Friday, May 2, 2014

The patheticness of seeking acceptance

So you want people to accept you! You are trying to ruin your life. The only one you should seek acceptance is from yourself. Never think about what others think. When you care about what others care; you are giving away your sentience. You are becoming a mere tool for others. This will give you less and less acceptance which will make you work harder to get accepted.

                                                            You will seek acceptance as long as you are affected by second/third party things. This will make you work for other people or other things such as your parents, boss, club, company etc. If your mom or boss scold you don’t feel bad about it. It is a 100% insignificant thing in your life. About 30 mins ago I got a hardcore lecture from my parents about school and future education. But I really don’t give a f@<k about that trash speech. The only significance of my parents is to feed me well and earn for me. They have chosen to be degraded into the mere function of parenthood. There is no other importance of them.

                                    Instead of focusing outside, keep all your focus inside of you and you will see everything falling into the right place. Always be aware of what you like, what you can and what you enjoy. Everything else is completely irrelevant. Never work for your club or company. Work for yourself. I’m actually typing this post for a friend of mine but I’m not doing it because I want to prove my friendship or because I have a delusion that I’m obliged to do this. I really don’t give a damn about friendship. I can type this post and this could help him and many more people who are suffering because they sought acceptance. I like helping people and through all this work I’m gonna improve myself. I have done many things like this for people who are closely interacting with me because I truly desire it from the very essence of myself.

                                                                                                            Never do something unless you desire it from the very core of your existence. When you love it and when you can do it; you become effortlessly good at it. If someone asks for an idea for a science fiction I can shoot out ideas with virtually no effort and I know that they are gonna need me and come for me for the reason that I’m amazing and standing my own ground. Instead of seeking acceptance pick an audience with the potential to understand you and go to them. Shoot out whatever you feel like giving them and ask them to come for you if they want more. Keep this upper hand regardless of who you are talking to.

                                                                                                Always keep in mind that the selection of the audience is vital. If you have a cheap, small, affordable yet very useful idea you should be going to Google. If it is expensive, exclusive, vanguard and massive your choice should be Apple. If you mix this, then you will be completely screwed.

                                                            Discard everything about what others think and do what you love in front of the people who are going to love it. Don’t try to go sell your skills for people. Advertise on what you have and ask them to come if they want if. If they don’t, then it’s not for them.