Friday, August 29, 2014


I’m on solo and my mission is simple: prevent WW3. Trust me, it’s a lot different from Call of Duty……mmm I haven’t played other games. I’m on a snow covered mountain area in Russia. About 3 decades ago Russia made a portable silo for ballistic missiles. I don’t remember what they actually called it. But some info was available for the public. Nobody really cared much. But I did. I was born in the 90s and as a teenager, I was really gung-ho about it. The public was only given a teaser and my enthusiasm slowly died.

                                                            Mother Russia had focused a lot of her resources developing their “god of war”. I spent the last 10 hrs scavenging info and my command station had also gathered valuable info. According to what I gathered, the weapon is codenamed “Split Ark”. They sure did make it sound like some gene bank. But it’s actually threatening to wipe out NYC.

                                                                                    I always wanted to be a hero and save the world from the next world war. Now carrying the weight of the world, all I have to say is war epics aren’t very different from fairy tales. Those fairy tales gave me such a cute rosy image of the world. I thought I’d be a world famous knight when I grow up. Well my mom said I’d be a princess. Then she said a great lady, and then a well brought up woman, an earnest student, hardworking independent girl with a stable job…… [I just can’t take…..have to take in…] I saw two mercenaries on guard duty. I sedated them and dragged them into a nice hidden place.

                                                            My eyes were wet and I felt a great anger. Now at least I can release all of it on these two… For all the traumas I had as a child I gave those two some good payback. I kept on punching them till my hands hurt and they bleed to death.

                                                            When I was small I was treated like a princess. I was given everything. Then I was treated as a lady; Then a student. While I was in high school I learned what it meant to be a soldier. I was given everything…… as long as it was required for my function called studying. I was like my parent’s manager. If their investments don’t pay off well, things get problematic for me.

                                                                                    At that time I slowly started chasing my dreams. I was asked to study well, work hard and get a good job. But I wanted to be a hero…a heroine. I was wishing the world would fall apart so that I can go and save it. I wanted to be a part of something like GI Joe. I wanted to be like an action star from the 80s or90s. That’s when I was called a hopeless kid, bad student, bad example. Then everyone said I’d be the black mark of the family. Then my own mom who said that I’d be a princess, degraded me saying that I’d be a transgender When I grow up! The contradiction between the real stiff and what kids are told is even worse when it comes to war.