Friday, April 4, 2014

Why am I not enjoying my life's work? (prt 2)_conquer your work through passion

If you really have a passion for what you do and still feeling hollow you have the problem of being the slave of your work and everything connected to it instead of making your work a mode of entertainment. If you are committing yourself to the work of the company/club/family you are screwing up yourself. If you act like this everyone will feel nice to have you but they will never love you or see you as an important person. When a waiter is doing his work you wouldn’t feel anything especially great about him. You will even scold him for the slightest mistake. Now take an instance where a friend of yours is doing that. You will definitely feel grateful about it. Right?

Ask yourself “why?” - Your friend is keeping the upper hand and he is doing it because he wants to and he is not thinking of it as some obligation. He’s not gonna care about what you think. He/She likes being nice to you and do it because he/she can do it. A good singer/speaker acts like he owns the stage and fully expresses himself. Some are gonna love it and some are not gonna like it. But you’ll make your mark and everyone will feel it when you are gone.

If you like designing things, then use your company as a platform to do your work. If you are in a club, use it to improve yourself. Always- I mean Always be ready to deny or say no. People around you will feel the aura and know that you own yourself. They will feel intimidated and others who are like you will consider yourself ads a cool person instead of a douchebag.

Start using your company/club as a tool/platform to do what you love. Don’t try to get other’s appreciation. You are not going to get it. Instead make them feel like you are a wild horse who do your work extravagantly well when you feel like it – because you enjoy it and make them feel like they have no control over it.

You won’t be receiving much of appreciation when you are like this. People don’t go to a king and say “you are excellent”. In the bottom of their hearts, they will admire you and envy you in secret. They will keep in mind that they are done if you are gone but will never express it directly. Everyone will be thinking “I hope he’ll do ‘it’. If he does, we are all salvaged and we’ll end up being awesome”