Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Your Image

Well you know what your image is … more than what you know about your inner desires. How did you came to know this imageof yourself?........Through others; right? So what does these other people know about you even better than yourself!!! They don’t. But the Human 1.0 likes to accept the things that come from the outside instead of thinking and realizing them. You should be having a lose grip of your image since you are at least a reader of my blog and stay ahead of the crowd.

                                                Here is what an image is. People have this psychological illness called the desire to be controlled. When something is told about them they try to act accordingly. If someone directs a comment on who you are at yourself; you accept it like an order and live accordingly because you want to feed your ego and you will be led to suffering. The other aspect is, the society is giving you a role to play from the day you are born and forces you to be the common man/woman. This will make you a puppet. This is what enables illuminati to control you. You image is what brings you to misery.

                                                                                    Your image is nothing more than your avatar in a game. But this avatar is shaped by the society and the things that have been programmed into your mind. When our character in a game get shot or get betrayed or something, you are not supposed to feel anything about it. If you couldn’t accomplish what you tried; you will just forget it> get better and do it right the next time.So why care about an image that isn’t you. You are what you think you are; not what others think you are supposed to be.

                                                If you try to maintain an image you will be invisible and lost in the crowd. No one will notice your existence and you will get affected by every single thing that happens in your life. Not being able to play your role properly will make you upset. The one who does everything to maintain a good image can be easily manipulated. An image is like a programmer. One who knows how you tick knows all your actions and reactions. When your very existence can be reduced into a mere algorithm you are not a sentient being anymore. With your free will stripped off from yourself by yourself you become a mere function.

                                                                                    Getting rid of this dehumanizing attribute called image is very simple, yet requires a great deal of understanding of your own essence. This article by Osho will greatly help. When you get self-centered and observe yourself you will get disgusted and annoyed of your image and simply let go of it. If you keep seeing a certain product yet never comes to know it fully, it will haunt your mind. After getting your hands on it and know it completely you will simply lose interest and move on regardless of what others think about it.

                                                If you feel like there is a problem with yourself, stay focused and observe yourself. You will know your pros and cons and you’ll be able to customize who you are and control your thoughts. If you don’t control them, others will and your self-image will serve as the interface. Don’t force yourself to remove your image from your mind. You can’t force yourself to sleep. Think and discover all by yourself and you will realize and customize who you are. Then you will ask “what the heck is this self-image you are talking about! I don’t see it anywhere!!!”