Sunday, August 31, 2014

The price of a perfect life

Now I’m a person who said <|Everything has a price which you can choose to pay. Most of the people do pay the price because they can and the jerks are proud of it.|> Now am I saying that there is a price for the awesome life you need to have? Yes and No. Why is it a yes and no… it’s because it’s a price only before you get that perfect life. Think of it like this. You have an average Toyota car. You can only have one car. You can only drive and travel in a single car. If you want to get yourself a Bugatti Veyron special edition, you must ditch your Toyota. It’s all you’ve got. But you must ditch it.

                                                                        The price you have to pay for the amazing rich life you need is your current life. You have to lose all you have got. You are only free to do and be anything after you have lost everything you’ve got. Losing doesn’t mean throwing them away like in Fight Club (1999). You only let go of them from your mind. Some might have to throw of the TV and cut down the budget. But it’s not compulsory. You might even have your complete enlightenment while watching some strippers. Wisdom is your greatest treasure and wisdom is simply seeing things for what they truly are: as mere causes and effects; correlations without correleta.

                                                                                                You get what you want by causing it. When you know about programming, you can create any program you need. Wisdom is also the same. When you are trapped in your little restrained life, you can never reach the true wisdom. You’ll only get a fraction of it. Another thing is that you cannot be good at something while sucking at it. You want to change your life because you don’t like it. It’s good to stop liking your life. You can always go further. All the faults in your life are a part of what makes who you are. To be a different person you have to let go of what is means to be you.

                                                This will seem like the biggest price you are ever going to play. It’s worse than losing your only car or only place to stay. Things seem like thins only because of your pathetic small frames of mind. When you release yourself from a significant amount of those frames, you’ll realize that it you are not actually paying a price but actually receiving a hell a lot of things for free. I’m asking who would call losing your crappy Toyota car for a multi-million dollar car a price!!! That’s retarded.

                                                                                    First understand and accept that you suck. Then just stop doing whatever you are doing. Stop being you. Design your new self. Transform your existence. As long as you get affected by the things of your life, you cannot get the life you decide no matter what. You have to let go of your current definition in order to replace it with a new one. You must let go of everything that defines you and decide your definition of which you are and be your own God.