Thursday, August 28, 2014

Curiosity 1.61803399 opening teaser 1

[You wake up. Your eyes feel heavy. Your feel like your body weights a ton. You are covered in a transparent slime. You are wearing some sort of a robe made of a shiny and grayish black colored cloth. There is a baby pink colored small contraption behind and sideways of you. You only see a long corridor; A long white corridor with black strips leading to the far infinity. Your body moves on its own though you are trapped in your confusion, unable to perform a single action.

                                          You almost collapse. Your body feels out of your reach. A single memory crawls into your awareness. You see a 4 year old kid trying to play Bioshock on the very first day he used a PC. You laugh at yourself and crumble upon your knees. You touch the floor with your slime stained fingers. You feel a feeling of non-belongingness. You feel like the world doesn’t govern you anymore. You find yourself depriving from rules, regulations and obligations. You are looking at the infiniteness of the only path you have like a lion dropped in the middle the jungle after living the whole life in a small cage. All is open and all is free, and also all is arcane.]
“Thank you…… for all your services in understanding the insanity of beings. But throughout all these years you have become a seed of destruction. Your thoughts and ideologies will be thorns and wild plants for our productive beings. You have been used to understand the bugs of consciousness in the same way we use isolated systems to understand all aspects of a malware. After the process, the system should be cleansed. You’ll be quarantined until you are rehabilitated.You shouldn’t be beyond salvation. This is your purgatory. You’ll be guided through the process.”
<| A small pause|>

“Go straight ahead”

[You forcefully make few laughs. You don’t know what to do. You don’t get the joke. You are perfectly sure that you are the model human being. As your memories come back you understand that your life is perfect and well respected… and almost noble. It’s not a rich, fun life. It’s the “right” life. That’s why the whole society respected you. You have never done anything wrong. You saw the faults in everyone. You talked about them. You told them what to do. Now you are quarantined because of your holy state of mind]