How to remove Tension and Depression from your life… (prt 1)

I’m not talking about dealing with the problem. I’m talking about pulling it out of the roots; not trimming it down. The screwed up society and religion will teach you to deal with the problem and they will even tell you that all that suffering is part of being human and living in the world. That’s true for defective humans, but not for you who’s on my blog.
I was able to completely remove tension and depression in one and half days doing this. My methods are not the only methods, but they definitely works like a charm. First of all you have to forget all the crap you have learnt about “dealing with it” because it’s only going to hold you back.  The only true thing about the universe/reality is causality and here also you are going to use it to be immune to tension and depression.

The blueprint is again very simple. You understand what causes tension and depression>>you remove the cause>>tension free life till the day you die. Ask yourself and figure out what leads you to tension and depression. Is it because you have deadlines? Is it your exam? Is it your financial probs? Relationship probs? Is it dealing with your responsibilities?

First of all you know that worrying is only a waste of time and you can use that time and effort for something else. You must have put that effort you salvage into think of a way to get rid of tension/depression. That’s where you got it all wrong!!! When you do this you just keep your problem quarantined instead of removing it. Stop giving a damn about tension! Thinking about keeping your tension low is also a kind of a tension which is less intense. Losing just a finger is indeed better than losing a whole limb. But you are not obliged to lose even that.

When you discover your essence you will realize that both tension and depression are not things that happen to you but things you create. You are actually using things that happen to you as excuses to create tension/depression. Understand that when you stumble upon a tangled cotton ball you have no obligation to untangle it. Simply ignore it and keep your cool. You’ll definitely look weird for this but the results that it would give you will make you ignore all that.

The solution for both tension and depression is this insane answer. Just ignore it. When you get a hang of it you’ll be more than just human and for the rest of the population you will be an alien. When you evolve into this level you would rid yourself from some of the “common human problems”. When you reach this level people will hate you out of jealousy and love you out of awe and admiration. Not much of a price for the total absence of tension and depression. Right guys?