Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For Endless creation of Marvels: Idea Waves

Ideas…those are just thoughts: But way more remarkable than average thoughts. Thoughts are called ideas/concepts/philosophies when they are really great and remarkable. After doing my first SPEEDRun I discovered this thing called an idea wave. Remember those idea overloads and idea sprints I’ve talked about. This is the combined version of it with some catalysts. You can actually make every single thought that comes to your mind an idea. Not just an average one, but a really good one. It might not always be the most avant-garde idea. But it’s always extremely good.

                                                            Idea wave is not something you do or initiate. It’s a state of mind such as happiness or sorrow. When you get into the state, ideas comes in waves like the waves in the sea. It doesn’t stop. You can go on for hours. Last night I spent about an hour sleeplessly due to the after effects of the endless idea waves. I could actually create at least 250% faster. If you are already good at idea overloads and sprints, you should know how much this 250% is. The general population should find piles of evidence to scientifically (!?!) prove the impossibility of such an occurrence as Galileo would have proved the impossibility of nuclear energy as in “The Profiles of Future” by Arthur C. Clerk.  
                                    First of all why would you need to do the action of coming up with an idea. Thoughts are endless. There is no stopping of thoughts. Try if you can spend a moment without a thought. Thoughts have a strong association with the non-staticness of the mind. When you rest your mind and take control which means deciding what to do and standing by that decision, your intentions become the reality. There is no process of coming up with great ideas. Just be your own god and decide what happens to you. Thoughts come up endlessly and without a break. Decide those thoughts to be totally awesome and avant-garde as well as useful.

                                                                                    The rest is about mastering and getting a good grip on this. On YouTube, I saw Seth Godin saying that he write multiple posts a day and post like 1 out of 4-5 which he finds to be good enough. Check his blog. Some of those posts are tiny simple stuff. All of them are good, but I felt sorry for the guy. He has got it all wrong. You never try to come up with something good enough. You just sit down>> pick a topic>> start typing with the subject on your mind. If you think about anything other than the subject, you are f@<ked. When the only thing that your conscious know is your decision to write something great, that’s what happens: Simple as that. When you click the Microsoft Word icon you get Word and nothing else. When you click on Bioshock icon, you get to play Bioshock.

                                                                        Simply decide yourself to come up with great ideas and you’ll get it all. Just stick with the decision. You are who you think you are. Be your god and take the decisions. Thoughts come endlessly. Decide what thoughts you should perceive. Don’t decide to have worthless random thoughts. When you can look at anything turn your head towards the direction that has the best visuals. It’s all about self-conquest.

Note: You might want to get familiar with sprints and overloads. It’s not compulsory. But many will need to evolve in multiple steps instead of a single shift in the state of mind.