Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: EngKami

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: EngKami: Ever heard of psycho engineering and the theory of Engkami? Engkami is a concept created by slikr flikr that means “Engineering God” .

Now, if you are someone who is religious in the Christian and Catholic faith, you would probably be completely horrified when you read the above words and would have probably exited this blog right now if you were a zealot.

If you feel like my posts have bit too load in them or if you feel like I'm too extreme: This is the blog for you. It's new but has great posts with good content. Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami will be helpful if you want to go bit slower but still want to come to a similar level of awesomeness.