Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tips for your evolution 5

Completely rely on yourself. Don’t go sucking in the universal energy or asking help from some Ultra-terrestrial. Don’t rely on ritualistic things that are supposed to increase your success. Don’t rely on your house or workplace built according to some ancient tips. Don’t rely on the power of some gems that can act as a catalyst. Don’t rely on psychologists, motivational speaker’s half assed tips or the so called “educated scientists” and their methods. The list goes on and on and all these methods have proven results at various degrees with proper application of them. But relying on these things is completely lame and retarded and always ends up being a major pain at some point.

Be idiosyncratic. Don’t rely on anything other than yourself. Of course you can use those second/third/crappy rate methods when you get a chance. Those will always improve your results. But never ever rely on them. We are psycho-evolutionary beings. We evolve through wisdom/enlightenment or whatever you want to call that process of becoming less of a human and more of a god. You evolution comes out of your realization. Nobody can realize things for you. You have to walk the path all alone. All you can have is tips from someone who has already treaded that path before you.