Friday, July 4, 2014

Bake the noodle:2_Are they really obstacles?

Before you drill through your obstacles ask yourself the above question. Why would you label everything you find. By nature; nothing has a meaning. They don't have labels on them. So why would you label them? What if I tell you that those obstacles are a great blessing for your journey. A rock is only an obstacle to another rock. Most of the population dedicate their lives into becoming hard and tough people so that they can break and drill through these obstacles. Have you ever thought of it as a way of making things more complicated? 

Do you know that you can actually go passing those obstacles by being dynamic and flexible? Whenever people see a rock they go and hit it head to head. At this point you can be the wind and pass go passing all those stuff and get ahead of others who are being slowed by the obstacles. If what everyone does slows them down what you have to do is not doing any of them.

It's time to explore what everyone else is doing. Let them suffer their brawl and get harden. You can make yourself soft and swift and pass the crowd easily. The things called obstacle can really slow down the rest of the world for you.