Friday, August 29, 2014

Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

 v A habitually efficient person would save every single cent he/she can even if he/she is a billionaire. It’s not because they intend to, but because they don’t know to do any other way.

 v The amount of money people get paid for their jobs are completely fair most of the time. Many low paid jobs just do the work of parrots, dogs, donkeys and horses in a more humane manner. If they were demanded to be creative, they would be killing themselves several times per day.

 v The world is your Disneyland. Do not f@<k with it. Do not get f@<ked because of it.

 v Know of the hatred to be something to get scared of. Monsters and demons in horror movies look cute and adorable compared to what your hatred can do to yourself.

 v Life hacks are available in almost every single situation. Using life hacks is like Neo showing off in the Matrix. You don’t have to be pathetic enough to dodge bullets simply because bullets are made to be fast so that they would hurt men/women before they get a chance to dodge.