Friday, May 2, 2014

What makes you seek acceptance

When a waiter is serving you, the only think you care about is how he should make you more comfortable and satisfied. If you seek acceptance and do things for people they are gonna treat you as slaves. Slaves are the best hard working diligent thing you find on this planet and they are also the ones who get the worst treatment. You can’t keep both acceptance and your dreams/ambitions. Nobody cares about your dreams. Not even your parents. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams through you if you are willing to give yourself in. So they will instinctively and subconsciously shatter your dreams and hopes and ridicule you when you cry.

                                                            You have been trained to look at the world in a certain way. You are made to admire the highly educated diligent worker and forget the not so educated millionaire. A guy studies hard and well and becomes a doctor and earn a lot of money. If you be like him, you will be reputed and you will have a good comfortable life.Actually he isn’t earning a shit. A not so educated guy who owns the hospital will be receiving money worth about one third of the doctor’s earnings by doing nothing. If it isn’t absolutely pathetic to work hours and hours to make sure that someone is earning a lot by doing nothing, what is he doing?

                                    You don’t see this because you are made to see the world in a different way. If the doctor suddenly dies; it doesn’t matter to the people who he worked for. There are millions of people studying and completely giving out their lives to take his post. If you love cars and you don’t have a multi-million dollar car or a collection worth that much by the age of thirty, this is what I have to say. “You should have killed yourself since you haven’t benefited yourself. You have only lived as a mere power source and there are millions willing to do the same. It will be easier for you if you just kill yourself.” 

                                                                                                Don’t try to prove that you worth something. If you like who you are; then keep being you and never change. If you don’t like who you are; change yourself immediately. Changing only has one step. It’s like flipping a coin. Your attitude and delusions are the only things that are gonna make it difficult. Look within and realize that acceptance and everything related are just relatively created and interpreted delusions.

                                                Discard everything that are not you. Be the ruler of your life. Be the God who decide what you think, what you feel and what affects you. When you start your own path seeking approval from you and yourself alone, everyone is definitely gonna be against you and they will intentionally and unintentionally do everything to violate your psyche. The moment you acknowledge that it’s none of your business and theirs alone; you will stop feeling their existence. You will feel the world as a mere extension of yours only bound by causality. You will eventually get addicted to this mindset and it will finally be your default.This is what drug addicts seek destroying their money, health and sanity and just by shifting the way you perceive the world, you will effortlessly get into this ecstatic awesomeness with zero negative effects.