Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wanna wait for a right time :P stay alert for them

                        So what is this right time? It is not something to wait for and it does not something that comes like some festival or community event. Right times are the subtle moments which you can go supernova and take multiple quantum leaps in your life in a single step. It’s not a moment to start your work but a moment to unleash them. Right time is not gonna knock on your head. You have to spot them and use them immediately. Yes, there are many “right times” in your life if you care to notice. It’s not a one big event. These are moments you can make into huge shockers.

                                                                                    You have to start doing whatever you are going to do right now and stay alert for the right moments to shoot them out without holding back. Until the right moment, do little things that matters; do things that improve yourself. If you have a good talent in script writing don’t wait for the big fish or keep on doing small stuff and give other things(such as studies or job) priority. What you should be doing is stacking ammo. It may be acting out small parts, writing small music pieces, writing small parts for a big story. When you have all this ammo, you can use them like LEGO pieces and make things a lot more efficient at the right time.

                                                                                    Now let’s see how to spot this right time. The right times are the moments you can create the maximum effect with the minimum effort. When you are in a fight you have to play smart and hit where it hurts. When you show off your talents, show it where it stirs things up more than anywhere else. If you are a good singer keep practicing during the time you get to practice. Then don’t go and sing at random places for random places. If you see a moment to apply for a singing competition, then that is a right time to shoot everything.
                                                And I mean everything. Don’t hold back “a little bit” for a later time that might come. If it comes, stand up from where you are and break through. You have to habitually put yourself into desperate situations and come back with elevated standards. This will drastically improve your results and you will come to enjoy it. When you keep elevating the level of your best performance, you are giving more than others expect. So they are gonna keep checking what you present.

                                                                                    While doing this let another shocking and impactful ace grow inside of you and wait for the next right time. To spot the right time you have to stay in the moments and observe the context you are in. Understand how your actions are going to affect everything and take the path that creates the biggest impact.

                                                                                    When Bill Gates introduced the tablet computer nobody cared. But when Jobs did it in a flashier way few years later; it became a massive hit. This happened because Jobs did it in the right time. But that doesn’t mean he waited doing nothing. He took the idea of the tab and polished it into something that people would love and transformed the device in his own way and presented in a way that it became a global trend. This is what it truly means to do it in the right time. Let it grow like a cancer and release all of that like a supernova when you spot the chance send a shock through the people who are going to care