Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life is painless if you let it be(prt 1)_Success, Experience and Psycho-Engineering

Life is not some no pain no gain kind of a game. Those motivational videos and articles are only there to put you on a difficult path. You don’t have to go through hell a lot of pain to be great. You don’t have to fail to learn how to succeed. Pretty much everything that is made to motivate you into doing something great and getting a better life is designed to put you on the most miserable path toward success. You don’t need any of those harsh experiences. If you think you do, you are not looking deep enough. Experience doesn’t matter at all. Experience has no relevance to success in life. What matters is the transformation.
                                                            People transform through their experiences. But that doesn’t mean you have to experience things in order to be transformed. I’m gonna teach you a more advanced method called Psycho-Engineering. This method only requires self-awareness. You can also call this method by some lame names such as soul-editing/soul hacking or something more intelligent like conscious reprogramming.
                                                                        All I need you to do is observe things happening around you and see go deeper than what meets the eye. Don’t try to experience things. There are countless people misguided by various crap and motivational videos/speeches experience various kinds of things. Look at them without being biased. You can call it looking from a god’s POV. People’s successes and failures will reveal many things to you. Accept those things and transform yourself through that wisdom you acquire through observations.

                        To do this properly you must have a faded self-image/ego and good control over your mind. Transformation is not a gradual process. It’s a shift; a metamorphosis. This is why I called this Psycho-Engineering. Your conscious is like a set of codes in a software. A forest is a collection of various kinds of trees. You are a collection of various codes which defines you as a person. You just have to alter these codes to be better and more successful. This is like horizontal evolution. You can use other’s experiences to get as good as they are without going through a single hardship they had to face.

                                                Only thing that would drag you down is your ego. Psycho-Engineering is an act of editing (changing) the nature of your very existence. You have to be as much as idiosyncratic as possible. So take control over your mind. Understand that you are not supposed to be affected in a certain way by certain things. You are like a set of codes. Identify and change them as you desire. This will make your life far less painful. Be self-centered and realize the nature of things. Know the things that are going to benefit you and know the things that are holding you back. Change your conscious in the way that would give you the desired results.

Don’t be dumb enough to fall into those motivational crap. No need to endure pain. Observe and accept things as they are. Then you can shift into the best. Why would you walk a path when you can just teleport? Life is painless comfortable and all manner of things are well if you just act in a way that would let them be like that.