Friday, April 4, 2014

How to remove Tension and Depression from your life… (prt 2)_why is it so simple?

Actually you are asking a wrong question. Answer to every question is simple. If not, it’s not a good answer. Every real answer to every problem has the same infrastructure. You identify what causes it>>Remove what causes it. If there is anything else avoid that advice at all cost for that it would imprison you in a less intense situation which is few dozen time harder to escape from…..well that’s if the advice didn’t make things worse/more complex.

That’s what most people do. If you are depressed; buy this book>>read it>>memorize it>>follow the steps like a good soldier. Well, isn’t that a major pain in the ass. Wouldn’t that lead you to (less intense) depression. Never try to solve any problem before completely understanding it. To do this you should live in the moment, not in some Garden of Eden where your divine intelligence or whatever will tell you “how to deal with it”. This is not even the place where you listen to your “inner voice”. By following my methods you will become the inner voice. Don’t push it away by treating it as something that is “not you” by trying to listen to it.

When you truly observe yourself you will realize that you instinctively create tension and depression at certain kinds of incidents (i.e. Deadlines, Exams, Exam results) you have to understand that you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing. There is nothing you are supposed to do. The ocean is truly vast. But it cannot sink your boat/ship without getting inside, no matter how small your boat is. You are not supposed to make holes in your boat! Stop thinking about tension. Stop giving a damn about things you don’t like. Just ignore them and let them be. Don’t interact with them and create unnecessary stuff like tension/depression.

When you live your life like this someday you will face something which your older self would consider as “supposed to break me”. This is where it all began and where it’s all going to end. Keep your focus within this experience and never even try to think of anything else. If your head is under water you wouldn’t give a crap about kicking your bosses’ ass or studying for the exam. You wouldn’t even think of swimming techniques. Instead of the things you are supposed to do in your life you will simply take your nose out of the water instinctively and breathe.

When you realize that everything happening around you is not a part of you or your life and it’s completely irrelevant to your life you will stop creating tension and depression. Like a dead leaf falling from a tree, tension and depression will be gone from your life without even a trace of it. Now after several months of my purification I don’t even remember how tension/depression felt like. If you do things right, the same will happen to you.