Sunday, May 4, 2014

Good to have goals and ambitions, but better to have None

I say this because goals your goals can affect your potential in a highly negative way. When you commit yourself to achieving your goals, you will miss many things you could have had. First of all by setting up goals you limit your path of evolution. When you set a destination and reach it, you lose your reason to exist anymore. You won't be able to achieve anything higher than your goal which were set decades ago.

                                                            You should realize that the destination-less never-ending journey is the essence of life. You can keep on evolving throughout your whole life and self-evolution is a highly addictive drug. When you have goals, you only get what you want to have. When you don’t set destinations you will discover many more things; things you didn’t even expected. These things you would discover will worth a lot more than what you wanted in the first place.

                                                                                                A sudden unprecedented event can strip you off of your ambitions and make them unachievable. If you were in the game only for the fun of evolution, this wouldn’t even matter to you. Actually this kind of an unprecedented event could even provide more fun and you will be able to discover more of your talents and you’ll also get to improve them. This makes you unshakable. You will not be inundated in despair when everyone is hopeless.

                                                  Moving on without any goals is like flying like a bird. A destination is like a branch. If a monkey wants to get on a branch, it has to check the branch and carefully get on it. But a bird trust its wings; not the branch. The place where the goals are going to take you doesn’t matter. You can always move forward and expand your horizons. You change and evolve through every single moment. If you set goals for 10 years and achieve them, you are still the “you” who were 10 years ago.

                                                                        Just stay with the moment and take decisions based on that moments and keep those decisions absolutely flexible. You will change and evolve through time and you will discover many thing far better than the goals you wanted to achieve. Give up your fixed goals and ambitions and play the game of evolution for your whole life. Steve Jobs invented some really awesome stuff and earned a fortune which is sufficient for few lifetimes. Yet he kept on inventing new things till the day he died. This made him one of the most awesome inventors of recent time.

                        It is the same with awesome dudes like Tesla, Edison and Davinci. They kept on discovering more and more things of awesomeness because they kept on playing the game and were highly rewarded for playing the game. Don’t set goals so that you can rest after achieving those petite goals. Learn the enjoyment of traveling forward placing trust solely on your skills. This requires an immense amount of confidence and courage and will definitely give you results which worth a lot more than that. The best of the best always kept going and the ones who always keep going will end up being best of the best and more…