Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The devil’s Advocate

No one can teach you the truth. You have to see it for yourself. One can only make you think so that you would see the truth and the truth is; truth is everywhere. You just have to see it. Anything that happens in your life can lead you to truth if you start perceiving it in the right way. Whether it’s a deep exploration on philosophy, learning physics, meditation, being alone in complete boredom, drawing something or having sex is not something that’s gonna matter.

                                                                        The only way to see the truth is to see through. One of the best and most effective ways is to be the devil’s advocate. It means to provoke an argument just for the sake of arguing. To make things even simpler; it means to keep asking “why” at everything you stumble upon your life. Don’t go asking why from people around you. Ask it from yourself. If you buy a cake> why? If you study something> why? If you f@<k someone> why? If you hum a song> why?

                                                            Keep asking “why” at every single little thing in that happens in your life. Then try to figure out the answer on your own. Here is a little help: the answer is in the question itself. Keep the Einstein’s quote in mind. When you tune into the right way of perception you will see the answer. You will just see it. If you are touching something hot and feel your hand getting burned and ask yourself “why?” you’ll just see the answer.
                                                                                                            It is the same with any arcane and utterly complex question. It took me about 20 months to completely know my way around the Einstein’s equation E=mc^2 and when I finally did, the first thing I did was getting mad at me for not seeing something so much simple. The truth is always in front of your very eyes. Being the devil’s advocate will make you see it.

                                                It will take time. But always keep asking “why” and throw yourself into a massive debate. You’ll burn everything else down and see the truth which was in front of you the whole time.Nothing is sacrosanct when it comes to questioning. The world might call you a devil, but you’ll end up being a god.