Friday, June 13, 2014

Society is cruel. So... What's the problem??!

I mean seriously, is that a problem? If you suffer when you go out into the society it's all your fault and your's alone. Don self victimize yourself and blame the society. It's like going out to sea in a boat with holes and screaming that you are sinking. Get serious! It's your goddamn fault for sailing in a broken boat. It is called the sea because you get drowned in it. If you have a defective mentality and suffer because of it, stop blaming everyone around and fix yourself.

                                                                               Don't try to confront the people and never try to take the hit and bear the pain. Just get self-centered and keep constantly observing yourself. Then you'll figure out what makes you suffer when you get exposed to a society. Your faults are like open wounds. If you close those wounds you won't get infected by germs. The moment you become idiosyncratic, the whole society becomes absolutely insignificant and losses all its power to affect your mentality.

                                All you have to realize is that you don't have to give a f@<k. Stop being concerned about stuff going out in the society. Just be concerned of yourself and yours alone. When there is a heavy rain, the dumbest thing to do is cover the whole sky. Trying to make the society a better place for you with less conflict and competition is also dumb and retarded as covering the sky. Just take care of your shelter and all will be completely fine.