Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bake the noodle:5_Failure stories

So what's the importance of failure stories? It's the success stories that matters...right? NO. Without failure stories success stories are worthless. You might pick some good tips from success stories but you will never comprehend the borders and nature of success without a proper understanding of failures. Some people try to imitate the success strategies of successful people and ends up failing.

This happens due to lack of knowledge on what is truly behind those successes. Some people have been successful in doing something that had made others fail. If you look only at one kind of stories and do some research you'll find everything to be irrational and paradoxical and often call it luck or god's will and move away. You would only see things as paradoxical when you have a half-assed knowledge base. Study failures as well as successes. Then you'll be able to see things clearly and this will save you from your failures while boosting our successes. Go and analyze things in a proper way instead of calling it just luck or a fluke using your incomplete understanding.