Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rainbow Exorcism: Digital Demons_Teaser 3

Read part 1 and part 2. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Transform yourself beyond all definitions.

We were only 13m away from their feet when they knocked down each other. What else would you expect? I was blown away the exact moment my fists touched that bitch’s (I mean Trinity’s) eyelashes. When I hit the trembling ground I didn’t hit with the mere 54kg of my physical weight. I’m not eh only one fighting. There is a whole lot going on this beleaguered heaven. Everything is correlated. Destiny is a dynamic experience. And on the top of that it’s-F**K- I just escaped from this. I’m not gonna accept it. I’m gonna hit this bitch and break her limbs.

                                I got up and hit her really hard. But after few kicks and punches, my offensivity was going down. The very sight of her motivated face reflected my actions. The seven 46m mechas fighting around us was constantly reminding me of the universal connection of everything. There are no isolated systems. Everything is correlated; causing the whole and caused by the whole. This didn’t make my body go numb. But my mind certainly became numb.

                                A giant foot which came between us separated us. A spaceship came and started using its Railcannons. I was surrounded by destruction. It all looked like a curse of god. But I knew hell a lot more than what meets the eye. I ran saving myself from the Railgun ammo and the giant feet of the mechas. I was becoming more and more of what I intended to create in the first place. A GZ-1593 model mecha crumbled at my feet, completely destroyed. I could see the struggle of the pilot to survive. I saw his agony. Not just that; I saw everything. I was looking at all the stats around me. I had this finely detailed report of the chaos around me. It was all so clear and heart penetrating. But it made me realize that ignorance is bliss.

                                                                These high-tech weapons of destruction people have built through such an effort, the reasons and motivation behind each soldier’s struggle, all the stats about the ammo, guns, mechas……I could just see all of it. I saw trinity coming at me. A Railcannon bullet pierced the ground 34cm away from her and the impact threw her off the ground. She almost got stepped on by a 115m heavy artillery mecha; you know the ones from FKR-3000 series that are like a copper-red walking fortress. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or sad or what. There was this weight of the whole universe making my legs go numb.

                                                        Every single action which means an interaction with the universe has an eternal effect on everything. Just come on……everything. Just…plz, someone make me a dumb bitch. A soldier in a massive Exoskeleton came running at me firing his plasma gun. He was vaguely aiming at the 2 Exos behind me. I barely dodged his plasma balls. These Exos too use a lot of melee weapons. I must say that they are new age knights with guns and I slowly understanding why. 

                        Through our evolution, everything became more and more subtle. Our bodies became weaker, but we became the most destructive. Thousands if not hundred thousand war epics happening in front of my senses at various levels spoke of our evolution better than anything. Everything is getting mixed into our daily lives. The leaders, the economy, the war… there has been such a lot happening around me. Through our evolution, better and wicked ways were created. The real war, the real economy is invisible. The multicolored mechas running havoc is just fan servicing wrapped around my senses.

                                                A Railcannon killed one of the Exos as collateral damage. What a gun it was! It was the massive shotgun version of the Railgun. The ammo was a complexly magnetized metal. When propelled, an electric current is sent through the ammo which screws around the stabilized system of electro magnets. The huge ammo dissects into multiple parts and acts as a hundred smaller Railguns. It’s an idea ripped off from the cluster bombs.

                That’s just some trivia. There are specific kinds of wave generators commonly referred to as “Deprams”. They are used to mess with the brain functions of the soldiers. It’s a very trendy gadget of the times. Every mecha has at least a weak one constantly working against the opponents. This isn’t even 2% of the madness and atrocities I can see. All of this is haunting me. Our real war is not what we see. The real war is a psychological one. We don’t want the physical world to be torn apart. Therefore everything is incorporated into our lives. Our great depression is our lives itself. Our demons lies in the waves around us…as information; bits, qubits, brainwaves……all just our own creations.

                                                I barely dodged her punch. I ran and stepped on a Exoskeleton and jumped back. She did the same. We kicked each other onto the ground. An Exoskeleton fell on Trinity’s legs. She had her armor. But on her expression I could see that it hurt a bit. I managed to get up. This was a good opening. I knew she is pissed. I knew that odds were stacked against me. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings again. She was in the fight for entertainment; But not anymore. I was desperate. There were only 700-800ms to take a decision. I did what I had to do. I charged at her.

                        She grabbed the 32kg mini-Railgun from the Exo-suited soldier and fired at me. The recoil made the gun hit her chin. I had already observed the stats about this SHANGRU-42 (rapid-fire) version she used. I managed to jump away, but onto a big brawl beside me. The Railgun ammo went so closely by my eyes that I felt like I was hit with a flash bang. I have never been hit with a one before. But I had observed more than sufficient data to simulate the experience.

                                                                With my eyes tightly closed I observed the world like never before. I was picking up every wave and was observing the world almost like from a 6th sense. But I know it wasn’t any stereotypical 6th sense. It’s something I had proposed to call direct perception. Though I had my eyes closed I observed Trinity standing up and coming at me with a piece of metal on her hands. One Exo knelt with a hard hit it received. I had fallen in between two fighters fighting with Vibrahammers. The heads of the hammers vibrate in a self-adjusted dynamic frequency that adjusts with the composition of the opponent to breakdown the opponent.

                                A well-tuned hit sends waves through the machine. Nerves of the pilot stimulate and suffer great pain apart from the brain damage. All out nuclear war is more of a cute fantasy battle compared to this (invisible) war of the war. I wanted to shut my senses from the happenings around me. My semi-divinity was becoming my greatest horror (yeah, I’ve got bigger horrors). There were so much acts of sorrow, fear, desperation, vengeance, valor, suffering and lamenting………all rooted on ignorance (bliss). I was crying looking at this yellow-black machine. Its Nano-engineered metal was getting beaten hard. As the broken machine fell on me, I crawled away thinking about myself retrospectively. Wasn’t I desperate! Wasn’t I scared! Am I not being the same kind of pathetic function of a massive battle?

                                                                Trinity cam in her shaking legs and attacked me and I countered. The victor of the previous battle I mentioned attacked another opponent while jumping into the air an got shattered in a way that is almost identical to getting vaporized by a Tri-Zeta AAA Railgun ammo which was intended for a 145m tall emerald and gold colored Heraclitus 9z mecha fired by a white and aqua blue 167m tall Neo-Genesis prototype mecha which has a hybrid design of an assault mecha and a fortress mecha and piloted by 6 ace pilots. And of course the ammo went through 3 skyscrapers of architectural excellence before piercing the ground with a shockwave.

                        I saw what was gonna happen 890ms before it happened. I jumped into a nearby crater of 5.45m depth. This must be the clichĂ© she was mentioning. The impact shook the whole ground and tore it apart. The walls of the crater blasted and came at me. I was thrown into the air by the shockwave which went below my feet and sank to the ground by shuttered soil beneath me while getting buried in a pile of random stuff mixed with rich soil. What a city it was! The soil was the best soil I had ever known. This place is not merely a utopia. My knowledge should be capable of leading that New York civilization into something like this. But I was incapable of harvesting my knowledge. I became unable to give and cause enough reason to make such a hyper-utopia exist. I lost its Raison d'ĂȘtre.