Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quantum Particles

What’s with this distinction between quantum particles and classical particles!!! Why??? This is ridiculous. Of course any camel would be able to teach you how you would find water in a mirage and it will be absolutely impossible to convince the camel that there is no water in the mirage until you take it to the mirage and ask it to drink water. Thinking that all lake are like Dead Sea is ridiculous. Think about a person who has never left the Dead Sea area. It would be completely normal for him to dichotomize Dead Sea and other lakes. But to us Dead Sea is just a special condition.

                                      There are no such thing called quantum particles and classical particles. The dichotomy happens only when people wants to run away from truth. The philosophy in books like Think and Grow Rich are completely misinterpreted bullshit. But the stuff works like a charm. The reason is not some philosophy, ideology or some bullshit materialistic “science” aka modern religion. The reason those methods work is the nature of reality itself; the nature of these so called quantum particles.

                                                                   Both the stuff you hear and stuff you see are just waves. You just interpret those indifferent ways. If you start being receptive to different ranges of waves, your reality itself will change. Your mind is what perceives. Think you are typing something. When you insert the data, you don’t just see them on the screen. The processor handles all the work. If you change the ways of the processor, the stuff that comes on to the screen will also change. Your senses may pick up various “changes of state” (waves) but what you call reality will be constructed by yourself (mind/consciousness/ghost). This is the subjective nature of reality. You don’t actually think your way into richness but perceive your way into richness.

                                                                   Even PhD. Holding dumbasses say that in quantum world, everything is different from what we see in day to day life. Is it???... or is it just what we perceive our day to day life to be. Some people suck at everything and some people just go through everything effortlessly. How is this modern religion of materialistic science is gonna explain that. The moment you let go of the dichotomy, everything will make perfect sense to you. You’ll know (not just see: know) everything to be absolutely fair and squire. You’ll know causality to be the fundamental prime truth. There aren’t any limits or restrictions apart from what you perceive.

                                      Your perception (observation) collapses the wave function and creates the reality subjectively. You can’t expect yourself to be present at multiple positions unless you perceive (observe) yourself to be. It’s not that these so called classical particles are any different from the quantum particles. You are already observing a state or a mode. I’m asking whether you can be certain about the position of your PC or smartphone or what happens to it when you drop it on the floor. You can only be certain about what you think that would happen. If you drop your phone it will hit the floor…right?!! That’s just what you think. That’s how you process it. You don’t see the things observed in quantum level in your day to day life because you make sure that it doesn’t happen that way.

                                                                   There are records about meditators who had the ability to be present at multiple places depending on their skill. See something related to quantum particles? Of course you should. But you are so hooked up in your dogmatic beliefs (delusions) and you won’t be present at multiple places at once. If you follow this trail you’ll also realize that multiverse or any such thing is a total load of crap.

Work your mind and think deep. Not hard but deep. Ask yourself why are the particles you observe daily doesn’t really act like quantum particles you read about. Aren’t you the observer; the interpreter. Are you the one who is causing the limits and restrictions through your perception? Then what would happen if you change the perception? Successful people, the eastern meditators…… what makes them different from you? What makes you different from a delusional depressed joker in an asylum?