Saturday, September 13, 2014


People are like goldfish. They can’t digest a big change. Huge change in life is more like a drug. The metamorphosis feels like strangling yourself. But after that you feel so great. You feel like laughing at the few days older yourself. First you get totally mindf@<ked because of your realizations and then you feel godlike because of what you understand. Think about a mouse running inside a maze. You feel like the human kind tp be the mouse and yourself to be the person looking above the maze seeing all the things that the mouse gets right and wrong. The best thing is you can even mess with the cheese too.

                                                If you haven’t watched the move prestige (2006), watch it. I’d personally give it a 9.3/10. In the movie t Tesla says that the world can only take one change at a time. When you keep changing the world, people ask you to retire. When you realize great many things about life and reality, don’t go telling it to everybody. This is a vital point. Jesus got crucified because of his failure to understand this and Buddha became successful because he gave his teaching at various levels and focused mainly on the alphas that are above the society either by the society’s standards or their own personal standards.

                                                                                    When you try to engineer a person’s life, first understand his/her level. Some people will get your teaching in minutes and change their lives drastically as a result. They will burn their lives in front of your very eyes and be reborn as gods. But some takes a lot of time. It could take weeks and in some cases even years. Some people can’t be Psycho-Engineered on until they hit a major shock in their you might even have to wait till someone ask for your help in tears. Understand that different people are at different levels. Some people burn their lives quickly. But some just evolve little by little. Most of the population in beyond salvation. You can’t free them. Most importantly, the once who can be freed doesn’t always get freed in just a single conversation or experience.