Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The impossible and the stats

If there is anything impossible, the first one to be impossible is stats. Stats are just a collection of random stuff happened in the past. The significance of stats for the individual is nil. Stats are only needed for administrating the masses. The Human1.0 always try to be the normal and make sure they follow the stats. They can't feed their ego unless they do it. S what basically happens is that those scum makes sure they don't achieve what's tagged as impossible because they want to be a part of a huge tribe called the normal. They want to feel big and they give away all they have to be an insignificant part of something big (yet very naive). This is why stats seem accurate. People makes sure that they stays with the stats.

                                                     Reality is the nature of the thing that 99% of the population wants to deny. That is quantum mechanics. Physicists of our civilization only uses quantum mechanics for calculations and creates a distinction called Newtonian particles and quantum particles. But the truth is the whole reality operates as a collective quantum particle. It's  too much to explain in a single post. What you should know is that this nature of the reality is what gives the results which books like " The Secret" or "Think and Grow Rich" talks about. Their law of attraction is a complete misinterpretation that came out of their desperate attempts to explain what they observed.

                                                                                    I claim that I know the theory of everything and I say that it is causality. Causality is the prime truth of reality. As long as their is a cause, you get your desired effect. What decide what is impossible and not is your ability to cause your desired effect. For an example: you can't run 1km in 10 secs because human body can't handle that. That doesn't make it an impossible task. If you can get yourself a sufficiently advances cyborg body, you can do the impossible. Take your eyes off the stats. Stats said that there are no mountain tops covered in snow in Africa. Stats said Nelson Mandela should die in his prison in 3 years. Stats said you can't beat the speed of sound. Most of your common everyday experiences used to be impossible.
                                   You are the one who are making the impossible things stay impossible. Instead of trying for guidelines on what's impossible and what's possible, Just think about how to cause what you want. If you have the right causes; nothing is impossible. Stats are only their to collect data on the herd and to keep the population restrained; self-victimizing themselves. Don't give a f@<k about what those trash around you are telling you. If you want something to happen, don't dream about it. Get realistic. Put the places in the right places for your miracle to happen. Be your own God an perform your own miracle. The only thing you have to know is causality. Observe, learn, run havoc and trigger your miracle.