Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tips to be Avant-garde

If you want to do something totally innovative and shake the whole world, here are few tips from me. Being new and experimental isn’t very difficult. Simply being sanely insane will give you shocking results. Being sanely insane means keeping your core completely calm and cool while running amok with no rules. Be like a pulsar. Run wild and insane while keeping total control of it. Learn to utilize insanity and direct it in the direction you desire by keeping the center yourself calm.

                                                            Think of what you want to do and figure out how it should be done. Just make a rough sketch. This sketch is exactly what you are not going to do. Think about what a dance should be and think about what Gangnam-style is. Not everyone is gonna like the innovative things but the ones who are gonna like it are gonna love it for life. Think of Steven Spielberg movies and Christopher Nolan movies. When you stand out from the rest you get easily noticed and people will either quickly ignore you or quickly fall in love with your work. It’s like Bioshock. Some loves it, but some people just can’t take it.

                                                                                    Next is something you might not have expected. It is stealing ideas and concepts. When you infest an idea and inject your own ideals into it or when you use the idea for your own purposes, it becomes your own idea. If you watch the movie Cloud Atlas (2012) you will know what I mean.It is one of the most innovative and vanguard movies of all time. But it is just a cocktail of other people’s concepts when dissolved into fragments.

                                    The movie uses random concepts to tell the story it wants in a way of its own. Cloud Atlas is an excellent example for stealing based innovative creations. At least 80% of the movie is just stolen parts from several dozen movies of several genres. But the core of the movie is purely genuine. Instead of working hard to create moments, the movie takes them from other works and use them for its own purposes to tell a story of its own. True stealing is making other’s work into LEGO pieces. When you create something out of LEGO pieces, people only see your innovation. When everything is connected to create a context the individuality of single stolen concepts doesn’t matter at all.

                                                Another thing is screwing with your own creations. After reaching a significant level of development try to steal your own idea and make it something completely different. Then incorporate it into your concept. Some person put a short story into a piece of music instead of showing some guys play the instrument and it became a totally new experience for people. Michal Jackson added both story and dance and it made him the pop king.

ü Do what you are not supposed to do
ü Infest ideas and make them your own
ü Incorporate different things into your idea
                                                                                        On the top of that, keep being sanely insane. Free yourself from all rules and bondage> keep your control and get crazy.