Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Have an idea overload (prt 2)_Enhancements

If you are good with the basics of an idea overload, you can use these tips to further enhance the results. If you haven’t figured out yet, the best way to enhance the results is the deconstruction and reconstruction of ideas. Both the superstructure and infrastructure of an idea consists of smaller parts and patterns. If you have many computers with you, you can disassemble and reassemble them to create new computers.

                                                                                                The key to this technique is seeing the ideas as a collection of elements. It’s like seeing a bunch of PCs as a pile of hardware and software. This is especially helpful when stealing ideas and will also improve the flexibility of your ideas. You’ll be able to use change different parts of your concepts and present it in different ways. Think of this as customizing your windows settings.

                                                                                    Another one good enhancement is flipping ideas. It could be stolen or your own. What you have to do is do or present something completely differently whenever you feel it. If you have played Bioshock or Metal Gear Solid think about how they flip the direction of the story. In this way you can even make something amazing out of a very common and conventional idea/concept.

                                                            Also learn to get inspired by almost anything. Just enjoy an idea without even accepting it. Then you’ll be able to toy with an idea you treat as a load of crap and use it for your benefit. For an example: If you don’t like presenting a certain concept, then present how it sucks. This is more likely a parody which has taken a quantum leap.

                                                                                    Learn to utilize your parallel ideas. Some people can make different versions of the same idea with virtually no effort. If used properly, this can improve your concepts greatly. First you have to understand that you can’t make all of them come true. Observe those ideas and know the pros and cons of each idea and then observe the context you are gonna use them on. You can’t add an element that suites for a mature audience into something made for teens no matter how awesome it is. Use deconstruction and reconstruction to create the best version of the idea for the context you are in.Parallels makes you more flexible in your concepts more than anything.

                                    The closing tip from me is to understand your range and abilities and team up with people that can enhance your performance. Another person can be a lot better in a certain part which you suck at. A right group of people can act as a catalyst and can serve as a source of inspiration for your ideas/concepts. Teaming up can give you a groundbreaking boost in your work. So team up with the right people. You’ll know them when you share your thoughts.