Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you supposed to be Human? (prt 1)

Go and ask some people “what does it mean to be human?” They will tell you stuff like: living in the society with high morals, bearing all the pain, living according to law and religion, having faith on god/science/technology, love and hatred, fighting for a cause, dealing with tension and all the other psychological problems, being obedient to leaders and so on. In these answers you will find this one model image called “the human being” and this is exactly what you are not going to be.

The life of a human is very simple. First you are fed for free>>go to school>.go to college>>find a job>>find a wife>>raise two children>>have a retirement plan>>die. This isn’t really a life; it’s only a phenomena. When summarized it simply means you are born and then you die. After two generations no one would remember that you even existed. Do you know something else that follows the exact same pattern? Farm animals who live and die being someone else’s accessories, food or labor. And you have problem with illuminati controlling the world!!! Go and check whether you are sane or not! LOL

People are recognized through their actions and for 99% of the population, it’s the exact infrastructure of cattle. If go to a farm and if you are not out of your mind at the moment, you will never treat the cattle as humans no matter how nice you are to them. Within the Homo sapiens the difference is psychological; not biological. You don’t have to be controllers. But if you are not a superstar idiot, you wouldn’t be fighting the farmers for the freedom of cattle. The cattle needs the masters. What would happen to the farm if all the animals were suddenly released? In this allegory cattle=general population and farm=earth

When you are raised in the midst of cattle like Mowgli who was raised by wolves (there are real world examples too), you’ll be raised and taught to be one of the herd in all ways. This is why I told you to be someone who avoids the definition of “Human”. If you are a human, it means your existence is merely a resource or a battery for the minority who are more than just human; the human2.0 If you avoid the normal way of life, you will be an anomaly. You will be an anomaly like Napoleon, Arthur, Jesus, Hitler, Gandhi, wachowski brothers, Tesla, J.K. Rolling, Osho or someone who lives in the shadows with everything he/she needs.