Monday, June 23, 2014

Just "Purple cow"or more?

Are you going to do something just remarkable that people would talk about? Good. Very good. But is it an end point? Absolutely not. "Purple cow" is a book by Seth Godin. You don't have to read it. Just watch some you tube clips. "Purple cow" is about being remarkable. If you saw a purple cow, how would you react? Is that what you want to be? Then don't. Being a purple cow is the perfect place to start, so don't keep standing on someone's starting point.
                                                                     Why should you end up being just something that everyone talks about. I say be a golden dashing lion. Spread your glory and radiance like the shining sun. In 10 years from now, many will trying to become purple cows. There will be lots of remarkable stuff that worth talking about. Don't just be another guy on the show. Don't just be hardcore; be extreme. Don't add some awesome psychological elements into your movie; make Matrix. Shake the whole world and scream aloud that you are awesome and that awesomeness is already reserved for the people follow you. Don't just be someone that everybody would notice. Be someone that people feel degraded if they are not a part of your work.                        
                                                                    Hell yeah, people will hate you excessively for this. And of course you'll get eternal followers; not just fans or subscribers. Don't just say that no one can do what you do. Be someone who can truly claim that everyone else suck and say it loud. This is more like the character of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. People will follow you and be close to what you are. Some will just get numb by the very sight of you. The rest will dedicate their lives to bring you down, ignorant of the fact that they are fighting the wind and they will keep failing miserably.

 So tell me... are you just gonna be a purple cow that everybody talks about or would you be a dashing radiant lion that outshines everything else in the world, sucking in all the attention like a black hole, followed by lions alone, admired by the awesome people and cursed by the worms who are crawling into their little holes saying: "Why the f@<k he/she has to be around blinding us with all that radiance!!!"