Friday, June 20, 2014

It takes nothing to stand alone

Yes, that is the truth. Not the the other way around. Amateurs with premature enlightenment will tell you various crap about how standing alone takes everything you have and how great it is to pay that price. It's just a dumb way to motivate people. the truth is it takes everything to join the crowd. It takes nothing to stand alone. There was a time that I believed the same dumb words. But now I can see through many things. Now I know that all you have to do is stop giving a f@<k.

                                          That's all you have to do. Just stop thinking about the crowd. Joining the crowd is like joining a game of 3 year old kids. To join you have to give up all your senses and become a completely senseless idiot who play by some delusions. What you have to realize is that those are just delusions. Honor, dignity, acceptance, authority, rules, ethics.......... all those are nothing but delusions. they only exist in your retarded thoughts about them being real. These delusions are what takes everything away from you. Just leave the kid's game and you'll find yourself everything that you had lost.

                                                                Joining the crowd means giving up your creativity, free thinking, questioning ability and accepting some mechanical delusions and routine. Your salvation is not a path full of thorns. It's a rosy path only if you could realize it. That why I always say that after going few steps in the path of enlightenment; It'll become your greatest addiction.

                                                                                           All you have to do is let go of the things that bring you misery. Being in the crowd only brings you misery, obligations, worries and etc. Don't get attached to these weird things. Don't be a self-victimizing asshole. Simply stop thinking about those miserable things. At that moment, you will regain your lost nature and even a small taste of it will feel like a drug.