Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stabilize your Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not some kind of a boot camp or seminar. It’s not a drug to use when you want to feel awesome. It’s not a Friday night out. It is your very existence itself. After seeing the truth and experience the awesomeness people tend to go back a little towards their earlier lifestyle. This completely ruins everything. Enlightenment is a total customization of the very essence of you. Don’t try to reset it.

                                                            When you are enlightened; you give away your identity as a pathetic, miserable fool. Don’t try to get that identity back. You have to annihilate that identity. After changing yourself, you are an alien to this world. You will be the all singing all dancing crap of the world. But the residual image of your previous version which isn’t you anymore and the memories of it will drag you from the leg. You might try to do the lame jokes you once did. You might want to go to parties to have fun and you will think that you have to blend with the world.

                                    You’ll see this as the way of living in the society. Here is a little reminder. Society is the very thing that completely ruined your life and stripped you off your happiness and made you work jobs you hate so that you can buy shit you don’t need and support the society as a power source to make sure that this keeps continuing. Be ashamed to blend with the society. Stand your own ground like an emperor and ask the society to bow you or disappear from your life.

                                                            There are two paths for the total enlightenment. One is total wisdom; the ability to see through everything and know them for what they truly are; as ############# [This part is removed due to the extremely offensive content which is going to shatter the very core of yourself. Try figuring it out on your own if you are not too afraid] Or there is the (relatively) easier one which is to give up everything.

                                                                        Instead of blending with the environment you can be the calm neutral person. This is pretty much like Keanu Reeves playing Neo in the Matrix trilogy. Stabilize your enlightenment and stay in the enlightenment. When you expose yourself to the society, be completely neutral in every single way. Just think about how you would walk through a nice lawn or walk by a beautiful lakeside. Be like that in every single interaction. With no strong interactions you will be a ghost to the society. So no one would try to violate you and you wouldn’t have any reason to go little back to the previous way of worthless thinking.

                                                            Enlightenment isn’t a part of your life. It is something like breathing. You wouldn’t stop breathing for any reason. So why act a little bit non-enlightened? Kill all the remaining of your previous way of perceiving the world and humiliate them. This will make you feel good; very good. If you don’t remember and can’t think of how you felt before, then your enlightenment has stabilized.