Sunday, May 4, 2014

Acceptance and Manipulation

When you are seeking acceptance you become a highly efficient device because your life can be easily manipulated. As I’ve told before; the control system controls the herd. When you seek acceptance to get into the control you are going to dance on the hand of illuminati. When you do this you look totally pathetic. Think about an interview. Everyone is trying their best to be the bitch of the interview board by completely giving out their lives or maybe pussy/dick.

You do this because you’ve been programmed that this is the only way to climb the ladder. Everyone will be forcing you to study hard to get a good job so that you can raise the social status of the whole family and have a better life. Do you actually think that you achieve this by yourself!!!?? Actually this is called the pigeon superstition. A pigeon is trapped in a cage and there is an electric button in cage. When it press the button; a door opens for 20 secs and the pigeon gets to eat some food. The pigeon deludes itself that all of this is happened under his control and flaps its wings happily while doing this.

                                                                                                           Isn’t this the life you are being told to live. You can work your ass off for a little bit of food, cars, average men/women, small house and etc. Do you actually believe that you are making this happen? Don’t make me laugh. What you are getting is not anything different from what your dog get for making your life happier, safer and more comfortable. You are never taught about starting something new or owning something of you own like a musical group or anything. You seek acceptance and to receive it, you change your personality, your appearance and even your ideals.

                                                You have been programmed that you are weak any there is nothing to do but to fit into the system. Everyone loves celebrities and likes to be a one, but never try to be a one. You have to decide whether you are going to sit back and admire the celebrities because they are living your dreams or stand up and do something to become a one. Most of the people go for the first option because they can sit back and watch.

                                                           If you think you are too small, take a look a Gandhi. Think of your current life or your future and think of what it has and look back at Gandhi.He was a naïve old man with a white cloth and spectacles. He also had this stick with him so that he can walk properly. The people who became the bitches of the empire got high social acceptance and status. But Gandhi just stood his ground all alone and even the British emperor stood up when he saw Gandhi while the bitches were licking the toes of the royals.

                                                                                                            This is why millions followed Gandhi’s footsteps. Gandhi didn’t sought acceptance; so he wasn’t manipulated. When you stand out of the crowd, the crowd gets affected by you. Then they look up to you for acceptance. This was the same with every single one who revolutionized the world.
                                                                        If you can do something with a passion, you can perform great doing it. So name the highest price, name your set of conditions, open your mouth and say that you are the best and you don’t come cheap. Say to the interview board that they are gonna suck without you. Tell the world that it cannot manipulate you and give out the conditions to use you. Don’t let anyone use your skills as they please and give you whatever they feel like giving.

                                                When you want to be accepted, you are asking to be manipulated. Don’t waste your time on fitting into the image. Invest your time in being better in what you are good at and keep getting better. Look for the audience which is ready for your work and shoot out all you’ve got with all your might. Then you will get your place. Remember that when you are not under control, you can take things under control.