Friday, April 4, 2014

Why am I not enjoying my life's work? (prt 1)

What? None of your life’s work doesn’t give you any happiness/pleasure. You do all the work and nobody cares about you? Then there is something very very wrong with your life. Let’s see what you did wrong. First of all you are not doing it for yourself. If it’s done for you, it must make you feel satisfied or even ecstatic. Secondly you are expecting others appreciation while being a bitch. After a servant had done all the hard work, everybody is happy but no one cares about the servant.  

When these two elements are removed you’ll love your work. If you are doing something because you are supposed to or because you are told to, instead of happiness it will give you relief. For an example: Chemistry is not my thing. I wouldn’t enjoy studying it for any reason. But I love quantum physics and I can spend hours (even without sleep) studying quantum physics. It doesn’t matter whether it is social work or personal business. It must be something your true self likes. (Not something your crappy ego is made to like)

If you truly desires what you do, it’s gonna improve yourself; it’s gonna evolve you into someone you prefer to be. Take Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Seth Godin, Hideo Kojima, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein………….They all loved what they were doing and they were only doing what they loved regardless of the benefactors of their work. Discover your true essence instead of trying to hear the voice of it. Cast away your ego and be your true self and do what you feels like doing. Don’t let anyone command you. Be your own king; be your own god.