Sunday, September 14, 2014


I tried doing some SPEEDRuns and kept ending up with long articles. I just keep finding more and more to write. What would happen if you keep reading something while thinking about it? You may discover many things that aren’t even on the article. That’s why you really need to bake your noodle about everything. I wrote this post on marketing after seeing a post on Seth’s blog. The post just said “Marketing used to be what you say. But now marketing is what you do.”

                                                        I saw way beyond the meaning of those words. I felt that that tiny post isn’t a proper insight about marketing. So I made this post. I made it up because I saw beyond those 2 little sentences. If you look at everything in a visionary way you’ll come up with great revelation just by seeing a simple sentence or even a word or symbol. If you think about that Seth’s post, you may come up with a lot of great insight. Understanding is not enough. First you have to comprehend, but you also have to bake the noodle about what you understand.

                                        I do provide a lot of insight. But that’s not all of it. Sometimes I just write a few words as a topic and end up with a 500++ words post effortlessly. All you have to do is getting into the habit of thinking about what you get to realize. That’s the main point about being visionary. You become visionary by thinking about something. It’s about understanding a hell a lot more that what it actually is. Sometimes you may know about an idea even better than the creators of the idea. After that point, you own the idea. Bill Gates was the first to come up with the tablet PC. But Steve Jobs is the one who really owned it. I started the track; you keep going ahead. It’ll save me a lot of time and effort.