Friday, June 13, 2014

Stop liking your life

Don't dislike it. But don't like it either. If you do, you'll get stuck in your life. If you stay in the same position for a year it only means that you have completely wasted that year. If you feel even a little bit of liking towards your miserable life, it'll be harder to move on from that life.

                                                               So why did I called it a miserable life? I'll give you a little test and after that tell me whether your life is miserable or not. The test is simple. Do you have wishes? If you even have a very subtle wish you fail this test. Yes your life is miserable if you have any wishes. If you see a million dollar car and wish to have it your life is miserable. If you wish a life with less hard work, your life is miserable. It doesn't mater whether you forget or suppress that wish.

                                    Liking your current lifestyle will drag you away from your wishes. The theory is simple. If your current way of life haven't made your wishes come true, there is no point in sticking to that part. Only after getting out of this comfort zone of yours, you would realize that it wasn't comfortable at all. If you have no attachment with your way life there is nothing to drag you down or hold you back. Don't waste your time disliking or hating your life. If your life has wishes forget about that life and walk towards a life where those wishes are a reality.

                                                                  Removing your attachments with your well known miserable life will be one of the most difficult things you do in your life. But after some time, when you look back and see your past self as some wuss you'll start liking your evolution and  later you'll get addicted to it. Yes, trust me. It will be the greatest addiction of your life when you get used to it. You'll see all the things that kept you leashed fade away and you'll experience freedom and you'll feel like you have less dreams and more realities to think about. When you forget and ignore your way of life and get real with the stuff happening at the moment you'll get a feeling of control and you'll feel everything to less real. That's right. You'll realize that all the rules and frames were nothing more than a boogie man from a dream.