Thursday, April 10, 2014

What’s wrong with the New World Order…!

For most of the people who know about this NWO, what’s wrong with it is that it is “New” But what I have say is that it isn’t anything different from the current world order other than being New and more centralized.So basically it’s not something to fight against. It’s only gonna make things more efficient for the controllers. Nothing good nor bad is gonna happen to the general population. Things would happen in a more straight way with less sugar coating. But that’s only gonna be a problem for hypocrites. No need for you to be so worked up.

Let’s try to figure out what this NWO thing is. Think about a company as it was half a century ago. There was the huge chart of hierarchy from top to bottom like a tree topology (in network topologies). NWO is transforming that into a star topology. are controlled in sub-divisions such as race, country, religion, political parties, mass media, economy and etc. If this was your company you would consider it to be a pain in the ass to let the stuff be like this.

NWO is the unification of all these things. We moved to the metric units because it is easier to handle. The only reason people had to dislike it was that it was new.  If a farm was redesigned for better efficiency and ease of usage what different would it make to the animals??? The answer is NOTHING! So instead of fighting this NWO gradually get yourself out of the system. Don’t rebel because your benefactors are implementing a new system.

To do this you have look at yourself and realize how pathetic you are. For an example you may be thinking about being fired. Hello….why are you gung ho about making someone else rich. Stand your ground and do only what you are truly passionate about – only for your own enjoyment. Suddenly the bosses will be depending on you and they will be the ones who are worried about keeping you in the company without letting you go.
Keep up being uncontrolled and untamed and eventually you will find out that the system is not affecting you anymore. If you haven’t herd of kaizen, means gradual development. Always keep doing little thing that matters. Think of a new idea, business plan, write down some stuff, create a blogor anything that would help you to evolve into a better person. Think of this as stacking ammo. Instead of running insane, learn to utilize it. In these things the force doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about how you apply the force.

It will take some time for you to find a good opportunity, but when you do make yourself go insane and shake the world to its very core. After few rounds like this you won’t be one of the human1.0 and no world order (current or New) will be controlling you.