Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hard as diamond or invincible as wind

So which one are your gonna choose? Are you gonna take it all and stand up or are you gonna just gonna brush it off your shoulder and just be cool. The first one is shows that you are truly strong and the second one shows that you are truly dominant. Are you gonna be someone like Batman or someone like Neo (Matrix)? Are you gonna play it hard or let the other party play alone.

                                                                        Strength can be weakened and neutralized by outside force like crushing a diamond. This is good news for illuminati and it’s not just the illuminati who get benefits from this. The wind on the other hand is invincible. If you be like the wind, only you yourself can get yourself broken. Just think about what would happen if you go to war against wind with all the military power on this planet. Nukes can hurt some atoms of the wind but all the conventional weapons are only gonna get you tired and damaged because of your own efforts. If you were shiny and hard like diamond, you will be screwed several thousand times earlier than this.

                                                                                    The wind doesn’t own the show. It just ignores everything. It’s the offence itself that brings catastrophe on the attackers. When you are like the wind, your opponent will destroy themselves and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. The society is teaching you to stand up with courage because courage can be shaken and easily destroyed. You will think that you have to stand up for yourself. But if you know that you are awesome and comfortable with it; you don’t have to prove anything.
                                    When you start ignoring every single person in your life, the ones who are not very strong will get shaken. They will attack you in desperation to prove themselves and make you acknowledge them. Keep ignoring and at some point they all will break and kneel after draining all of their strength. Everyone will cover this up saying that you are beyond salvation and it’s no use to talk with you. This is where you give a little smirk.

                                                                                                To be like the wind you have to acknowledge that you have complete freedom to do whatever you want and feel whatever you want and no one has control over you unless you give it away. If someone thinks that you don’t have a good personality or your dress is bad; that is their problem. You are not supposed to interact with it. Just reply with an “I don’t give a f@<k”. Let go of the thoughts about what people try to do to you. You don’t have to take it all and say “look, I survived all of it” It’s not your war.

                                    People will do things to discourage you and bring you down. What you should be doing about is doing nothing about it. Don’t waste your time on building your courage and confidence and staying strong and go through the hell. Life is what you perceive it to be. If you are couragous; you have fear. If you are confident; you are thinking that you will fail. If you are dominant, you don’t need any of this. The wind is not strong because it cannot be broken. The bird is not confident about landing on a branch cuz its wings are the only things that matters.

                                                                Don’t waste your time on motivating yourself to stay strong and head held high when you come across your haters. Just perceive the world without them and be cool. Go to the person who is committed to make your life miserable and give a big hi with a broad smile. This will break them and they will lose all their strength seeing that you are not affected at all. They will come at you with all their might and fall on ground and you wouldn’t even notice. Play a one person chess game and lose. All you have to do is ignore like the wind and move on like the wind.